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  1. I thought of making a party pony but I need your help so I can make him better. I've already thought of a name and a cutie mark for him but I'm lacking on mane and tail. Here's the oc, what can I do to improve him to be a better oc? (Note that I used generalzoi oc creator to review before drawing it out)
  2. I have a pale mark on the side of my stomach
  3. honestly, i would punish her by giving her hugs and tell her i forgive her a bunch of times. I would never try to be hard on her even if you convince her to be on the good side.
  4. Well when I was at a convention in October, i was roaming around the vendor hall to find my girlfriend a bday present. I saw this Pinkie Pie poster and I thought it would be perfect. So after that, I thought maybe I should get it signed so I spent $80 to get it signed by Vincent (Flash), Brenda (Zecora), Kelly (Starlight), Sibsy (Storyboard), and M.A Larson. Plus I ran into some Youtuber bronies like BronyDanceParty, Silver Quill, DustyKatt, and a couple of Rainbow Dash presents writer and VA. I ended up spending about $90 at the con and got a couple of things myself but my main target was presents for my girlfriend
  5. i do believe in God and Jesus so yes i do believe there is a heaven, i believe that God prepared a home for us
  6. 1 more week til Nightmare Night Dallas, i'm excited

  7. I'm excited about next week ^^ i get to go to Nightmare Nights Dallas and get to cosplay as my oc and hoping i can get my gf a bday gift from the convention
  8. My oc admires everyone ^^ but mostly his gf
  9. I honestly don't listen to rap unless its Epic Rap Battle or mlp but if it's mlp included, then its MicTheMicrophone
  10. my heart going towards France completely, I really hope we can get rid of those terrorist
  11. I bought a Big Macintosh plushie with Sonata Dusk's autograph on his hoof for my girlfriend ^^
  12. probably over $500 since I spent $300 at a pony convention plus alot of stuff from hot topic, Hastings, and my job