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  1. Nice job on the banner, I like that style.

  2. The Revenant is quite amazing. Some of the best cinematography i've ever seen.

    1. Kyoshi


      I may watch Jeremy Jahn's review of it now that you have said this. :o

  3. 2016 Babyyyyy!!!

  4. if you use steam, it might have just been hacked. so be careful!

  5. Merry Christmas everypony!

  6. rpc8169

    S05:E25+26 - The Cutie Re-Mark

    9.5/10. Won't top last season's finale though... The ending was okay, but everything leading up to it was pretty awesome. Still really good though.
  7. rpc8169

    S05:E20 - Hearthbreakers

    Yeah, I hate it when theres a calm ending, and then it cuts abruptly to the theme song.
  8. rpc8169

    S05:E20 - Hearthbreakers

    That episode was too good!! Such a good lesson. 9/10
  9. rpc8169

    S05:E20 - Hearthbreakers

    What if they eat rocks... hnmm
  10. rpc8169

    S05:E20 - Hearthbreakers

    This must be the Pie family episode! yay
  11. rpc8169

    S05:E20 - Hearthbreakers

    Rooftastic??? Okayyyyyyy
  12. Bannerz keks top.