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  1. Well here's why my day is bad. So I got home from my testing. I was gonna take a lunch break for a few minutes and then surprisingly my dad went to the emergency room for his pinkie. I guess he messed his pinkie finger up on his motorcycle. So I had to go with my g-parents to the doctors which is next to the hospital, and I say "Hey I'm going to check on dad. If he's not in the waiting room, or I can't visit him in the room he's in, then I'll come back.

    1. KTAG


      So I was able to get into the room, I saw my dad's pinkie and it was one f the grossest thing's I've ever seen. So at the end of the visit before he gets stitches my G-ma comes into the hospital to get me and says that they still needed my help. She understood the mistake, but I still feel awful because she needed my help with my g-pa. Also I got NO school work done today so i'm gonna do literature and be done today. I'm too stressed.

  2. Well I'm back from testing. I was supposed to do math today, but apparently the schedual got mixed up so I did reading instead.

    1. ScrewLoose


      Hey, How was it :3 Hope you did well

  3. Well this is just my luck. I get the honor and privalige (I'm being sarcastic about honor and privalige) of going to my tests tomorrow and doing GEOMETRY, (It's harder than it should be) Now here is the messed up part. While I'm sitting in a room stressed out, my sister gets to drive to Oatman, AZ for her practice driving. So I'mma hit the hay. Night yall. See yall in the mornin. Sleep well. I love all of you. :D

    1. Johnny1226


      Good night KTAG 

    2. Shineling


      *Huggles* Sleep well KTAG :)

    3. Zachary
  4. Mornin everypony. How are yall today? Right now, I'm not 100% great. I set my alarm clock for 6:30 am so I could get ready to leave for testing at 8:00 am, and do a little school work before then. My alarm clock didn't wake me up (again) so now it's 8 am and I have gotten NO school work done. I'll probably be working at school till 4:00 pm, but I'm sure after school, my day will get better.

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    2. Totally Lyra

      Totally Lyra

      Good morning Ktag! I hope the day gets better.

    3. KTAG


      Yeah the day is better now thanks everypony. Thanks for the bunny with a pancake on it's head. My day is better. The prompt was a pain in the arse to write about, but I got a soda and some Mc Donalds for lunch and I'm feelin happy now.

    4. ScrewLoose


      Your Welcome 



  5. I've just started using its got so many wonderful songs. I wish there was a way to find the songs they have and listen to them again. Tomorrow - Friday will be tough, but on Thursday I will be wearing my Vinyl Scratch shirt to the place where I will be testing, to see if there are any brony/pegasisters there. Night everypony. Love yall. :D

  6. What was the scariest jumpscare you've ever expirenced? What happened as a result of that scare? I was sitting on myy bed watching a Markiplire and Yamimash Garry's Mod Horror Map. My laptop was on my lap and something ran down the hall (in the video) and the jumpscare scared me SO BAD that I literally threw (not dropped, not pushed, THREW) my laptop to my left and it landed on my floor. My laptop surprisingly was ok. It sucks now, but towards the end of summer I'll be getting  new desktop, so no more throwing my laptop.

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    2. The_Gobo


      Movie. It's the Original version of the movie "The Grudge'
      WAY better imo.


    3. KTAG


      The Grudge???!!! That movie series is terrifying. Also which is better in your opinion The Grudge or Ju-On

    4. The_Gobo


      Ju-On by a long shot.
      The Grudge was trying really hard to be scary, and comes off as just "ooooh, that's sooooo scary~"

      Ju-On honestly gave me nightmares for a while.


  7. I started watching the show because I didn't want to judge the show before seeing it so I went and watched it. Saw the first two episodes and a few months later I saw the third so from then on I continued watching the show.
  8. Told my mom. She was fine with it. I was ordering my first MLP merch and my mom asked when they were supposed to arrive. My dad walked in and asked what was coming? My mom told him "His brony merchandise." My dad didn't know what a brony was so my mom told him. I said NOTHING because I didn't know how he was gonna react. He just plain and simply said, "I've watched an episode of that show before, not for me though." But I can clearly tell that he still hasn't accepted that I'm a brony yet.
  9. I just made this new banner image for my homepage. It was originally the mane 6 over their Equestria Girl versions, but apparently it was too big for the site to get the whole image. All well this one is nice.

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    2. ScruffyTheStallion


      you're welcome KTAG bro 

    3. The_Gobo


      Tried to do a banner on mine, turns out it was the wrong size o3o


    4. KTAG


      Yeah it's really hard to get banners right. If you can find out what size you need the banner to be you can go to and there should be an option for like custom sizes you need your banner to be.

  10. I like how they changed the whole website, but they didn't change the banner.

    1. ScruffyTheStallion


      oh yeah, I didn't even notice the banner due to everything else being new.

    2. Burpy
    3. The_Gobo


      Wouldn't be surprised if they made it that cause it works with the new setup.
      Makes the transition easier :D