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  1. ... jingle, jingle, jingle... *leaves you a Marcus Bobblehead* ... jingle, jingle, jingle...

  2. "I'm givin' up on love, cause love's given up on me."

    1. Clockwork Chaos

      Clockwork Chaos

      What makes you say that, man?

    2. Fire Lily

      Fire Lily

      "I gave it everything I had and everything I got was bad." from the same song, Kerosene by Miranda Lambert.

      Seriously though, everytime I find someone something always goes wrong somewhere. The big three are, I get cheated on, I'm too high maintenence, or they missed the memo that I'm a guy then want nothing to do with me. So I've decided to give up completely.

    3. Clockwork Chaos

      Clockwork Chaos

      i've been there man. Honestly, i've been a bitter ball of "fuck it. no one's for me". eventually it'll pass :) and you'll laugh at yourself for thinking this way ^^

  3. Well I'm not going to hold my breath, especially since having more powerful hardware than a ps4 probably doesn't take much anymore since the ps4 was released a couple years ago. I would like a reason to get a nintendo console again though, especially if they end up getting some of those third party games. I couldn't really justify getting a Wii U just for Splatoon and a couple other games.
  4. Not sure why getting people to play a game with me that they already have is so hard.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Fire Lily

      Fire Lily

      Destiny for PS4. I want to get the DLC but have nobody to play it with so I can't get it. All my friends already have it.

    3. Seamore Sandwich

      Seamore Sandwich

      I have it on XboxOne. I don't have a PS4. If I did I would play it with you.

    4. Fire Lily

      Fire Lily

      well that doesn't help me at all..

  5. I feel like I should probably update mine since it's been a while. After doing some soul searching i feel mine got quite messy. Turns out gender fluid, demi-bi sexual is really hard to explain to the majority of people. Basicly the I'm really fluid when it comes to me feeling like a guy/girl. I tend to lean towards girl but sometimes guy hits me like a train. And to explain the demi-sexual thing, it basically means I need a lot of attention/bonding to make the relationship work before it goes to any other level. Urbandictionary does a really good job of explaining it actualy. I pretty much need to friendzone people to decide if I want to date them or not.
  6. I've been interested in playing Destiny again...but I don't have Taken King yet because I don't have a fireteam to play it with and I don't feel like going through the whole story alone.
  7. I have it on ps4, don't really play it much anymore though since I don't really have anyone to play with.
  8. "Yeah well you're full bat, so at least you can hang out with other bat ponies, being half and half is just kind of...different I guess. And I'm not that pretty." She added in that last part with a blush and quickly took a bite to try to hide it. "What do you mean about being in my hooves?" She said looking more interested. "Well it doesn't really increase my flying ability more than any other bat ponies I'd say. It's more or less that I can stand on clouds for a while, not long enough for a proper nap like most pegasi like to do but long enough to keep things fun at least."
  9. I think it's pretty safe to say I'm dropping out at this point, I've missed way too much and it looks like Dashian was throwing in another one of his characters so you guys still have 4, thanks anyway.
  10. might have to drop out. I had to be off for a day because of personal reasons and everything happened while I was gone.
  11. I'm not going to go this year unless my cousins invite me. in the event they do however I'll proably wear my Sweetie Belle cosplay because 1. nobody around here has heard of bronies and 2. I was unable to go to any cons this year so it has gone completely unused.
  12. "Well I mostly wear it because a lot of ponies around here don't like bat ponies very much. i also got made fun of a lot when I was little, so I try to hide it." She said while still staring at the table. She much prefered to tell ponies in her own way. She moved a little in her seat looking like she was going to go but sat back down. "I prefer to tell ponies myself though usually. It's kind of hard to explain. I'm half pegasus and half bat. I just look like my mother." She hesitantly took a bite of her food. She looked up at Cresent "I guess it comes down to the whole I never really fit in anywhere thing. "
  13. Finally figured out my port forwarding issues. Now if only I had people on steam to play with.

  14. LIly stared at mist blankly. "Well honestly I'm not quite sure how exactly I'm going to get up there. I can't fly in this coat but I can't exactly leave it behind either, because of reasons." She said while looking down with a slight blush. "I'm not sure you're strong enough to carry me up there though, so do you have any ideas?"
  15. I don't know how to act my age. I've never been this old before.

    1. Freikorpist Jonas
    2. Seamore Sandwich

      Seamore Sandwich

      Acting your age isn't much fun anyway. But one quote I like is "it's not the years in your life that matter, it's the life in your years."