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  1. The fandom itself is overrated by the people within it.
  2. Until the writers can make her much more than "I'm so worried about what people think of me after that horrible thing I did!", I'm not liking Starlight that much. Also, her presence is lacking when the Mane 6 are out doing something without her. What the heck does she do when the Mane 6 are out and about?
  3. I play PS4 95% of the time, but here are my names: PSN ID: colonelih8gumby Games for PS4: Battlefield 4, Black Ops 3, Minecraft, Destiny, Uncharted 4, Star Wars: Battlefront, The Division Xbox One: Jesturd Games for XBone: Master Chief Collection, Halo 5, Minecraft Like I said, I primarily play PS4. I have a Minecraft world I want to show several people, and I'm always up for BO3 and BF4.
  4. Bobbins's main point is that there has been a skill compression in CoD, and now everyone is trying to match CoD and make each shooter easily accessible for everyone. I think that's bull for a few reasons: Firstly, my overall KD in BO3 is lower than my KD in MW2, MW3, and BO1, though it is higher than BO2, and I've played MW2 and BO2 the most out of any CoD. I'm fairly decent at BO3, but other people have killed me several times because they were more aware of the environment/more skillful in their play-styles. If the skill gap was as compressed as he claims, I would be a top-tier CoD playe
  5. I've bought every CoD game that's come out since Modern Warfare 2, and I bought each around launch. This year, I decided to place my preorder on Battlefield 1.
  6. Unr3alGamer

    Post your OC!

    The most least MLG pony you will ever see. Feast your eyes upon: Baja Blast!
  7. The dude is also wearing a fedora. If he is the stereotype I'm thinking, then he doesn't really have any guts or balls. Other people like said stereotype have done weirder things.
  8. It's part of the "final act" of fandom. Arrive, peak, overstay its welcome, die.
  9. Unr3alGamer

    Ask Kronos

    I have every right to find out. As a matter of fact, mythology has already told me. Besides, this is a *public* forum.
  10. Well yes, obviously. Her blue eyes have a hint of green in them. But that's just a theory.... A DUMB THEORY.
  11. Unr3alGamer

    Ask Kronos

    So Kronos. How is your sex life with Rhea?
  12. It's the greatest late night comedy ever. So much bullshit happens on MLPForums.
  13. You made that same argument earlier. It's stupid. Don't use it.
  14. Let me ask you this, then: Why do they continue watching the show and run into what they think is a good episode every now and then? People only use this argument when people have a negative opinion (or maybe even a different opinion) on episodes. It's a double standard to keep positivity afloat. Good episode comes around: "OMG MLP IS AMAZIN'" Bad episode comes around: "Oh well it's a kid's show. People are just looking too deep into it."
  15. I meant more so that it doesn't have fun with itself the same way it used to. The show's new definition of fun is Slice of Life and Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?. Zaniness, meme-tastic crap. But I know where you're coming from. I didn't particularly like Gift of Maud Pie, but not because it wasn't as bouncy. PM me if you want to know why.
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