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  1. Hey Konoha, are you still using mlp forums, send me a pm to let me know. See ya XD.

  2. Out of all the games I've played that have taught me anything, the best one would be The Last of Us. When you play this game, it is more of an emotional journey. People die, people sacrifice, innocent people have their normal lives taken. When I completed that game, I sat through the whole credit roll, thinking about my life so far, and how this game has taught me many factors. The one main thing TLOU will teach you is how to let go of the past, and what it's like to lose someone. The BIGGEST thing is that you have to lose something to achieve another. The second best would be Red Dead Redemption, mainly because it seems to teach about self-redemption and honor, and how you can go from one of the most horribly-known outlaws to a good guy. Quite an emotional and unforgettable story, but not as great as The Last of Us.
  3. I've been gone for a while. Anyway, I've been playing some real intresting games lately that have come out since January. My favorite is The Last of Us. I'm sure some of you have others in mind. So here's a question; Which games do you personally nominate for Game of the Year? I nominate The Last of Us, God of War: Ascension and NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3. If you think about it, there isn't really a ton of choices.
  4. Hey KonohaLegend, how was the game called The Last Of Us? was it fun?

  5. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites in my butt Ghosts 'n' Stuff in my butt Summit in my butt Reptile in my butt Right in my butt
  6. OH MY GOD, THANK YOU! safdghfgjh Finally another person who agrees on The Last of Us being their top favorite!! You are awesome, indeed!
  7. My favorite game EVER used to be Kingdom Hearts II, and it was my favorite for six years, but then I met the heavenly... amazing... unbelievably emotional game known as... THE LAST OF US. I'm sorry, KH, but I instantly fell in love with this game when it was announced at VGA 2011, and mainly because it's made by my number one favorite gaming company: Naughty Dog. Though Ubisoft used to be my number one favorite.
  8. Aw, man. I forgot God of War: Ascension. Technically I would add it, but it wasn't as great as God of War III. I think all of the games shared on this post are great.
  9. I think Sonic Generations and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon were pretty good. The Spiderman game was alright.. I've yet to play Portal 2, but I know it's amazing. I've seen Cry and PewDiePie play it alot.
  10. I hate the fact that you don't like Red Dead Redemption, but I'll deal because you're my friend. I think Saints Row 2 was alright, but Saints Row: The Third was way more beastier.
  11. I know I put God of War: Ascension recently on this topic, but yesterday I finally beat The Last of Us. It's pretty much the first mature game this year, and it's way more mature than Call of Duty. I don't understand how people like those games anymore.
  12. Alright, hopefully this is a good topic: I've seen some pretty amazing games since the beginning of the second decade of the 2000s (as in 2010), and I think it'd be a good idea to list my favorites. I'll provide names and pictures for it. The Last of Us: Red Dead Redemption: Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception: Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMIX: Heavy Rain: The Walking Dead: Final Fantasy XIII-2:
  13. Well, I can note a few games that I thought were absolutely terrible and an abomination to the gaming industry. I will just provide pictures.
  14. I didn't get raped, it was just more like the weird gang-beatup of all time. And then that ONE Firefly had to throw that bomb, didn't he? A-hole.
  15. So, Friday I got The Last of Us, and I must say, the story was unbelievable. I beat the game on Survivor difficulty, and many points of the game made me cry. I liked the many surprises and the couple of plot twists in the game. Anyway, to the main topic, I think that the Multiplayer was pretty epic. The multiplayer seems like Dead Island (but with humans) and Call of Doody put together (cause you can manually cover instead of pressing a button, and you just crouch). And YES, I TEABAG ON THERE ALOT. I TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE CROUCHING OPTION. Anyway, yesterday I ran into a building and starting punching the flying crap out of a Firefly, which resulted in another one coming and double teaming with that Firefly on me! Soon enough, before I was gonna die, one of my Hunter teammates came to the rescue and started punching them, and then another, and then another. I hadn't died because everyone kept pressing X from time to time to bandage little by little. Then the only Firefly that wasn't there threw a bomb and blew us ALL up. "Awkwardest orgy ever." I said. SPOILER ALERT: I still can't believe David was such a creeper and tried to rape Ellie. Creepy, much?