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  1. sherri

    ask sherri

    any other questions from anyone else?
  2. sherri

    Spoiler OCs or Ponysonas?

    here's my ponysona, sherri
  3. sherri

    Post your OC!

    here's my ponysona, sherri
  4. sherri

    Pinkie Pie VS Pinkamena

    yeah... me too.. i'll always go with normal pinkie.... i've seen enough pics of the fan version to know not to watch that
  5. sherri

    ask sherri

    my mum's pretty cool she helped me with hatching foamy's egg when she can she supports me when i do things
  6. sherri

    ask sherri

    well... i got it after i hatched my friend and assistant, foamy the dragon from her egg the meaning? hmm... i think it's to do with the love and care i gave foamy while she was still a egg...
  7. sherri

    ask sherri

    > i guess this question is directed at me.... hmmm... it was pretty good
  8. sherri

    ask sherri

    >i haven't thought about that yet... i get back to you on that when i've thought of it, kay?
  9. sherri

    ask sherri

    any other questions from anyone else are welcome
  10. my ocs sherri's pet kitty - ribbon mio's pet bunny - sugar miku's pet bird - maya himari's pet racoon - meeko emiko's pet skunk - oreo *although i don't know how he's gonna keep up with her, since he can't fly... maybe like tank?... i dont know.. maybe emiko'll ask princess twilight to cast a spell to give him little pegasus wings or something * hoshi's pet dog - choco (female) & my yet to be made pony/equestria girls person's pet - chloe the dormouse - *although i'm not sure how she'd look in the show........ any ideas?*
  11. sherri

    ask sherri

    > that sounds good
  12. sherri

    ask sherri

    > sure, go ahead
  13. i was just wondering this, cause, well... my earth pony, sherri lived in canterlot before moving to ponyville with foamy the dragon... & she had to hatch her somehow, right? *although the hatching part has nothing to do with living in canterlot*
  14. sherri

    ask sherri

    *out of character* well, i'm not sure how i'm going to tell it, since she isn't a unicorn, & i haven't thought about it yet, but i'll give it my best shot .............. well, let's just say... i was in the cantalot, my parents decided to enroll me in Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns *out of character - i'm not sure if it'll be the same since she's a earth pony at that time* Except for one thing... I had to pass an entrance exam! *out of character - i'm not really sure how she was gonna pass it ... but one thing i do know, is that after she tries *whatever it is*, a sonic rainboom type thing happens that gives her her cutie mark & hatches foamy's egg*
  15. sherri

    ask sherri

    yep, foamy's a girl she came from a egg that i had to somehow hatch as a test *even though i'm a earth pony*