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  1. Am gonna chill out of this forums

  2. Half arab, half Russian and am proud of it

  3. you will not hurt applejack, not on my watch
  4. "you're my love, you're my life, i'll wipe your tears when you cry, i'll give you all the love you'll ever need, applejack.....i.......i love you............"

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    2. Deathstroke


      You really think so?

    3. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      Of course ! Love is always beautiful x)



    4. Nuke87654


      It is, it truly is :')

  5. I should stop doing what i do............

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    2. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      You should do that what makes you happy pony ! x) Because being happy is quite good feeling C:

    3. Deathstroke


      I just wish someone draw my OC with applejack and this feeling might leave me alone

    4. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      I wish I could draw so I could make other ponies happy :|

  6. And the funny thing is, it says "connecting to advanced warfare SERVERS"

  7. I have discovered a thing in xperia z3

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    2. Deathstroke


      Now i got to put the second casing that comes with the phone

    3. Nuke87654


      Seems more like a way to force consumers to pay for that flaw to be fixed.

    4. Deathstroke


      Nah, it's just that the casing was covering a speaker so the sounds might be low, especially ringtones

  8. I think i'll turn into an Arabic assassin, give me money and i'll work for ya
  9. Got mah sony xperia z3! :D

  10. I swear if anyone says applejack i'll have your ass for it! Ya hear!!? :okiedokielokie: On topic though, octavia might be my favourite
  11. My sony xperia z3 is going to come soon! :D

  12. "i always loved you, i am always comfortable near you my love, your smile is like heaven, you're such a sweet and loved mare, i love you, applejack, don't you ever forget that."

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    2. Deathstroke


      Is it romantic? or emotional? Because i already said i'm not the romantic type guy :/

    3. Spreelly


      Well it's sweet really

    4. Spreelly


      Apple Jack would be your mare if she wasn't married to her job

  13. G'night ya'll, see ya when i wake up ;)