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  1. Part of me thinks they would have made better assist trophies, or maybe as a hazard/enemy on the Minecraft stage. Teleporting around, placing blocks, going into a rage when one of the characters looks at them. Getting to play as one is cool too though, even if it looks odd.
  2. Honestly, I think this character looks pretty great. Yeah "Steve" isn't very much of a character but neither is the Villager from Animal Crossing, they're both just player avatars. Mr. Game and Watch was even less of a character until Smash made him one. Minecraft is the best selling video game of all time so this isn't much of a shock, it's extremely beloved and it looks like they made a pretty unique fighter out of him. Kinda love how he literally just looks like he was ripped straight out of Minecraft too, that and how he keeps eating steak like some sort of power move, especially during his final Smash. I get people being disappointed because this isn't the character they wanted, but it's weird seeing people act like this is some personal offense. No Herobrine, but he does have Alex as a skin, plus a Minecraft Zombie and a really short Enderman. Edit: Looks like you figured that out yourself, before I said it. The short Enderman looks so weird to me, used to them being tall.
  3. Ooh I didn't know my wallpaper had an account on the forums. bVuh5CM.png




    jk jk 77EqXXE.png

  4. I kind of want to see more Pony Life fanfiction now. Only seen a few so far, and while the show isn't anything amazing, I just really want to see what fun stuff the fandom could make with it.

  5. There's no real way to know for sure, as such a situation isn't ever brought up in the show. It is worth mentioning the Storm King's statue was shattered in the movie, but he was still shown as alive in the credits. Whether that's real in-universe or just a little joke for the credits is up to you, I suppose. As far as headcanon goes, I'd say it'd do neither. He wouldn't die, but he wouldn't be set free either. He'd just be forced to live in the broken pieces of the statue. Discord pulls his own body apart for a joke all the time, and the way I see it is that as long as he has his magic he's completely invulnerable to any normal means of harm. He technically still has his magic while in the statue, he just can't break free or do anything with it. The only reliable way to really kill Discord is to completely remove his magic before doing so.
  6. So, due to some weird internet thing I couldn't access any pony sites for a bit. No forums, no EQD, no Fimfiction, no Derpibooru. A ponyless internet. How horrifying.

  7. Okay, bad news is the laptop I spilled on still isn't working, so that sucks. Good news is I got an older laptop updated and working. It's slower and not as good, but it's far more preferable than no laptop.

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    2. You


      Wiat, you said you did spill something on it.

      While you have it turned on in between or still was, I would advocate trying it out in a few days or weeks again in case of...miracles.

      Also, you can try if you get any screen by plugging in an external monitor if you got one or are at a friend.

    3. BastementSparkle


      I did try the external screen thing, no luck there sadly. I was planning on giving it a few days rest and trying it again, see if that works. If nothing else I guess I'll just have to take it to some repair place and hope for the best.

    4. You


      Calling @Onion Splash for advice :< :crackle:

  8. Spilled a little water on my laptop. Cleaned it up as best as I could and it seemed perfectly fine, but a few hours later the screen suddenly went blank and it won't work anymore. Can't get a screen at all, don't know what to do. Can't get a new one if this one is broken, really anxious.

    1. Ferret


      That's rough, friend. I'm sorry. 

      There's always hope that nothing fried and the water is just causing complications that could end when it evaporates. 

      Hoping for the best.

    2. Deae Rising Shine~
  9. My headcanon's about Discord change constantly, because I think his potential origins are very interesting and there's a lot of cool ways you could take it. Personally though, most of my headcanon's tend to be rather eldritch and otherworldly. Usually I tend to go with the idea that he has always been the Spirit of Chaos and Disharmony, that those are an inherent part of his very being. He wasn't born like other beings and very well might not even be from the same universe or dimension as Equestria. He potentially started out more akin to something like a living natural disaster, simply a mindless mess of magic that caused chaos wherever it went but over a very long period of time it began to develop a consciousness and a personality of it's own that went a bit beyond just causing chaos. He eventually gave himself a physical form like we see in the show, both so he could experience more physical pleasures such as eating and drinking, and so he could have a body to protect the core magic that makes up his very being, without said body if someone like Tirek tried to suck all his magic up he'd potentially die. He's not really a Draconequus, he simply takes that shape because he likes it. Sometimes I like to think there was a real tribe of Draconequus who worshipped chaos who summoned him to Equestria and he took a similar form to them for that reason. The Draconequus weren't particularly happy with what they summoned though, because they intended for the type of chaos that comes with things like destruction and war, when Discord more represents the whimsical side of chaos. He can be cruel and malicious at times, yes, but he's always considered himself more so a prankster and an artist than a destroyer. His ideal world is a surrealist landscape full of jokes and general strangeness, not a world of death and suffering. Discord's reformation is so rocky and he doesn't seem to be quite as remorseful as many of the other reformed villains because his mind simply doesn't work the same way other more "Normal" creatures do. He finds Chaos and Disharmony to be an almost inherently good thing in his value system and he finds it hard to regret doing it because it's such an essential part of him, without it he wouldn't even be able to continue living after all. He does value his friends and he is capable of empathy and genuine remorse for some things, he felt genuinely awful for betraying his friends to Tirek for example, but some part of him will always enjoy causing problems because that's both who and what he is, literally.
  10. If Discord were ever to show up I think it'd be funny if he was an interdimensional traveler who's implied to be from the FIM/G4 universe, and he constantly complains about how much better things are in his home reality, like some fans would.
  11. Of course I lick my cats clean, and I can't believe what I'm seeing in this thread. Your cats are all perfectly happy to wash you with their tongues and yet you can't even return the favor? It's an important part of your cat's culture and you can't even honor it? What, you think your cat is gross or something? Cause you're probably dirtier than them I bet. Don't take this seriously, I don't actually lick my pets.
  12. Gonna have to go with Sonic here. I grew up with the 2D Sonic games before I ever really touched much 2D Mario and Sonic's always just been far interesting to me. Sonic's higher speed, the momentum based gameplay, the much more natural level design all just makes it more fun to play than Mario. Not to mention Sonic wins hands down for me in terms of other things, like character design, aesthetics and music. Things like Sonic CD (Which you forgot by the way) and it's awesome anime cutscenes or 3&K with it's surprisingly interesting little story told entirely through silent cutscenes and some environmental design just push it up to being one of my favorite games ever. Heck, even when it comes to Nintendo platformers, Mario's pretty far from my favorite. I'm a much bigger fan of the Donkey Kong Country games, which I also grew up playing on my dad's old SNES, since he didn't have any Mario but he had that whole trilogy. After Sonic and DK, Mario's always just felt a little bland to me. There's no denying the impact Mario had on the gaming industry though, Sonic and DKC wouldn't exist without it, so I'll give the series huge props for that.
  13. My mom is currently on hold for a call. Except the call is already disconnected which I saw when she gave it to me to hold for a minute. I keep trying to tell her and show her but she's not believing me and shouts when I try to prove it. So I tried, I guess. Wonder how long it'll take her to notice I was right.