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  1. Gonna have to go with Sonic here. I grew up with the 2D Sonic games before I ever really touched much 2D Mario and Sonic's always just been far interesting to me. Sonic's higher speed, the momentum based gameplay, the much more natural level design all just makes it more fun to play than Mario. Not to mention Sonic wins hands down for me in terms of other things, like character design, aesthetics and music. Things like Sonic CD (Which you forgot by the way) and it's awesome anime cutscenes or 3&K with it's surprisingly interesting little story told entirely through silent cutscenes and some environmental design just push it up to being one of my favorite games ever. Heck, even when it comes to Nintendo platformers, Mario's pretty far from my favorite. I'm a much bigger fan of the Donkey Kong Country games, which I also grew up playing on my dad's old SNES, since he didn't have any Mario but he had that whole trilogy. After Sonic and DK, Mario's always just felt a little bland to me. There's no denying the impact Mario had on the gaming industry though, Sonic and DKC wouldn't exist without it, so I'll give the series huge props for that.
  2. My mom is currently on hold for a call. Except the call is already disconnected which I saw when she gave it to me to hold for a minute. I keep trying to tell her and show her but she's not believing me and shouts when I try to prove it. So I tried, I guess. Wonder how long it'll take her to notice I was right.

  3. I'm not super hyped for this, as it looks like it's following the trend of some other recent cartoon reboots of turning a loved show into an goofy, over the top comedy and nothing much else, but I'll give it a shot. It's all in the writing, if the show manages to be funny and charming then I'll enjoy it, even if it's not my ideal MLP.
  4. A tornado apparently just came right down our street and took down a few trees and other stuff. I must be oblivious though because I didn't see, hear or feel a single thing up here in my room, only know that happened because the neighbor came over freaking out.

    1. Dark Qiviut

      Dark Qiviut

      My goodness, I’m glad you’re okay.

    2. BastementSparkle


      Thanks, I think everyone here is alright. My dad's room and the living room where my mom was at are both right next to the street it happened on so it's even more surprising they didn't notice anything either. I'd say it wasn't serious but it did still take down a few trees and some mailboxes.

    3. EpicEnergy


      I'm glad you are ok!

  5. That's kind of a different situation though. Like, if you went back in time and changed the timeline thus causing me and my best friend to not meet, or meet in a different way and not become friends, does that disprove our friendship? Like, Twilight and her friends as the Elements of Harmony have a unique impact on the world, yes, but you could theoretically erase any friendship with time travel, that doesn't invalidate it.
  6. One thing to think about is that the Mane Six's friendship was essentially formed in a dangerous situation. Their Princess gone, a villain threatening their kingdom with Eternal night, the six of them heading off on a journey into a dangerous forest together to protect their home, family and friends. Having to put their trust in each other, even when it comes to their own life possibly. People always mention the "Destiny" part of the elements but they never really think about that. That's the kind of thing that easily can make quick friends out of very different people, and keep in mind they had to keep doing it repeatedly over the course of the show. It's probably not the kind of thing you think about too often since it's a kids show and you know everything is going to be okay in the end, and it's rather tame compared to our reality or even most other shows out there, but the Mane Six are putting their lives in potential danger all the time and having to rely on each other, and considering they're a small team that's going to build up bonds for sure, no matter how different they might be otherwise. When you're regularly risking your life together that's just going to happen. The Mane Six's friendship is definitely idealized to an extent, but I don't think it's completely unrealistic, especially when taking what I said above into account. Plus, I think it's a good thing for a show like this to have a variety of personalities and to show that friends can exist even despite major differences. The entirety of Rarity Investigates is just Rainbow and Rarity. Not to mention the End in Friend, though that's not the best example since they spend most of it arguing. They actually do have some substantial things in common when you think about it, despite their totally opposite personalities. Of the two Mane Six they've easily been the most ambitious since day one, Rarity's always dreamed of opening more boutiques and expanding her business and Rainbow's always wanted to be a Wonderbolt. That, and of the two Mane Six they're the ones who care the most about their appearance and reputation, in totally different ways, since Rarity tries to appear fashionable and high-class while Rainbow wants to be seen as "Awesome", but it's the same desire at the end of the day. I could see them relating to each other on these once they get past their differences.
  7. Probably going to end up losing internet soon. We can't afford it because everyone in my house has no job right now and nobody can get unemployment because the system isn't working. So I'm going to be stuck in the house with no internet for who knows how long.

     Considering how garbage my mental health is already, how I'm depending on the internet for entertainment, socializing and generally not going insane, and how I'm stuck with two alcoholics, I don't know what to do.

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    2. Sparklefan1234
    3. Kujamih


      Read a book, get a bike, right a story, buy a note book and a pencil, draw stuff. Go to the library. Look at them sexy books.


    4. Cl0udChaser


      Everything will be ok. Paying internet is tough. It's not the end of the world. There's things to do without internet. Me...I never owned a cellphone in my life. I use only computer. If there is a library near you, you can see if they have computers.


  8. I just honestly don't see how she could be. The way she acts in the finale seems to me that she knows not a lot about Twilight and friends. But if she's their daughter she'd have had to grow up in Ponyville, where 5 of the Mane Six live, and considering Starlight is friends with all of them and Twilight...It just feels really unrealistic that she wouldn't know they're still friends. That lack of knowledge just doesn't make any sense to me if she's Starlight's daughter, unless Starlight never talks about or to Twilight and friends anymore and none of them have ever really interacted with her, which would be very odd to me.
  9. Not usually. I kind of like to analyze and look deep into things but I'm usually pretty relaxed when it comes to criticism. I'll critique stuff I don't like but as long as it's worth enjoying I can usually laugh the bad stuff off and have a good time. When something annoys me though it really annoys me. I can relate to this, though for me it came much later, literally near the end of Season 9. Before that I was pretty much like "Yeah, I'm pretty happy with the show in general!" and then we got to the end and it was a huge whiplash for me when suddenly I was genuinely hating something it'd done and I've only gotten more sour about it and suddenly I can understand where people who complained about other things are coming from much better.
  10. I remember this one time, years ago back when I was still in school, this teacher asked me if I liked to read cause she hadn't seen me with a book. I said yes and told her I just liked to do all my reading online. She asked me what sites because she might be interested. I froze up because I realized the only site I liked to do reading on was Fimfiction and how was I supposed to explain to her my literature of choice was pony fanfics.

     I kinda dodged the question and I don't think she believed me about liking to read at all.:lie:

    1. PanPan


      It sucks people have to hide what they like, I hope the teacher did believe you though

    2. BastementSparkle


      It was less trying to hide what I liked in that instance and more just I figured the conversation would be too awkward. She had a low opinion of me in general so I doubt she believed it.