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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. As a waitress I don't know what is worse:

    A. A customer that leaves a 0-$3 tip on a bill that costs $50+


    B. A customer that is super nice and then asks to see my manager afterward to get free food and then no tip....


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    2. ShadOBabe


      @Snow If we presume that @dreamstream is a good waitress, then it's not rude at all, at least here in the states. That's because waitstaff get paid a really low hourly wage. If you're eating in a restaurant in the U.S., and the waiter was just average, you're supposed to get about 15% as a tip. Higher if they did really well, and lower if they sucked.

      The only time that you should not give a tip is if they were absolutely abysmal. Like straight up ignoring or arguing with you. Or if it's like a tip jar on the counter and all they did was hand you your food. That's not tip worthy.

    3. Meson Bolt

      Meson Bolt

      Damn. I'd say #2 is worse, that's just a person putting on a nice face to get free stuff.

      I'd tip you, @dreamstream, if it makes you feel any better. :P

    4. dreamstream


      Thanks guys. I do my very best to be a great waitress. I make sure I make at least one person at my table laugh. For example one of my favorite jokes to play with my customers is the ones that get water. If they ask for a refill before I get to it first I tell them, "Sorry, we're all out of that." Or if they ask for something and say, "would it be too much to ask..." I respond, clearly joking and then laugh afterwards with "Oh absolutely, that's too much to ask, and then I bring them extra or do something extra to make them extra happy. The highest tip I got was $10 on a $3 meal ticket. I was shocked. I'm also that waitress that will chase after my customer if they leave something at the table. My philosophy when it comes to being a waitress is this: I'm paid to serve because they didn't want to cook dinner. I know there are days I wanna be lazy so I work like they want to relax.

  3. I'm ALIVE! I'm sorry to all for my disappearance, but I'm back.

  4. Still waiting for your glorious return. :c

  5. Merry Birthiversary!

  6. Happy birthday :yay::pinkie: *leaves a birthday cake here for you to eat* take your time :please: ...

    1. WWolf


      :wacko: ......

      *eats a slice on your behalf :please: *

    2. SparklingSwirls


      *eats a slice too :nom:*

    3. WWolf


      It’s still good :nom: 

  7. *nuzzles you :P *

  8. *spoilers*

    1. WWolf


      You really were such a sweet girl :c ....

  9. *stacking muffins on her head while waiting for her to return* 

  10. I'm Sooooo excited to come home. 5 days in Vegas is too much. Honestly, I'd be just fine if I never came back.

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    2. dreamstream


      On that note, the Slotzilla is an awesome zip line. Especially when you superman it.

    3. dreamstream


      @Trixie . yeah. Big cities aren't my thing. I'm more of a country side girl. I do also like the mountains and beach.

    4. Scar


      I like that too 

  11. Found my new boyfriend. Here's his picture Haha!https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/58/34/03/58340393a2281089821a0e8221b63f3a.jpg

    He's stolen my heart. (yes, I'm talking about the dog)

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    2. dreamstream


      Hahaha! Yep. I'm head over hooves in love. :lol:

    3. Nightshroud


      awww that's so cute reminds me of my dog lestat

    4. sin kai
  12. *I'm sorry. System overload. Please restart the dreamstream and try again* *later on that day* *I'm sorry. System overload. Please restart the dreamstream and try again* GIRRRRRLLLLL! That's Amazing! I just wanna grab one and rub it's face on mine then snuggle it so tight.
  13. Oh, sweet Celestia guys. I caught my cousin's bouquet at her wedding. :adorkable: I'm scared of life now. The stress is real! :lie:

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    2. dreamstream


      hahaha. :lol::okiedokieloki: A terrible mood. :orly:

    3. Snow


      naturally, ^_^ i think you are already aware of the face that i use quite frequently when in one of my.. terrible moods.. i best be getting out of your hair now, it appears i have guests :) until next time!

    4. SweetPurrl


      She is very interesting. I get annoyed sometimes. But hey! Nopony can help but love her. 

      Ps. I'm on my phone. It autocorrected nopony to no loony! Lol. It knows us so well!

  14. Well I'm off to the airport. :scots: TSA here I come. I probably won't be on for the next week. I'll miss you guys! :(

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    2. Aqua Sunshine

      Aqua Sunshine

      Have a save trip!! btw: where are you going? haha:squee:

    3. dreamstream


      ... :bedeyes: Thanks Purrl. I'll keep that in mind for when I return... :orly: ( :sneer: )

      @Aqua Sunshine Vegas.

    4. SweetPurrl


      Please! Have mercy!