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  1. ...would be to spawn a series of Direct to Video films. It would keep the Generation 4 characters alive and fresh while Generation 5 makes it mark.
  2. Here is a bit of trivia about the voice actress behind Occellus the Changeling: she played the son of Caesar in War for Planet of the Apes and Caesar's wife in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
  3. Spoiler What Did You Think About The MLP Movie?

    The animation and characters were great, but the story could have REALLY been toned down a little bit to make it not as dark as it ended up being.
  4. Your ideal grand finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    My idea would be to have the series finale involve Celestia and Luna's brother, Cosmos, returning to try and take over Equestria and all of Equestria must band together to stop him.
  5. A few months earlier....

    How about using Celestia and Luna's brother, Cosmos, as the villain? It would make sense to end the show the same way as it began: with a sibling of Celestia's going power hungry.
  6. Saddest Episode Aside From The Perfect Pear...?

    Yeah, that bit was pretty painful. It's basically the Equestrian equivalent to drug abuse, alcohol abuse, etc.
  7. Equestria Games II

    Would make a good episode for season nine.
  8. Saddest Episode Aside From The Perfect Pear...?

    How about when Twilight missed the Northern Stars in "Once Upon a Zeppelin"? Surprised no one has talked about that moment yet.
  9. Tempest Shadow appearing in the show.

    I agree, which is why I still think Kazumi Evans would make a good voice double for Tempest.
  10. Slice of Life Dresses for a Princess

    In this sequel to Wrath of an Angry Prince, Spike enlists Rarity and Fluttershy to help remake Twilight's dresses that she wore as a unicorn to help remind her of the most important events in her life as part of an effort to help Twilight get over the loss of her library. Meanwhile, Discord also joins in, determined to get on Shining Armor's good side by remaking Twilight's best mare dress. *Special thanks to Pastelights for editing.
  11. Sad Wrath of an Angry Prince

    After Lord Tirek's defeat, Shining Armor angrily confronts Discord for allowing Cadence and Twilight to be put at the mercy of Lord Tirek.
  12. Sad Tears of a Hearbroken Princess

    Twilight Sparkle wanted nothing more than to see the Northern Stars on the Zeppelin Cruise with her family. But thanks to Iron Will, who was running the cruise, her dreams are smashed into pieces. Saddened by seeing Twilight's heart broken, her family does everything they can to try and console her. Author’s Note: This story is to serve as how Twilight’s family SHOULD have approached the situation when Twilight started sobbing after missing out on the Northern Lights.
  13. Slice of Life An Uneasy Reunion

    Following the events of the "Friendship Games," Sunset comes to a hard decision to return to Equestria and face her former mentor after so many years. *Special thanks to SuperPinkBrony12 for collaborating and editing.