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  1. I'd both like it and not. Would be cool to see but with that theme, MLP would feel like it's turned into some kind of horror show. Me no want those cute ponies to enter some Corpse Party. *shivers*
  2. @@Kenshiro, Eeyup, doesn't change what I said though! And he forgot the most important thing of all - all hail Princess Glim Glam! ...or not.
  3. @@Kenshiro, Agreed but I must kinda disagree with the fact she eagerly wants to change. Well, she does eagerly "want" to change but not "try" to change. On the contrary, she's so scared and her self-confidence so shattered until the S6 finale that she usually ran away from it all. Makes you want to snuggle her even harder!
  4. There sure is! Though not that many...unless you consider certain large pics to fit as wallpapers? Anyway, here are some I found, along with a few large pics: Wallpapers: Large pics: Otherwise, I guess this pic could be made into a wallpaper but it'd require some work: And if with all that you still haven't found anything to your fancy...: Hope there's something you like in there!
  5. Omg we actually did it! The suspense was so intense though! It's amazing, just thank you all and snuggles to everypony!
  6. @, Why am I stupidly grinning right now? Seriously, you guys really are just awesome, it's... Words fail me! Come on everypony, follow suit! The deadline's approaching!
  7. Not much time remaining now! We're not that far from a full match people! I ended up burdening you PiratePony, pray forgive this sinner. Please no walking the plank!
  8. I know, I just wanted to post that pic. There are still a few more that I haven't quite had the opportunity to post. Me sad. Welp, nothing seeing a cute Starlight won't fix.
  9. Wooow, some are still unaware of the existence of the Starlight x Spike ship! It's been sailing since the S6 premier. Like so: PS: I'm not one to ship, though I would quite like to see some more Starlight & Spike in the show. Those two make such great friends, it's endearing to see them. But no romance.
  10. Wut?! Then I shall wait!! Nah well I don't know if I'll be able to donate before the matching deadline after all - and me no like burdening you. We'll see, but donate I shall.
  11. Eh, only until the 7th and no more donations accepted? Dang, I didn't want to burden you any more, PiratePony, but looks like I'll have to make my donation sooner than I intended and increase the sum you have to match. Speaking of, you are a great person, you deserve all of the praise! :idea: PS: Now to figure out how to make a donation via PayPal...
  12. I almost want to vote for you just because you don't want us to.
  13. My teams? Can't remember what I used before, but here's my Sun team: Primarina (Pearly - F): Just too cute for me to resist. Seriously, has anyone given Brionne or Primarina beans? They're just too adorable!! My favourite of this generation hands down Toucannon (Pecko - M): Didn't think I'd keep him, hence the lame name. Turned out to be absurdly strong! Marblepie (Lycanroc - F): Same as Pecko, I saw pure Rock, thought "meh" but was lacking a 6th Pokémon. Now she's my second favourite of this generation! Prob should rename her, though. Sawbeet (Ribombee - F): Such a cute wittle bee! And so I tried to find a name and came up with that pun... Kinda wish they made a Pokémon out of that name, curious to see what that'd give. Too bad she's getting too weak to sweep the story by now. Petahlia (Lurantis - F): Just loved her design. Pure plant and poor offensive type coverage coupled with low speed makes her rather bad but hey, who cares? Skin before skill! And who could resist to her great looks? Last slot will be taken by either a Salazzle or an Alolan Ninetales. Haven't decided on a name for either yet. There's also 3 Pokémon I used to battle with but eventually parted with, and so, time for honourable mentions: Wishiwashi - M: This one doesn't have a nickname because it was weak and without evolution. Then I battle the Totem Pokémon and fell in love with it. My third favourite Pokémon of this generation! Alas, already had a water Pokémon, but I'll use him again. Charjbug (Airzap - M): Yup, not fully evolved. This one should have been in my team instead of Sawbeet but for some reason, GameFreak decided it was a great idea to have a bug-type pokémon aquired at the start of the game evolve only when you're nearing the end of the game. Gumshoos (Munchacho - M): He had a good run, but with Pecko and Marblepie in my team, there was nothing he could actually bring. Sorry Munchacho, at least I got you to evolve. And finally, my number one Pokémon, all generations included, the Pokémon I care for the most: Mawile (Little Fey - F): I have no idea why but from the first time I saw her, I fell in love with the design. However, I never could quite use her because of low stats and a rather poor pool of moves... To my greatest joy, this changed with the introduction of the Fairy-type - giving her access to Play Rough - and of course, with that of the Mega Evolution! Ahhh, can't wait to welcome her to Alola!