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  1. I'd like to reiterate that I'm happy that Sunset appeared during the montage at the end, her and Flash Sentry.
  2. Characters like Spike and Applejack have had incarnations throughout the generations so I expect them to receive incarnations for generation five as it would be a tradition at this point. As for others... I'd love another incarnation of Sunset Shimmer so that she can appear in the main show as opposed to a spin-off.
  3. It begins once again but it looks like this time things will be different.
  4. So that's what happened with that particular rank--the Kirin one. Good to see that it has finally been unleashed. What is the remaining rank? I don't know but I suppose we will find out soon enough.
  5. We must remain strong if we are to keep this fandom going. I really like this one and would love to see it in colour. Time for a suggestive image now though my interest is geared towards the Switch that Sunset is holding. I'm sure I don't need to tell you what game she is playing unless you've been living under a rock for a couple of years. Sunset and Pinkie Pie. Double the Sunset goodness. Sunset and Sci-Twi. And again. I forgot that I had added this one to my catalog until I saw it over on Equestria Daily a couple of days ago. Anyway, this one is suggestive.
  6. Many of the answers Big Jim provided were ones I expected, and yet I appreciate them for what they are, aside from one which I will get to shortly. The fact that they left things up to fan's interpretations and doing so intentionally allows for some interesting discussion to be had. But, it can be dangerous as it could potentially lead into conflict where some people's opinions will clash with others. The one thing I have to take issue with is the time problem. Time constraints have been the bane of MLP and Equestria Girls from the very beginning, and even now at the very end of it all, it remained a consistent problem. I still believe that 'The Ending of the End' would've benefitted from being three parts and either have 'The Last Problem' be two parts or an extended episode so as to not leave anything significant out. Even then, would that have been enough? I think of the epilogue as a what-if scenario myself and this is especially true with season ten being in comic form. Whatever happens in the comics could end up retconning some events in the future or even remove them entirely.
  7. I'm not going to be leaving this fandom any time soon. It's become a huge part of my life and without it, who knows where I would be right now.

    I'd rather not think about that.

    Instead, I must continue to contribute to the fandom--herd--in my own little way, and to give me personal solace.

  8. Legend of Everfree does a better job of utilizing the characters it has at its disposal by allowing everyone to contribute in their own way. Gloriosa also made for a more sympathetic villain as she was trying her best to save the camp only to become consumed by magic she didn't really understand. Also, Sunset shows herself to be a true mentor by guiding Sci-Twi on how to move on past being a monster as both of them put it.
  9. Since you went to all the trouble of bringing this to my attention, I think I'm going to see what you've written.
  10. Well... Sunset did have a cameo. I know that's not what you meant but someone just had to say it out of context. My best memories mainly revolve around Equestria Girls but there are some Friendship is Magic ones to be found. Twilight's Kingdom is still my favourite finale thanks to the epic fight scene that was featured. The epilogue episode is still fresh in my mind which has given me some mixed feelings. A small part of me feels sad knowing that the show is over yet I know that it is what it is and that we must move forward.
  11. This is one of those shipping moments. Sunset wearing a leopard costume. Perhaps a better way to say this would be Sunset is best leopard girl. Tee-hee! Sunset reminds us that fall is now in session. I know this is using a custom vector with a background behind it but I love this one all the same. This suggestive pic of Sunset and Rainbow Dash certainly came out of left field.
  12. I'd have loved seeing all of that.
  13. Makes you wonder what could have been doesn't it? I'm also upset that EQG was never given a chance to end on the right note in that sense.
  14. Now that the show has ended, I'm thinking that it's time for me to resume my MLP fanfiction... finally.

    It's been well over a year, maybe two, since my last story, and I feel the need to resume this again to contribute to the fandom.

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      @Ganondorf8 I'm fine with crossovers and I'm quite the Zelda fan, so I would definitely be interested in it.

      @Bas I don't have it anymore, unfortunately.

