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  1. True, but Everfree Northwest should be an unofficial con. They specialize in allowing kids to be first in line for panels; be the unofficial fanfiction hub for the fandom and is a non-profit organization.
  2. So, with the news that Nightmare Nights in Dallas is ending, it brings about the question of which Conventions will go long into the future. The only way the circuit is going to survive for the foreseeable future is that the market has to consolidate to a few official cons, maybe 5 or 6 long term. Any other cons will need to either come back every other year or just go for one year and then go into the history books. These proposed long term cons are: 1. Bronycon in Baltimore, MD 2. Everfree Northwest in Seattle, WA 3. BABSCon in San Francisco, CA 4. Trotcon in Columbus, OH 5. Galacon in Ludwigsburg, Germany What do you think?
  3. It's very expensive for a Brony Con to get a convention center treatment. Hotels are the only cheap way to go. All I can say is be happy with what you have.
  4. Miami does not have a con and would probably be expensive. I think that to attract families, I would go more towards Fort Myers/Sanibel Island, which is about a short drive.
  5. What does OCCC? Orange County Comic Con?
  6. Well, some more proposed con ideas are: 1. Applewood Derby in Indianapolis, IN (would make for a good racing theme con themed around the Applewood Derby) 2. Steel Pony Con in Pittsburgh, PA 3. Phoenix Pony Con in Phoenix, AZ 4. High Roller Pony Con in Las Vegas, NV 5. Canterlot Congress in Washington, DC metro area 6. Sacramento Pony Con in Sacramento, CA 7. Southwest Florida Pony Con in Fort Myers, FL 8. Alamo Pony Con in San Antonio, TX 9. Music City Pony Con in Nashville, TN 10. Motor City Pony Con in Detroit, MI
  7. Twilight should NOT have scolded Flurry Heart like that. Well, yeah, somepony could have gotten hurt, but do you think Flurry Heart is going to understand that right away? It takes time! Yes, I know I like Twilight, but Flurry Heart is only a BABY for crying out loud. She lost her favorite toy and Twilight was so caught up with being at the hospital that she didn't even pay any attention. Watching over a child is the top priority of any responsible adult. Heck, I love Twilight, she's my favorite character, but she was a complete idiot in this episode. If she had any common sense, she should have sent Spike to the hospital in her place and remained at the castle with Flurry Heart. Of course, she did just that at the end, but that is absolutely no excuse for what happened leading up to it. I will confess that I am a sensitive individual who has gotten upset to the point of crying after being yelled at. It bugs me greatly and I could strongly sympathize with Flurry Heart. I mean, if I had lost a favorite toy, would my caretaker be so kind enough as to drop whatever she was doing and help her find it? Twilight, you are bound to have a bad episode and this is it, unfortunately.
  8. To be honest, Las Vegas is a VERY expensive city to host a convention in. I do give the Bronies of Las Vegas a valiant effort to at least TRY and host a brony convention, but it just doesn't seem possible.
  9. I think its Grogar who's going to be the villain.
  10. Spoiler

    I have a pretty strong feeling that it will be a Grogar and Chrysalis team up. DUN DUN DUN!
  11. There is also Babscon in San Francisco.
  12. They have Midwest Bronyfest. Here are some honorable mentions: 1. Charlotte, North Carolina: Home to NASCAR, it makes sense to have a Ponyville Derby-themed convention. 2. Cancun, Mexico: Would be ideal for Spring Break, but it would have to be family friendly. 3. Sacramento, California: DustyKatt would approve and it would be a good alternative to BABSCon. 4. Washington, DC: A likely candidate for an "Equestrian Summit" theme. 5. Brussels, Belgium: Neighbors with Amsterdam and would be a good compliment to Hearth's Warming Con. 6. Toronto, Canada: Most populated city in North America needs a convention. 7. San Juan, Puerto Rico: We need a convention in the Caribbean, enough said. 8. Louisville, Kentucky: Makes sense with the horse theme. 9. Reno, NV: Would serve as a good alternative to Las Vegas. 10. Athens, Greece: Since there are Greek elements in MLP:FIM, why not?
  13. There is Nightmare Nights in Dallas and Fiesta Equestria in Houston, you know.
  14. I've already pre-registered upon seeing this. However, I am hoping and praying that Las Vegas hosts a respectable convention in a proper manner that is worthy of Brony Convention standards.
  15. Ah, Brony Conventions, the meat of the Brony Fandom where Bronies come together to spread the magic of friendship with charity auctions, cosplayers, artists, vendors, etc. There are plenty of cities that have conventions, but this is a list with the cities that are capable or deserve a brony conventions. This is my top 10, but feel free to throw in your suggestions as well. 1. Boston, Massachusetts/Providence, Rhode Island: As a native New Englander and someone that lives very close to Hasbro Headquarters, nothing would impress me more than to have a convention to be held in New England. Most likely a hotel in Boston or the Rhode Island Convention Center in Downtown Providence would be a good location. 2. New Orleans, Louisiana: The former home of DerpyCon South. New Orleans would be an ideal location, especially for people interested in Mardi Gras and Jazz Music. Furthermore, a Charity auction would give the city a huge boost of confidence in the years after Hurricane Katrina. 3. Orlando, Florida: In a city which is home to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, a Brony convention would sort of break up the mold. If there is a convention in Orlando, it should follow the same formula as Equestria LA in Anaheim, CA and be located near Disney World. 4. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: With Fillycon in Philadelphia making its mark in Eastern Pennsylvania, it makes perfect sense that Pittsburgh hosts a Brony convention. 5. London, England: This would be something that the British Bronies would enjoy, especially since the London ExCel center would be an ideal location or the Hilton Doubletree hotel next door. Plus, London has so many attractions that would keep people busy if they want to get away from the convention. 6. Paris, France: Much like London, Paris would be another ideal location with its history serving as a magnet to attract Bronies to the City of Lights. 7. Shanghai, China: I know that Project Seapony is happening in Thailand, but how about China? Especially in one of China's largest. 8. Hong Kong, China: They always say that Hong Kong is east meets west, so why not? 9. Seoul, South Korea: I don't know how big the fandom is in South Korea, but I am sure that there is. 10. Belfast, Northern Ireland: Would be ideal for people travelling through London/Heathrow and for Titanic enthusiasts in general.