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  1. I was thinking that the original plot for the movie would be very useful for a series finale when the time comes. In case you don't know what I'm talking about: Twilight and her friends dealing with the return of an evil alicorn named Cosmos, who is implied to be Celestia and Luna's brother, resulting in friction between Twilight and Celestia over the former's capacity to handle the situation. Essentially, all of the lessons that had been learned over the course of the show would be put to use here.
  2. Seriously? A DVD featuring episodes from Seasons 1-4. If they included episodes only episodes from Season 7, then things would be different.
  3. Which Grand Galloping Gala did you enjoy most?
  4. Because she mostly solved a friendship spell that Starswirl the Bearded never completed. Watch the episode again and you'll see.
  5. Didn't Twilight credit her friends for getting to becoming a princess during her coronation speech?
  6. Which ceremony was your favorite?
  7. How about this plot? Trixie and Starlight are invited to perform at the Grand Galloping Gala, but when Trixie becomes too caught up in perfecting the act, disastrous results ensue.
  8. I'm REALLY LIKING this synopsis!
  9. I was reading on Equestria Daily and came across this comic written in Spanish. This would be PERFECT for an episode in Season 8:
  10. All these ideas for a season theme look great. However, didn't Hasbro say that there was 5 more years planned of the show back in 2015? I'm predicting at least TWO more seasons of the show.
  11. Still, it would be interesting for Luna to attend. Perhaps she can share in the feeling that the Gala was always boring and wants to liven it up as much as Celestia. Heck, maybe that could be a decent subplot to the main story with Starlight and Trixie.
  12. Now hold on there! Luna was at Cadence and Shining Armor's wedding reception and that was at night.
  13. True, but it was just a cameo. Besides, we do need to see Starlight and Trixie in Gala Dresses, not to mention Luna and Flurry Heart as well.
  14. Maybe Trixie would be asked to perform at the Gala for peanut butter crackers... Just kidding!
  15. Well, given Celestia's reputation of living up the Gala, I wouldn't be surprised.