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  3. Because lot's of things changed, not just from earlier seasons to later, but practically from season to season. The general "Feel" of the show changed multiple times over it's run, Season 1 and 2 have a different style to them than say Season 6 and 7. The early seasons are a lot more simple, not to mention there were lot's of changes as the show went on, like characters being added or story arcs that some people might like while others don't, like certain characters being reformed or the friendship school. Even season to season the show would make changes, for instance I enjoy most of the show
  4. Extremely cute designs and enjoyable animation, charming and likable characters, a fairly interesting world for a kids show and once I got to "Winter Wrap-Up" and beyond, some pretty solid songs. Really I just enjoyed everything about the show, and it took me back to when I was younger and used to watch a lot of cartoons, made me feel like a kid again.
  5. Depends on just how powerful the one villain is though. Grogar at the start was shown to effortlessly push around the other three, and you could imagine with his own bell he'd only be all the more powerful and terrifying. Plus, he didn't necessarily have to be alone, Grogar was stated to be "The Father of Monsters" who gave life to awful creatures who terrorized Equestria. That easily could have been set up for Grogar calling forth an army of the monsters he's created to fight Equestria's forces and allies.
  6. I don't think it was intentional on Sunset's part, more so that Wallflower just "Slipped through the cracks" so to speak. Sunset probably didn't care all that much to remember all the people she was bullying when she was a villain, except for the ones who were a threat or she specifically wanted to use in some way, so I could see her being awful to Wallflower and not caring to remember. Then she turns around and becomes better and tries to make it up to everyone, but if all the other students find Wallflower so forgettable too and Wallflower never calls much attention to herself then I don't t
  7. To be fair to Wallflower, Sunset's empathy powers do show that she was actually ignored even before she found the memory stone. The impression I got was that what the writer's intended was that Sunset was cruel to everyone and that included Wallflower, but everyone else ignores her for the most part. Then suddenly Sunset turns around and becomes a better person and everyone starts to love her, meanwhile Wallflower is still ignored and Sunset never reaches out. All Wallflower sees is the horrible bully that was so cruel to her and everyone else becoming loved while she's still a nobody, and Sun
  8. It wouldn't be any more immediately dangerous than trying to reform Discord, who was only kept in check by having the elements being pointed at him and even that was kind of a stretch, since there wasn't much stopping him from simply snapping his fingers and doing something to the bearers. I think there's actually enough evidence in the show that it would be possible with any of them, especially in Frenemies. Chrysalis would be the hardest, she has the potential but she is...very adamant about staying the way she is, kind of hard to totally blame her after what happened in Season 6, at least f
  9. There's really only two changes I particularly care about. First and biggest one is: Grogar should be real. Not Discord in a Grogar costume. I want this plot twist put through a shredder, set on fire and it's ashes launched straight into the sun. Grogar should be the final villain of Season 9. Second one is that I really we should have seen the ponies make some attempt to reform Tirek and Cozy. It doesn't have to work, but they should try. It's kind of a sore spot for me that nobody ever really did, especially with Season 9 existing and doing such a good job at humanizing them. Discord go
  10. Yes, that was my point, though you worded it better. Discord's plan initially works flawlessly, but he was arrogant enough to believe that was simply it, he wins, game over. He didn't understand friendship enough to realize what he did could be reversed and was so stupidly confident he didn't realize they'd reharmonized. Yeah, Discord getting backstabbed the way he did is my issue, because it doesn't make much sense. It requires him to have not been monitoring the trio at all, which he not only easily could do, but would do. Discord pays attention to the toys he's playing with and he's
  11. He's overconfident, and not as much of a chessmaster as he sometimes like to pretend he is, but I don't think he's ever been quite as dumb as he was in this season before. In Season 2 he was actually shown to be fairly intelligent, with his fatal flaw being that once his plan was complete he's arrogant enough to assume his victory is permanent and thus he stops paying attention to the mane six. Here he screws up because he doesn't even bother to monitor the people he's trying to manipulate at all, which feels very unlike him. I've kind of always felt like they tolerate him because from a
  12. I understand the idea, I even think in theory it's not a bad one. I just don't like the execution, or that it comes at the expense of a real Grogar, or that it's the last big contribution to the show Discord makes. The way it's handled makes Discord look extremely dumb to an extent he's never been before, and he doesn't get much of a chance to make up for his mistakes because the show is ending, at best he just breaks the ponies out of prison. That's a nice start but far from enough, it leaves his character on a really unsatisfying note. The fact that he's actually allowed to not only suggest
  13. Agreed. Also agreed, and if Chrysalis could be helped by someone I sincerely doubt it'd be Starlight. I was more so saying it's odd that Starlight didn't try. Even just a token "You don't have to do this, we can talk it out!" or whatever would have been nice. Perhaps. But Discord was an even bigger "If" and that turned out to work. Kind of. At the very least he's genuine about liking Fluttershy and he's restraining himself from turning the world into a madhouse. If they could try with him, don't see why not with Cozy. Well, I don't entirely agree...but I'll admit, I pro
  14. Yeah, it would be nice. Especially later in the show the Mane Five kind of turn into a bit of a hivemind in Season two-parters. Season 9's premiere is a good example where they're all so gung-ho about ruling Equestria right off the bat. Which is especially odd since they sort of end up not doing any ruling later on anyway. Some of Season 9's writing is really strange. In this case I was comparing Season 9 Chryssy to Starlight from her finale though, where all she wanted was revenge on Twilight. In that case she didn't care much about doing what was best, she just wanted to get back at
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