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  1. "Come on everypony smile smile smile! Fill my heart up with sunshine, sunshine," those two lyrics. in my head. over and over again. Pinkie, please, GIMME A BREAK
  2. Or you could be asked to assist the mane six! That spells danger for everypony o.o
  3. Hi! Like your icon xD

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      Thank you! :mlp_icwudt:

      *hugs* :pinkie:

    2. Disneygirl97


      *pony hugs* <3

  4. Ponies and disney....I never thought I'd see the day. I hope this means in the future, MLP and EQG will be uploaded to disney plus if they end up buying the franchise, similar to how they bought Fox and the Simpsons. It's highly unlikely, seeing as it's Netflix's main source of income.
  5. *boops*
    *flies away*

  6. I'd say I'd be a unicorn, but using magic looks like it takes a lot of skill. And flying seems like a lot of effort, more so than running....I guess I'd rather live with a pony instead, as long as its Twily <3 Isn't that the truth! The world sucks right now >:( I'd rather be in Equestria! But....there's danger everywhere outside of Ponyville.....*shudders*
  7. I could say the same about the Simpsons! Whenever anyone has a question about an obscure fact or question about the show itself,I'm the first person to go to! I feel like most autistic folk know smaller bits of information rather than large ones. Nice to meet cha friend!
  8. A pony! Too obvious? Alright then....a goose. They're so respected and highly thought of that the Queen of England has personal Goose pets!
  9. ....when Crystal Ponies were considered a rare toy? ....when people got mad over Cadance being an alicorn? ....when Twilight was a regular unicorn? ....Owlicious? ....YAK commercials?? ...Golden Oak Library? ....Celestia and Luna were more than just a pair of guards for the royal chairs? (Seriously, people who say Princess Celestia didn't do anything needs to rewatch season one.)
  10. until

    Yay! Happy Equinox!
  11. I think I need to GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE!! Or MAKE MORE ART. I've been super sick lately (not Rona) so I've just been in bed playing Stardew Valley. I wish there was a pony mod for it. That'd be sweet.
  12. In bed, listening to pony music! OR.....drawing Pony Chibis <3
  13. Trying to get the hang of this...am i allowed to post art here or does it have to be in a forum?

    1. TomDaBombMLP


      It can be anywhere you want. I think the Canterlot Gallery is a good place. :grin:

    2. Disneygirl97


      Thank you!! I'm still new here, i first thought this area was like a Facebook profile where you can post anything (as long as its under the guidelines) lol 

  14. Me too! I'm always up for a chat,even though I can be kinda shy xD