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  1. Stella! How goes scholarship and other things? :)

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    2. Scootalove


      Haha, sometimes I wonder about what I say daily. :P Marvel is still on a roll with Logan being an actually good Wolverine movie, and the debut of his daughter: X-23. :D

    3. Stellafera


      So I've heard. I'm reading Batman: No Man's Land. Ridiculous setup but I understood that it was mostly just fluff to get to the "POST-APOCALYPTIC BATMAN" good stuff

    4. Scootalove


      Bruce can now be more broody and not to confuse No Man's Land with No Man's Sky. xD Sounds like good stuff, you nerd! :3

  2. Hi

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    2. Stellafera


      this season in general was kinda song-deprived

    3. Woohoo


      I'm turning into Quibble Pants

    4. Stellafera


      we all have an inner Quibble Pants

  3. Looks like Scarlet Spider has a hoodie similar to Spider-Gwen, hope the cool kids notice.

  4. Wow you've had this avatar a long time now.

    1. Stellafera


      Mostly because I've been inactive with MLP (slowwllly catching up with DashForever). Really busy year for me... mostly in a good way. College applications were pretty complicated for me because I had to work out paperwork issues between my high school in Arizona and in Texas. Also, as a video production major, they like to see a LOT of supplementary portfolio material. I've finished up almost everything, thankfully! Then it's off to the races with scholarships...

    2. Stellafera


      DF and I just watched Pony POV, I consider Boat Madness Applejack to be the canon plotline

    3. Wingnut


      Wow it's hard to believe you'll be going to college soon. Glad to see you and DF are still hanging out. I need to go drop him a line.

  5. Hope you are enjoying yourself at school and in life! :)

    1. Stellafera


      Been a bit stressed out and busy lately with college applications, but thanks. :)

    2. Scootalove


      No problem. :) I was stressed too when I filled out college applications, I know how you feel. :P Maybe I could relieve your stress?

  6. Merry Christmas! It's been decided so by Discord's fanclub! Enjoy!

  7. I can concur that Suicide Squad was a fun movie. :) I enjoyed it more than the Killing Joke movie honestly.

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    2. Scootalove


      But in other non-related news, DBZ Abridged is very funny and I just discovered it.

    3. Stellafera


      Oh, yeah, I've heard that it's practically its own show by now.

    4. Scootalove


      Truly is! Do you like the show?

  8. Hello Stellafera, I don't believe we have met formally. Nevertheless, I want send you good wishes to live a good life. I've really enjoyed your PMVs. Please keep at it! You're very talented!

    1. Stellafera


      Thanks! Progress on PMVs is kinda slow (partially because I just got really into comic books) but I do still work on some projects here and there. :)

  9. So I've recently become a massive comic books nerd and am currently deciding what to start on with Marvel Unlimited. Maybe Waid's Daredevil?

    1. Scootalove


      Yep, that's a good place to start!

  10. Me too, since it was sort of what I was hoping for from the Season 5 premiere. :-P *Our Town finishes* *cut to Discord butting in on Spike + Big McIntosh watching sports*
  11. Not sure if I'm entirely sold on Sunset Glimmer becoming a main cast member. She's growing on me but, her personality traits seem less veritable than the Mane 6. Or maybe that's just a lack of creativity speaking.
  12. Even No Second Prances? Finally, somebody who agrees with me!
  13. *reads blog* Aw, we disagree about the majority of this season.

  14. Ooh, I disagree with a lot here. So far, I consider Season 6 to be one of the stronger ones. I loved No Second Prances and thought that Twilight was being very in-character. Last season's What About Discord (which, admittedly, is also an episode that many hate) helped establish that Twilight has become overly protective of her role as group leader and Friendship Princess. I think this is a great development for her character, especially since some of her earlier flaws have faded. In this light, the fact that she's manipulative of Trixie and Starlight makes perfect sense, especially if she's actively nervous about two former villains teaming up. I thought Zephyr wasn't even really supposed to be sympathetic at the end, or at least not before he fixed his shit. It did bother me that he became more and more of a caricature as the episode went on, but when he was introduced I loved the character. I have an older sibling who, while nowhere near Zephyr tier, tends to live a very disorganized life, so I could really relate to Fluttershy's feelings. Agree with you on the excellent Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash characterization. Overall, I absolutely agree that Newbie Dash was the worst of the season. Other than the cold open, 1st half was pretty good, but once the impressions started it just turned into complete crap. I still liked it a bit more than most, though. The Wonderbolt atmosphere felt less like "jerks" and more like "machismo". RD never pointed out to them that the Crash nickname was much more hurtful than the ones that the other teammates used. Granted, it was because she didn't want to look like a sissy, but still the other Wonderbolts didn't know. Spitfire seemed back on form after her childish behavior in Rainbow Falls. Screw y'all, I liked Applejack's Day Off. I mean, that scene at the end was pretty silly, but the episode implied that that behavior only got out of hand recently. "Applejack is stubborn and sticks to her ways" is actually a relatively unexplored part of her character compared to her workaholic nature, which was nice to see. So what DIDN'T I like? I didn't like Gauntlet of Fire nearly as much as the fandom at large, it seems. It wasn't bad, just not spectacular. Princess Ember felt like a better written version of Gilda, but still a bit dull and too quick to change.
  15. This, basically. (Although I'd counter that AJ usually has the most consistently good appearances).