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  1. Are we sure he couldn't? The ending of the episode where he makes a comment about how the girls just might be ready to take on what's coming seems to imply he knows something about what's going on...He's just not doing anything about it.
  2. Well, he was planning to, just that Chrysalis's throne kinda threw a wrench in that. Still, the second he heard Flutters was captured he looked about ready to summon up a giant fly swatter on Chrysalis. So, I still stand behind what I said, he helps when it's necessary, otherwise he sits back on the sidelines so they don't become dependent on him and can grow...and also probably to enjoy the show, of course.
  3. Nah, he was still willing to step up and help in the Season 6 finale. I figure his schtick is that he only steps in to help when absolutely necessary.