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  1. 11th Doctor Whooves

    Announcement Top 2 BABSCON Sponsor Tiers New Benefit--AKA ME!

    This is fantastic news! I know the upper tier packages are in good hands with you
  2. 11th Doctor Whooves

    Staff Behavior As of Late

    Eh, its a feedback topic, and you're giving your feedback. As long as its a quality and on topic post, you're not really hijacking it, just adding to the discussion.
  3. 11th Doctor Whooves

    Staff Behavior As of Late

    But who would vote on it, and how would they be nominated? Would it be staff, or a member? It could turn into a popularity contest, or a member who has it out for staff, because those do exist, could make sure they get elected to the position and then take out whatever anger they have with the staff out on them and just call it policing. The idea isn't a terrible one, it'd just be tricky to pull off and not have it abused.
  4. 11th Doctor Whooves

    Staff Behavior As of Late

    The only problem with this idea is, what happens when the police who police the mods need policing? We need to make police for them, and what happens when the police of the mod police need policing? Something like that just keeps going on and on in a cycle. Its why we have the feedback section. We expect the members of the Forum to police us, which is what topics like this one are accomplishing.
  5. 11th Doctor Whooves

    Movies/TV The Digimon: Digital Monsters Thread

    I've always been a fan of the first series. The second series was good, Digimon Tamers was insanely good, and after that, I didn't watch any of the series after that, but I'm going to one of these days, I promise XD As for favorite digimon, thats Angemon. I've loved him since he first appeared, and was so disappointed when he didn't show up again until fairly late in the series.
  6. 11th Doctor Whooves

    BABSCon Retrospective and My Reflection as a Poniverse Staffer

    Why can I only brohoof this once? I'm on Staff, I should have the power to brohoof this as much as I want! This weekend was without a single doubt the best trip, best convention, hell, maybe even the best week I can think of, and I honestly have you to thank for it. You're the one who first got us going to BABSCon, you introduced me to Diva Pony, and then pushed for me to become a member of the Poniverse Team. You've done so much since I met you to help make me and my life better, and I don't think I can ever thank you enough for that. I'm glad I could be there for your very first birthday party. We'll have to see if we can't do something about making that more of an event from now on
  7. 11th Doctor Whooves

    Fandom Q+A Ward Jenkins Q&A 2.0

    Welcome back, thanks for taking the time for another Q&A with us! What was the most difficult part of "On Your Marks" to storyboard?
  8. 11th Doctor Whooves

    General Media Who's your favorite Transformer?

    He was such a great character he got two powerful last scenes. I hated that they killed him off twice.
  9. 11th Doctor Whooves

    General Media Who's your favorite Transformer?

    Is it just Generation 1, or can we choose from the others? Blaster was always my favorite from Gen 1, I always wanted his figure, but my favorite over all is Dinobot from Beast Wars. I loved everything about hims <3
  10. Everyone, please keep your posts on the topic at hand, and try to be respectful of others opinions and thoughts, even if you disagree.
  11. 11th Doctor Whooves

    General Which day of the week do you feel the laziest?

    Are all the days of the week an acceptable answer? If not, then Mondays.
  12. 11th Doctor Whooves

    Hi everyone

    They already know about the plans, @Simon mentions them all the time.
  13. 11th Doctor Whooves

    Hi everyone

    YAY! Threateni......uh, encouraging you to join the site finally worked, and now, I'm on staff and you're not. We'll have to change that, since we are in fact trying to stage a bloody coup of this Forum by Chipmunk fans.
  14. 11th Doctor Whooves

    Movies/TV Gravity Falls is over

    I think we'll see more of the Pines, I just don't think it'll be Gravity Falls where we see them, though I do hope we see more of Wendy and Soos, since they were such important parts of the series.
  15. 11th Doctor Whooves

    Movies/TV Gravity Falls is over

    I didn't get into Gravity Falls until it was almost over, unfortunately. I'm both glad and saddened that the series ended. I love that it ended before it got to be too much of the same thing over and over, but it was such an amazing series that I wish it would go on longer. I am intrigued by the creator's statement that "Weirdmaggedon" would be "the end of Gravity Falls as we know it". It makes me wonder if they won't continue the series somehow. Maybe time will pass, and Dipper will join his Gruncle Ford in exploring the paranormal when he's older. There's also the card that Wendy gave him, saying "See you next summer." I'm hoping this means the story truly isn't over.