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  1. So I guess you couldn't figure anything out, @Lazy Ferret?
  2. He/She/They/Ae are gender fluid. Here are his/her/their/aer forms: Masculine form (pronouns: he/him/his): Please note that his mane, and the coloring of his mane and tail, are actually that of Flash Sentry: Feminine Form (Pronouns: she/her): "Hermaphrodite" (with characteristics of the male and female forms) from (pronouns: they/them/their): Agender form (pronouns: ae/aer): Their cutie mark is two crossed arming swords (but with golden guards and pommels): Behind a heater shield: That's the colors of the pansexual flag: In front of the genderfluid flag:
  3. *boop* Cutie OwO Shes kinda cute :3
  4. The guard itself was supposed to be a simple bar with diamond-shaped tips, but the rest of the sketch is good 👍
  5. How about a deer OC of mine? Here's his Sleepy Town: Due to limitations, his actual sword couldn't be represented accurately. It's this sword: With a straight guard that has tips shaped like these:
  6. Maybe 17 is legal in your state, but where I live (Tennessee), it's not.
  7. 🎵 Well, I wish I was in the land of cotton The workers there are not forgotten Look away, look away, look away, Dixieland In Dixie's land, the workers rally, Come and sing the Internationale Look away, look away, look away, Dixieland