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  1. Happy birthday :fluttershy: , too bad you’re not here :c . Hope you and Dream are doing alright :P .

  2. Good night everypony! Love all y'all!

    -Sweet Tarts & Calamity Purrl

  3. They are like Tsumtsums! I LOVE IT SOOOOOO MUCH!
  4. I love the idea of fluffy ponies, I just can't pull it off! Your work is amazing and bubble tea is the best! I like putting tapioca pearls in aloe water.
  5. I live in Northern Virginia with a population of 350,000
  6. I want to work on you iPad!! :love:

    I has an IDEA!:blink:

    1. dreamstream


      I has my iPad! come and get it. :orly::derp:

    2. SweetPurrl
    3. dreamstream


      you sound like a wittle fwuffy kitty cat. :orly:

  7. I am currently babysitting my grandpa. He is happy with the breakfast I made! 

    Toast with peanut butter, 2 soft boiled eggs, some yogurt, a really delicious orange, and coffee!

    Now he is excited for lunch: Tomato soup and grilled cheese. :pout:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SweetPurrl


      What's for lunch?

      Tropical Smoothie? :twi:

    3. dreamstream


      Banquet> Salisbury steak or Swedish meatballs.

      cant decide

    4. SweetPurrl
  8. I'm writing a book and I wrote a very emotional scene where the friend tell the MC that she is like a sister to her. It has a lot of meaning to it because both of them lost their sisters, one to death the other via betrayal. Plus, they were the best of friends when they were fiveish, but the mc's mom brainwashed her daughter to not like her friend. Yup, I cried.
  9. Here is Sweet's cutie mark. Had to draw it before bed :icwudt:


    1. dreamstream


      very good job. It's making me hungry.

  10. *grabs tail and begins crying* *turns toward you and hisses before running off to tend my wounds* Ponies are fat! Can't you be a little more careful around a cat?