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  1. Called it that because I’m tired of saying database. Idea I floated around was to have four categories A Species/Beastiary Section A Locations Section A “Historically Significant” Events Section A Magic / Arcana / Artifacts Section Im not entirely sure how this should be laid out but I’m leaning toward @Fhaolan opinion on having a wiki style system where anyone can propose changes
  2. Just tossing this in as a place holder.
  3. Someone mentioned family. For that I have a slightly different solution I am considering. For now I will add a basic field like the Friends one.
  4. For now creating an "Other" option and adding a box under is a better solution. Human and Abyssinian was added.
  5. Whatever they want to do in RP really. It is forum based RP that is heavily influenced on back and forth storytelling that rolls, maps, and stats. Now, I have a feeling you were talking about the traditional character sheets centered around a full tabletop style RP system. That is coming, complete with an open source VTT (screw Roll20! I need DM's to have control) and full character sheets based on specific systems (D&D, Ponyfinder/Pathfinder to start, along with a blank system). That's my baby and I have been laying the groundwork for that in the system as I go along. You made a comment in my suggestions thread about a full RP system, with a legit rule book. I intend to make you my barometer on whether it is usable when it comes out.
  6. That is how the Friends section already is for OC Characters This was increased to 10 characters. Anything more can be communicated easily within the Appearance Block For now I can't do that because of where I am going with these fields later. These aren't species though. Sure! This is being done the next time I am in the DB.
  7. Okay before you all panic NORMAL ROLEPLAY IS NOT BEING CLOSED. DON'T WORRY! There, now that I hopefully saved you an anxiety moment, the RP team is starting to commence on a full rework of Equestrian Empire. For those that don't know, the two main RP Sections are Everfree and Equestrian Empire (informally abbreviated EqE). Everfree is the standard RP system here, with a more open framework of roleplays you can conduct. EqE is a different experience. In general Equestrian Empire is built around the framework that the roleplays and interactions within it are designed to feel as if they could happen on the show within the show's proper canon. Most of the rules and system were built with that in mind. However, over the years the barrier to entry and fun may have been too overwhelming for most, and technical limitations made it hard to manage for staff and users. The idea and concept is solid though, and the World Cup event is proof positive how much fun can be had in a canon RP environment. So we we are rolling up our sleeves and starting on the redesign of Equestrian Empire with a focus on making it easier to jump in, have fun, more immersive, organized, and not a nightmare to maintain. I am always hesitant to share details because things have been promised before and not delivered, but along with streamlined process these are the features that are being implemented currently New Canon Character / OC Application System Canon Character NPC System Event RP's planned and DM'd by staff New RP Staff roles Addition of villain characters A renewed focus on Adventure RP's as well as the traditional SoL Robust and user editable RP Lore and Beasiary A more eye pleasing and organized layout for the location based RP More DM based controls over your RP and OOC Topics A new use for the Awards system to allow the acquisition and use of artifacts in an RP A bit more than I am willing to mention. In order to prepare for setting this up the right way, and considering that EqE is practically without any activity, that entire RP section for it will be closed effective tomorrow. We will be considering migrating existing and more active RP's into the new system, so if you have a favorite in there, let me know. Pony on!
  8. I just tried to play with that idea, and it hits a wall for two reasons, mostly due to general database limitations, as well as built in limitations with how fields can be set up with IPB. Multiple datatypes is not really permitted (for obvious reasons), and the URL datatyple only allows you to enter a URL without displaying it as text so you would have a list that looks like instead of Character 1 Character 1 Character 1 Character 1 Though there is a way around this, it would be basically creating a brand new datatype within IPB that won't break when we update the software. I'll toss this under "wish list"
  9. I'm making little tweaks here and there. There is now something that will show if a character sheet is currently being worked on or actually done. I removed the character image label, second magic spell field.
  10. Jeric


    Changed Equestrian Empire Approved to Yes
  11. Jeric


    Yeah, that is the default display class but CKE keeps overriding it so .... ipsType_dark may be what I do for default for uniformity for now
  12. Jeric


