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  1. I thought of making a party pony but I need your help so I can make him better. I've already thought of a name and a cutie mark for him but I'm lacking on mane and tail. Here's the oc, what can I do to improve him to be a better oc? (Note that I used generalzoi oc creator to review before drawing it out)
  2. I have a pale mark on the side of my stomach
  3. Hey Sony, can you repair my PlayStation?

    1. Sony
    2. The Demon

      The Demon


      Nice to meet you.

    3. Sony


      Nice to meet you :)

  4. honestly, i would punish her by giving her hugs and tell her i forgive her a bunch of times. I would never try to be hard on her even if you convince her to be on the good side.
  5. Well when I was at a convention in October, i was roaming around the vendor hall to find my girlfriend a bday present. I saw this Pinkie Pie poster and I thought it would be perfect. So after that, I thought maybe I should get it signed so I spent $80 to get it signed by Vincent (Flash), Brenda (Zecora), Kelly (Starlight), Sibsy (Storyboard), and M.A Larson. Plus I ran into some Youtuber bronies like BronyDanceParty, Silver Quill, DustyKatt, and a couple of Rainbow Dash presents writer and VA. I ended up spending about $90 at the con and got a couple of things myself but my main target was presents for my girlfriend
  6. i do believe in God and Jesus so yes i do believe there is a heaven, i believe that God prepared a home for us
  7. 1 more week til Nightmare Night Dallas, i'm excited

  8. I'm excited about next week ^^ i get to go to Nightmare Nights Dallas and get to cosplay as my oc and hoping i can get my gf a bday gift from the convention
  9. My oc admires everyone ^^ but mostly his gf
  10. I honestly don't listen to rap unless its Epic Rap Battle or mlp but if it's mlp included, then its MicTheMicrophone
  11. my heart going towards France completely, I really hope we can get rid of those terrorist
  12. I bought a Big Macintosh plushie with Sonata Dusk's autograph on his hoof for my girlfriend ^^
  13. probably over $500 since I spent $300 at a pony convention plus alot of stuff from hot topic, Hastings, and my job