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  1. Honestly, Assassin's Creed has been on a lot of people's poopoo lists lately because of Unity (which I find hilarious how one game ruins it for people), but Syndicate has impressed me COMPLETELY. The only issue I have with Syndicate is the lack of you guessed it... MODERN DAY PLOT The only real amount we get is these cutscenes that, all together, are generally around 40 minutes. If you enter (spoilers:) the World War I time rift and complete it, you learn some stuff about the First Civilization, or the Isu, which is their actual name. Juno speaks about how she was sealed, and how she failed with Aita, etc. I am almost to the end of the game, and I heard the ending is horrendous, so please cover any ending details in a spoiler tab! Let me know who you like better - Jacob or Evie? I prefer Evie. EVIE or JACOB
  2. I'M BACK, SON! After almost a year of being inactive, I have returned. Mwahahahaha.

  3. Omg, that is my second favorite game trailer of all time. AC diehard here! My favorite is AC Unity's Story Trailer.
  4. Hoping AMC isn't removed from DirecTV...I wanna be up to date with Better Call Saul

  5. I don't play Halo a lot, so I had forgotten about shields. lol
  6. Spider-Man wins hands down. D-stroke may have superior intellect, but that doesn't mean anything in this battle, since Spider-Man is still smart and fast, and also just as stealthy. It'd prove a good match, but Spider-Man's super strength could still beat D-stroke into a pulp.
  7. Attack on Titan is so overrated, and this took it too far. It's going to make AoT look great, but it's going to make Spider-Man look very bad...I'm very offended in a way, because of how Spider-Man is going to be in this crossover. Make it Thor or some bullcrap. Or maybe Hulk! Wouldn't people love to see Hulk fight a Titan?
  8. I've been so hyped for AC this year, well, I'm hyped every year. I'm a huge fan.
  9. Spider-Man hands down. His webbing can not only dragged Master Chief straight back down to the ground, but he could even web swing up to Master Chief and beat the crap out of him because Spider-Man's strength is superb, and he can lift up to 10 tons, so Spider-Man can win very easily.
  10. I've always hated CoD, but when Advanced Warfare came out, I was very impressed with the big change.
  11. Cesare Borgia was an amazing boss battle. The ending of the battle was satisfying to throw him off the cliff.
  12. Here's to hoping they DON'T try doing that, because it would be so incorrect in time with Arrow and The Flash taking place in current day (2014), and Gotham being pretty far back in time since everyone has old style vehicles and flip phones. It'd be utterly ridiculous to tie-in with those two but I'd have called it.
  13. Gotham has recently announced their additions of Scarecrow and Harvey Dent for the show in the near future. Now, if you know Batman mythology, you'll realize that most villians (except Cobblepot) don't appear until after Batman begins his Caped Crusader career. Batman is supposed to leave, train, then return to Gotham, fight the mob, and then these villians begin their rise to power. I understood Catwoman (cat "WOMAN") being a teenager at this time, but now it''s getting ridiculous. I know it's not necessarily canon, but I can't be the only one bothered, right? I just wish it would be true to the comics.
  14. Quality has kind of dropped. I only watch their 2nd Channel now.
  15. Breaking Bad: The Game. Such a good game, it doesn't even exist yet.