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  1. LineMonkey

    BABSCon 2015 post con discussion

    I'll be at EFNW, TrotCon, and BronyCon!
  2. LineMonkey

    BABSCon 2015 post con discussion

    I see you got a few shots with me, too! Fantastic to see you at the con!
  3. Anyone else interested in watching the Lunar Eclipse on Saturday morning? Penumbral begins at 2:01 am. Partial Eclipse begins at 3:15 am. Totality begins at 4:57 am. Maximum Eclipse is reached at 5:00 am. Totality ends at 5:02 am. Moonset is at 6:41 am, and the receding of the eclipse will be missed. I propose a watching party, followed by breakfast, then the Premier!!! All those in favor?
  4. LineMonkey

    Who's going to Babscon?

    I'll be there, again! Listen for the loud "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP" as my powerchair flies through the convention space. I'll be working with the A/V team in the panel rooms, again, and also delivering meals to weary staff members who just can't leave their posts! And, if you want a treat, come to my panel! ADA and Pony Cons will foster a discussion about how far MLP fan conventions have come in the realm of accessibility for those who require a little bit of assistance to fully enjoy the wonderful world of MLP conventions. From ensuring that the venues are wheelchair accessible, to providing education to their staff, to making sure that hallways aren't too crowded, MLP conventions have come a long way! With a guest appearance from BABSCon's own chairpony, Sonya! Stick around until the end, and help us come up with ideas to make conventions even more accessible!
  5. LineMonkey

    How and when did you become a brony?

    I'm old. I was a fan of the show from the first episode. I didn't realize that there was a huge fandom for another few months... So, maybe January 2011? I watched every episode as it aired, so I never had to binge them.
  6. LineMonkey

    Just submitted a panel for BABSCon... ADA and Pony Cons.

    Therapy Animals differ from Service Animals in a few key areas. Therapy Animal are screened and trained to be docile, allowing intrusions into their personal space that most animals will not allow. Therapy Animals are used in many different ways; comforting trauma victims, being a support to people testifying in trials, and visiting hospitals, are all some of the ways that Therapy Animals are used. Service Animals are specifically trained to assist their Handlers. They are usually highly intelligent, and are trained to perform specific duties. A Mobility Service Animal may assist their Handler with transfering from a wheelchair or bed, open doors, flip light switches, steady their Handler's gait (ability to walk), and other tasks that may be difficult for their Handler to do on their own. A Hearing Service Animal is trained to alert their handler to sounds, which can be anything from traffic signals to doorbells. A Seeing Eye Dog is yet another type of Service Animal. They are trained to guide their Handler through a world that they can't see. There are also Service Animals that are trained to alert their Handler to impending medical emergencies. Some are trianed for diabetics, others are trained for narcoleptics or epileptics. There are even Service Animals who are trained to recognise PTSD attacks. All of these Service Animals provide assistance that enable their handlers to function in spaces that aren't designed for them. Distracting a Service Animal could cause them to fail to perform their function. A Mobility Service Animal may shift their stance, causing their Handler to fall. A Hearing Animal could fail to alert their Handler to an oncoming vehicle. A Sight Animal could mistake the clearance in a hallway, causing their Handler to stumble and injure themselves. Vest or not, obviously working or not... It's best to ignore the Service Animal entirely. Think of them as an extention of the person. If you wouldn't ask to stroke someone's bare leg... it's probably not appropriate to ask to pet their Service Animal. ... Sorry for the long post, but good information is always important.
  7. LineMonkey

    Just submitted a panel for BABSCon... ADA and Pony Cons.

    While it would be fantastic to cover those things, the panel is focused more on the staff side of things than it is on attendees. IE: How can the convention itself become more open and accessible to folks with accessibility needs. I do plan on addressing staff training, for those issues, though! Thank you! The etiquite, for any service animal, is "Do NOT ask." Those animals are working. If they are wearing a "Friendly, Ask to Pet" vest, then feel free to ask if you can pet them. But a working animal is not to be disturbed. They are focused on doing their job, and a distraction can lead to injury or serious health problems for their handlers. While most handlers understand that there's a real lack of education for the general populace, and have become used to being asked about their animal, it's really not something you should be doing. Service animals are not pets. They are expected to be focused on their handlers. Most people ask "Can I pet your (insert animal)?" while they are already reaching to touch the animal. This causes a distraction to the animal, and can be detrimental to the handler's health and safety! Please. Please. Please! Do not get into the space of a working animal. They are there for a reason, and need to be able to do their job the entire time.
  8. LineMonkey

    Just submitted a panel for BABSCon... ADA and Pony Cons.

    I would love to see that light thingie work. That's a fantastic idea! The carpet thing, though... actually provides a safety measure. While it's more difficult to get up the ramp, going down can be problematic. The carpet actually helps slow the wheelchair down and prevents someone going freely into a wall or corner. It's an issue of the blind turns that the ramp makes. Maybe we can discuss another way to get folks up and down that short stair area?
  9. ADA and Pony Cons, if approved, will feature your very own Line Monkey (that's me!) discussing ADA challenges, and the changes that several MLP:FiM fan conventions have made, over the years, to improve accessibility for everyone! I will also be covering some improvements that can still be made, as well as asking you (yes, you!) what ideas you have that could help make conventions more accessible! Do you have an idea? Maybe you've encountered something that makes it difficult for you to fully experience an event? Let me know, and I'll see that it gets covered!
  10. LineMonkey

    Any Pony Have as much fun at Babscon as I did?

    Well, Line Monkey had fun. Was incredibly overworked, but had a blast. Maybe next year I can be in charge of the lines. It's my strength, and my voice makes it easy for folks to know what they need to do! I'm actually doing a write-up of the convention on my tumblr, and I've finished up to Friday. After that, things get... complicated.
  11. LineMonkey

    Meet up at a restaurant after the Con?

    7:30 am is good for folks, like me, who are volunteering for the con. See ya' then!
  12. LineMonkey

    Meet up at a restaurant after the Con?

    I am so excited!!! Seriously... I'm bouncing like Pinkie Pie on Pixie Stix.
  13. LineMonkey

    Meet up at a restaurant after the Con?

    Do! We'll have fun! If nothing else, we can commiserate about the whippersnappers running amuck.
  14. LineMonkey

    Meet up at a restaurant after the Con?

    Food? Friends? Bronies hanging out with food and becoming friends??? I'm so in! Also... I'm... 33.. *feels old, now*
  15. LineMonkey


    Apparently there's been an issue with the HR process. They're working through a pile of emails, but we should know soon... maybe...