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  1. @Cinnamon Coffee Can you do my OC, Krimson Flag? Fortunately, someone else already made a sketch of him: Here's the Pony Town sprite for a coloration guide: Since the blade shape was warped by perspective (couldn't be helped), here's the blade and pommel shape: Edit: The guard was originally supposed to be a simple straight bar with diamonds shapes at the ends of the quillons, but I the guard of the reference I used for the tips might be less boring. Here's the pic I gave @Gaines to use for additional reference:
  2. I don't think "berate" is the right word, since that word implies hollering and/or negative attitude and I used site emojis to literally convey how I meant the message to be received (which doesn't line up with the word you used). My apologies if it still came off that way though.
  3. Originally, there was actually a beanie instead (and I said "beanie" instead of "ear piercing"). But the beanieless version grew on me, so I went back to Sleepy Town and removed the beanie. But something felt missing, so I added the ear piercing. And... You can see what happened after that...
  4. *boop* Cute avatar :3

  5. @Lazy Ferret I uploaded your art to Derpibooru
  6. It's an incredible start , but it's imperfect the handles are supposed to be black, the swords are supposed to be behind the shield, the scarf is supposed to be striped, and ae're supposed to wear one white ear piercing as well. Awesome art tho
  7. Sadly, no. I can't draw too well and that's as big as would download.
  8. *boop* Cutie :3

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      what can i do for you?

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      Idk, lol. I just came to your profile because your avatar was cute UwU

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      thanks. I appreciate it :) 

  9. Yay! And can you put the cutie mark in a corner as well as on Sworden.
  10. Well, how about the Agender form of my OC, Sworden Shieldbearer?: Their cutie mark is two crossed Arming Swords with their blades pointing down (and with golden guards and golden pommels): Over the Genderfluid pride flag: But behind a heater shield: That has the inner shape being the colo(u)rs of the Pansexual pride flag: That should be simpler to do. :3
  11. So I guess you couldn't figure anything out, @Lazy Ferret?