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  1. Feel free to put as much fan art as you want! I love seeing it!
  2. I'm speechless!!! OMG THIS IS AMAZING!! you even got our personalities correctly! Flash Forward is a lot more excitable and I am more calm. You did so well!
  3. I'm just going to stick to computer games for now. the only consoles i have are the ps2, computer, nintendo64, gamecube, and the DSi. i have no idea how to record ANY of those except the computer. XD
  4. Hey guys, I have no idea what game I should play for my YouTube. Any suggestions?
  5. Absolutely! And I'm glad you contributed! /)
  6. Holy crap, dude! This is AMAZING!!!!! FjtsgbjggcsscbjkikgascvbfnidtjvdavjmbfjnfnnddsxOH SWEET CELESTIA, I'M DYING FROM CUTENESS!!!!!
  7. Can you do one of my pony? You are really good, btw.....
  8. And if you guys want, you can put us together in some art. I like it a lot! I actually would like some more art from you. (if you want to.)
  9. Nope! Anyone can submit at any time. Like I've said before, this forum will always be open to those who wish to make art. If you do, please leave your YouTube name, DeviantArt name, ect. (Whatever you want to be credited by.)
  10. Absolutely! You all really suprise me with your art skills!
  11. Um..... This forum is for someone to draw my OC.... I have no idea how to make YouTube channel art.... Sorry.
  12. Holy crap, dude! That's really good!!!! Thank you for contributing! Everyone here is so good at art!!! Seriously, man! The stuff you all do is amazing!
  13. I'm really excited!!!! I can't wait for Saturday!
  14. Holy crap dude.... You're amazing! You're art style is ABSOLUTELY up to par!
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