    Text color issues again! IPB you make it so hard for me to be happy!
  13. For age I think the preferable option would be to make it optional and that way if it’s a strange situation where someone can’t enter a number as a value they can use the Appearance Edit Box. Or a secondary box below it for textual description. Some of these fields staff may need for .... um .... filtering purposes for larger event driven roleplays. I want to keep spells somewhat confined for now until I figure out a way to present it. We have a few nifty ideas. I can tell you that the Canon Characters absolutely will be using single spell fields, but they have a slightly different sheet anyway, as will the VTT sheets. This is kinda being used as a General Feedback thread. I am not sure why IPS built notifications as a one time setting. There may be a configuration I missed
  14. Hm. We will look over other options and such and let you know. I actually may just add an full editor block below each spell.
  15. You! I like you! Mayo is an abomination from the 7th circle of Walmart
  16. I also have to play around with the properties a bit because of the lovely circular frame is independent of the other ACP controls, which I am honestly fine with. But yeah I'll def yoink them
  17. And all of this is super flexible. I was just planning most of this out on my own for a bit so .... please let me know what works, doesn't, and can be modified.
  18. The rule system can actually do this to a degree yes. Meaning "If $Topic created in x forum, create topic in y forum with z title." This its all about finding a constant of each and a bot can post a link in each. Will take a few linked rules. Eventually sub tabs will be a thing. Well, they will be independent forums but will just look like sub tabs. All of the "locations" in the clubs area are actually forums with a legit forum #. So its like doing that but also a level deeper if that makes sense. Yeah. Though I almost want to have "Allied Nations" and "Ethereal Planes" as separate sections Yes. I mean they can be set to open, closed or private, but the idea is to join when you are engaging in an RP in that area.
  19. Based on how much work went into them it would be a shame if we didn't use the information. And yes a wiki styled page is where we are going with approval needed
  20. To start it is to be used as a replacement for Equestrian Empire. I am thinking that we'll eventually reorganize EvE into something more expansive That was actually going to be a question I was going to toss up to you experienced types. I mean, is there any reason that EQG shouldn't be a "Region" in EqE? Especially at this point I am not quite sure. I want to list characters that "live" in these areas. Characters that you could likely run into Correct.
  21. Ish. It's actually going to be a custom home page when I'm done.
  22. 06/23/19 Original Character Sheets are Up! You will find them in the navigation bar and menu, but here is a link to The fixed character sheets. I made some changes to the fields in this, so please let me know any feedback on fields that should be changed, added, or removed. Any bugs you find, etc. The list of species is not yet comprehensive so if you need one added let me know. I am going to implement a Sheet Change Request Form so that you guys and request specific changes as you need them. Also keen observers will notice that there is a Canon Character DB. I haven't separated permissions, but before you jump in and start adding your favorite characters, please me aware that unlike OC Sheets, that is going to be staff curtated, so any entries will be programmed to be transferred to the RP Character Librarian. If you can find it, go ahead and have some fun. Just don't get all "Dis mines don't touch" because I have plans for the Canon Character Sheets. A full breakdown will be posted shortly, I just wanted to get this out to you all today. 06/20/19 As you guys know I have flooded this section with vague news on RP. I realized that I need to have a general update thread to explain what is going on at the moment since some changes are directly impacting current roleplays. As I had mentioned previously the Character DB was basically rendered useless and garbage. All attempts to try and fix it either didn't work or made it so much worse. I had to make the call a bit ago to recreate the database. That is what is happening now. I locked the old one several days ago so no new characters can be added to it, and characters can not be edited. You can still view them though. When the database opens again there will be some fun changes to it, and it will be much for user friendly and readable. The general idea is to eventually provide you a standard character sheet that will allow you to customize your character's experiences in RP as you actually participate in new roleplays building a living history of your interactions in the world. There will be multiple databases as well, but we'll touch on that in a later post. Also, some extremely old roleplays will be moved into an archive forum to clean up the area. Basically anything that hasn't been touched this year is being put into the archive. YOU WILL STILL BE ABLE TO SEE THEM. If you want to revive it, just reach out to one of RP staffers (Or an Admin) and we can put it back into live RP. More to come later.
  23. Things to do in this area. Fix the language elements left over from the World Cup like Coaches and Teams. Continue adding the RP areas. Add an icon for each region (need to decide which theme we should use) Build the homepages (wireframe needed)