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  1. I feel like generally she's a really good designer. Stuff like the Gala dresses, Twilight's finale coronation dress, most of the outfits she's worn herself, etc. All of those clearly show she's extremely talented at her craft. Occasionally she designs some weird stuff, like those weird flower outfits from "Rainbow Falls" and a few other dumb outfits, but those seem to be mainly for comedy purposes, 9/10 she seems to know what she's doing. Even excellent creatives aren't above making mistakes though, you know? There are plenty of great writer's or directors or other artists who generally produce high quality stuff, but even they might occasionally slip up and make something not that great. I'd consider Rarity the same as them.
  2. 483100 Spambots are why I lock my doors at night.
  3. They might just be a person who really likes their privacy, but also wants to make pony animations? Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one.
  4. I finally set up a youtube account to watch a few age locked videos and my account is suspended after only just a few hours for no reason given. The heck?

  5. Okay, so I don't want to judge something before I've even seen it, and considering so much of this trailer was just the toys set to a song, I can't judge much. That said, I really don't like the art style so far, it looks too much like every other "Wacky and zany!" kids cartoon ever from the last decade and it's just...not at all what I want to see from an MLP show. Maybe the show will be good otherwise, good writing can make up for a lot, but that kind of style immediately puts me off. Seeing the Mane Six sing "Good as Hell" though...never thought I'd see that.
  6. I'd prefer the Pillars or Students get more development personally, before even considering adding Scorpan onto the list. The series is already full of characters that don't get enough time to shine, I don't want to toss another onto the pile.
  7. Not understanding friendship very well doesn't necessarily mean you can't make any friends. It's not as if it's a black and white thing where you either fully understand it or you don't, there's a lot of grey in the middle and I'd assume that Starswirl was just in a darker grey area, he could make friends and understood the concept, but wasn't necessarily the most understanding of people, not like Twilight. We aren't really sure on how exactly the whole thing with Scorpan went down, we don't even really know what Scorpan is like.
  8. I'd have been fine with this. I'm also fine with the Pillars returning like they did though, I just wish they got used more. The only ones who got any real attention were Starswirl and Rockhoof and even then not much. If we got more episodes in Season 8 and 9 featuring the various pillars and they actually got to put up a fight or play more of a role in the finale, I'd be pretty happy with them, they're cool characters and it's a shame to see them go to waste. Starswirl being the way he is actually makes sense though, one of the reasons his spell from the Season 3 finale didn't work was because he didn't really understand friendship, so it's not as if his attitude came out of nowhere.