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  1. I'd assume most of the other creatures still live in their own kingdoms, but it's not impossible for those other creatures to move to or live in Equestria if they want. Spike's lived in Equestria his whole life and he seems no worse for it, the Student Six seemed perfectly fine staying in Twilight's school. It's possible for them to live in Equestria and I don't see it as ridiculous that some of them might choose to, and who says they all even permanently live there? Some could just be on trips for various reasons. All the other creatures in the future is to show that Equestria has become a more open and friendly place under Twilight's rule and that all creatures are welcome. Doesn't mean all of them just abandoned their old homes.
  2. I hate how so many MLP videos on youtube have their comments disabled now cause of all the COPPA stuff. 

    1. Misscellanio


      Yea I can’t even add them to a playlist. 

  3. I've heard this before, not just about video games though, about lot's of things. "You're too old for video games. You're too old for cartoons. You're too old for Anime. You're too old for Comic Books. You're too old for Ice cream." seriously, even ice cream once. I've never understood it, it's like they're utterly determined to suck all the color and joy out of life and make things as dull as humanly possible. As if once you get to a certain age you're suddenly too mature to have fun anymore, because adults sit around and only do serious things every day! Fun is for children, don't you know? It's stupid, life's hard enough, there's no reason to make it even worse by setting so many arbitrary age rules on so many hobbies or fun things. There's no age limit on having fun, if somebody enjoys doing any of these things and it's not negatively affecting them why should anyone care?
  4. On the other hand, both Tirek and the Storm King specifically seemed to be searching out Alicorn magic as if it was something special, Zecora had a potion in the Season 4 premiere that only responds to Alicorn magic, and Flurry's baby magic as an Alicorn was even mentioned to be more powerful than a newborn Unicorns. Plus, Twilight with the magic of the four Alicorns was capable of matching Tirek who had drained nearly all of Equestria and even Discord. It's a bit hard to judge because the show is so inconsistent in this regard, but a lot of it does seem to imply that there's something special to Alicorn magic. As for Unicorn's importance, I'd like to point out there are a lot more Unicorns than Alicorns, with only 5 of the latter and seemingly a third of the general pony race being made of the former. No surprise you're going to get more important Unicorns then. Not to mention, you don't get much more important than the thousand+ year old leaders of the kingdom in the case of Celestia and Luna, who did take down their own fair share of threats back in the day. Now, this doesn't necessarily mean Alicorns are "Better" by default. Leadership and heroism are great qualities and you don't necessarily need to be the most magically powerful to possess them, nor does this mean any random Alicorn is going to be the most skilled, since skills are things you develop and work on after all. I do think it's possible for a Unicorn to reach the same heights as an Alicorn, Starlight and Starswirl are pretty much living proof of that, but I think it takes a pretty rare kind of pony to get that far.
  5. I feel like generally she's a really good designer. Stuff like the Gala dresses, Twilight's finale coronation dress, most of the outfits she's worn herself, etc. All of those clearly show she's extremely talented at her craft. Occasionally she designs some weird stuff, like those weird flower outfits from "Rainbow Falls" and a few other dumb outfits, but those seem to be mainly for comedy purposes, 9/10 she seems to know what she's doing. Even excellent creatives aren't above making mistakes though, you know? There are plenty of great writer's or directors or other artists who generally produce high quality stuff, but even they might occasionally slip up and make something not that great. I'd consider Rarity the same as them.
  6. 483100 Spambots are why I lock my doors at night.
  7. They might just be a person who really likes their privacy, but also wants to make pony animations? Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one.
  8. I finally set up a youtube account to watch a few age locked videos and my account is suspended after only just a few hours for no reason given. The heck?