  15. So that's how they're going to go about it? I'm okay with this as either way, it means one last portion of Equestria Girls' helpings to wrap up generation four.
  16. Looks like I didn't get any Bingo results on the card I was given months ago. The closest I've gotten is four in a row on a few lines, but it seems that is going to be as close as I can get. Oh well. Not much can be done about it.
  17. The time skip... surprised that MLP would finally have one of these. Granted, it did come at the very end and can be rather jarring to see everyone much older than they were before. However, I can appreciate them wanting to do this as a means of finally ending everything. Unlike the two part adventure that came before this, 'The Last Problem' I feel did do better. How about that? I despised the actual finale and enjoyed this epilogue though it did have some issues. I laughed hard at the coronation because of how absurd and disastrous it got with every passing moment. Twilight should be proud of the fact that she had something that can be best described as unique. The plot of this episode was basically a rehash of Twilight's coming to Ponyville way back at the beginning but with a look back on the coronation and how it shaped what the future became. Twilight's alicorn body is awkward to look at but then it comes with being an alicorn--her friends merely got older in the typical fashion that comes with the territory--but after a while it just felt appropriate. Spike now has a dragon's look which made me happy and it even bears a resemblance to his dreamed form back in season five. The song wasn't all that memorable but I loved seeing so many cameos at the end of it--even Sunset Shimmer was given an honourable mentioning here along with Flash Sentry--so it gets a pass from me. Certain relationships ended up becoming a thing though it was likely to appease the fandom more than anything else. This is a problem with time skips in general. You just see the end result and not what lead us to that moment. Pinkie Pie ended up with Cheese Sandwich. I mean, it was pretty obvious, but it would've been nice to see how they finally got together. The same can be said with Yona and Sandbar. What we have here is show but don't tell which can leave some confused by it. Oh yeah! Gummy is huge! How did that happen!? If he had a growth spurt, it was epic beyond all reasoning. I am surprised the CMC ended up becoming teachers at the school but I really shouldn't as it was hinted at back in season eight that they aspired to do so. Also, we never got a chance to see Celestia and Luna in retirement during this episode. A missed opportunity if there ever was one. That twenty-two minute restriction decided to rear its ugly head one final time. How many years have passed anyway? We never were given any clear indication so I guess all we can do here is, well, guess. By my reckoning, I'm going to say at least thirty years have gone by. Some characters are no longer around at this point while others have aged with new ones appearing on the scene. Had this episode been made into two parts, we could've seen a lot more, yet we should be thankful that we got what we did. Fanfic writers and artists will have a field day with this one for certain. Though this does pose a problem. Season ten could introduce concepts that nullify what 'The Last Problem' resolves. Again, another issue with time skips, the issue of having to retcon events. I do have to mention one important thing here. The final moment of the book closing. I think we all expected this to happen given how everything began with a book opening up. Unfortunately, we didn't get any narration when the book closed, another missed opportunity. Oh well. You can't have everything you know. With this episode, MLP generation four has reached its conclusion barring the comics of course. It was certainly a wild ride filled with all kinds of twists, controversies, moments, and so on. Will it be remembered in a good way? Only time will tell for certain on this front. I liked this final episode, way more than the two episodes that preceded it. Sure, this one had some issues such as the time skip, rehashing, not showing everything, and being susceptible to time constraints, but it was handled in a way that brings about a good conclusion. Perhaps this should've been given top billing instead of the other two episodes of this finale.
  18. Now that I've finally managed to watch these two episodes... I can honestly see why a lot of people didn't enjoy how this all turned out. The whole thing with Grogar pissed me off to no end and I can't believe that they went with that rather than actually having him in person. Guess it's true that low expectations are what you should always strive for as you won't end up disappointed or worse. A three villain team-up wasn't a bad idea but again, you could see it coming from a mile away, and yet it shows that they couldn't get a new villain their props instead reusing the same ones but with some new powers. And their fate felt pretty lackluster. I am glad that they weren't reformed but still, it could've been handled a lot better than what it was. I truly believe that this should have been three parts instead of the usual two. That would've given us a lot more to work with rather than being given incomplete parts here and there that needed explanation so we could understand it better. And don't get me started with the usual character tropes. So many had to be written to the sidelines in order for the Mane Six to ultimately save everyone. So many plot holes, unnecessary moments, and plenty of cringe inducing moments made this really painful for me to get through. I even had to skip Twilight's speech before the magical rainbow laser did its usual thing, again, another predictable moment. However, there were bright moments to be found. Cozy Glow reminds us of just how demented she can be given that she did absorb Discord's magic. Even Pinkie Pie got in on that action, a reference to the comics. Speaking of which, Discord made a reference to Tirek's father. I never expected that though it's a shame that it was merely a throw away line that never got brought up again. I also appreciated the cameos of Tempest Shadow, Queen Novo, Princess Skystar, and a few others. At least they were given proper show vectors so that should give certain artists some neat ideas. I did like those action sequences in addition to the expressions. And yet, this doesn't change the fact that this finale was perhaps one of the weakest we've seen. Again, I understand why this divided the fandom the way it did. Potential was here waiting to be used, yet it wasn't utilized very well and ended up becoming what we got. I'm not going to say that it should be given a re-write or anything like that. This finale is what it is and must be given the proper scrutiny from all sides. My opinion is simply that and nothing more. In the end, how this is received for now and for the future will determine the final fate of MLP. Given how the show staff had to wrap things up, they had to work out making sure they could please as many fans as possible, and knowing full well that doing so would enrage others. A no-win scenario that I wouldn't want anyone to experience. In the end, this finale did not do the show justice and had many problems that ultimately dragged it down. It's sad for me to feel this way but I cannot ignore the obvious. To those who enjoyed it, you deserve that as such. For those who did not, once more, I understand why you feel this way.
  19. The show is ending, but I still have to contribute to this fan club. Sunset with a flower in her mane. Is it adorable? Why yes, and so is her expression. Obligatory Sunset swimsuit image. There was another version of this I could've posted here, but I think it was too suggestive for its own good. This one here is also suggestive but not to the same degree. Even Sunset has to ask this very important question. Sunset and Pinkie Pie. Sunset as a mighty elven warrior... or would she be a mage given her penchant for magic?
  20. I've learned no such lessons given how I'm way older than the intended age demographic for My Little Pony. Granted, I do have a new appreciation for old lessons, and it makes me wonder what could have been had those been around when I was younger. To think that all of this happened to me by sheer accident. Life can be funny like that though in my case it was mired in some tragedy. No... I have no intention of explaining why. Some things are best left unsaid for personal reasons. Also, the title of this thread gave me The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask vibes, minus the 24 hours remaining part.
  21. So Seapony was the next rank? I have to agree with the sentiment others have shared by saying that it's a cute one. Also... only two more ranks remain? I guess in my own imaginary world, there existed an Equestria Girls themed rank. Oh well. It is what it is.
  22. As I've always said, if not for Equestria Girls, I wouldn't have become a part of the fandom. Some accidents can end up being a real pleasure.
  23. Well... Here I go again. There were two versions of this one. I decided to go with the more suggestive of the two. Looks like someone still needs to get herself adjusted to 'late nights'. There were two versions of this one; one with socks and one without. I went with the former. I think you all saw this obvious joke coming a mile away. I'm going to label this as partially classic Sunset.
  24. I must redouble my efforts and do better with the next event. :sunny:

  25. I think the EC's really dropped the ball when it comes to Smile Day, aka Pinkie's special occasion. I know for a fact that I definitely failed to do something for this day--that's my reason for there being no trivia event this time around--which means I must redouble my efforts for the next event that comes along.