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  1. Thuja

    What are your parent's jobs?

    My mom is a family-practice physician and I don't really know what my male parent does since I haven't spoken to him in years.
  2. 2 hours within two days and t was light sleep at that! I need my sleep...
  3. Thuja

    Last bus/train ride you took?

    Last time I took a bus was last weekend to get some supplies for work.
  4. Books, Daydreaming and video games are my escape.
  5. Thuja

    Weight loss tips?

    Just going to throw this out there, do not eat less than you need. It's most likely that your body will begin taking what you need from your muscles instead of your fat so please, don't starve yourself. It's best to ease into a new diet or the first couple of weeks are going to be hell for you, especially if you're used to eating purely processed foods and don't really like eating much fruits and veggies as your new diet demands. I find it fun to try new recipes, maybe you might too? So maybe find recipes you think sound interesting and just go for it. Cooking something new can be challenging but it's fun at the same time, you might enjoy the process of preparing your own food, it'll definitely save on getting take-out and all that. Try to ease yourself into a new pattern so it can feel more natural for you than throwing some hot pockets in the microwave or whatever you prefer to eat. I also suggest you get frozen veggies instead of fresh, if you have a hard time cooking, that is. I find it easier to have frozen instead of fresh because those that I leave in the fridge I might forget about it and it'll just go bad anyways. I don't really know how you cook though, that's just something I've learned over time. I don't know where you live specifically but there's tons of resources online about what you should be eating and if you can, try talking to your doctor to set up an appointment with a nutritionist. If you want to lose weight, it's half diet/half exercise, you can't lose weight as easily if you only depend on exercise alone, you have to consider changing your diet too. One thing I suggest is trying smoothies, you can sneak in a ton of veggies and fruits in it without really noticing. I enjoy making smoothie bowls myself and throwing a bunch of nuts or whatever I have on hand on top of it. You don't necessarily have to do that but if you want to the option's there. If you don't like the taste of certain veggies or fruits, you can always look into how parents sneak fruits and veggies into their children's food, that might be helpful for you? I know how hard it can be to suddenly change your diet so I hope you find success in the new path you're taking!
  6. The sad thing is that people will still vote for him and see his admissions as an non-issue.
  7. Thuja

    What was the biggest scandal at your school?

    This one girl got pregnant in 5th grade(yes, that can happen), her friends were so proud of her even though her parents were pissed and shipped her off to live with her grandma in Florida. I never heard about her after that except through her friends who I didn't like very much. Had a teacher in the 7th grade that was part of the KKK, everyone knew it but no one really did anything about it. He was very proud of that and brought it into the classroom, he wouldn't target the black kids though, mostly mixed kids. Of course the administration didn't believe it and ignored all complaints against him. Wish I remembered his name but I can't, maybe it's better that way. My high school years were rather dull so I don't have much to say about that besides the odd drug dealer or someone smoking weed in the bathroom.
  8. Thuja

    Health The Trans Room

    I didn't really know what transgender was until I was about 19 either. I finally came out to my mom around 2 years ago, haven't spoken to her since, I try to reach out to her sometimes but it seems she just isn't ready for that right now. I won't hold my breathe though, she might never come around to it. She told me that all trans people know they're trans at a young age so I couldn't be trans but I don't think that's right. People might have a feeling about it but not really know how to describe it, they could finally figure out they're trans when they're 12 or when they're 92, everyone's journey is different. I started taking T last year and even something as simple as more body hair has been doing wonders for my confidence. I still have a ways to go in those regards but I'm getting there. For a while though, I regretted not knowing I was trans when I was a kid, it would've made things so much easier and who knows what type of person I would be now? I try not to focus on that though, there's not much I could do about it anyways. I'm not involved much in the community though since I tend to keep to myself so I can't really say much about the trans community.
  9. Thuja

    Food Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescetarian?

    I've found that school provided lunches don't believe in seasoning their food lol. Vegan or vegetarian dishes can be just as seasoned as more "normal" meals, they can also be just as unseasoned as "normal" meals but the problem is that vegan meals need to rely more on seasonings since they can be a bit tasteless unlike resorting to the meat's flavour itself. I agree though, faux meats can be ridiculously expensive but if you learn how to make your own(like seitan) you tend to save a lot of money. Those faux meats are mostly for just a treat or for people who have only recently converted to veganism or vegetarianism. Most people that have been on this particular diet for a while kinda know how to avoid wasting money on faux meats. I've been a vegetarian for a little over a year and I only get faux meat sausages sometimes since I don't really need to eat them anymore since I can make my own seitan sausages for less money than buying already prepared sausages. The prices can be a bit ridiculous!!
  10. Ok so I'll be the first to admit that I have white privilege even though I'm half indigenous(I look white as hell and people tend to be surprised when they learn I'm actually half). To me, privilege is being able to exist in a public or private space without being questioned for it. For example, if I were to check out a house I'll less likely be questioned for it unlike some cases where moc that are just doing their job are reported to the police for doing nothing, really. Or I could just do something and not be questioned about it unlike someone that's a woman or a poc there'll be barriers put up around them making something more difficult even though said thing might be super easy to do. Sometimes women are questioned and they have to fight for the same amount of respect that others get from fellow employees or their clients, now I'm not saying ALL women have to go through this but there's still a barrier put up that can make a job for a woman or poc much more difficult than a cisgender, white, heterosexual man. Privilege is also having your foot in the metaphorical door unlike some people that have to ask someone for the key to open said door. You can be the poorest person in the world but if you're white(in some countries anyways) then you do have privilege. Privilege is something that spans over economic classes, if you're white in a country that has been affected by colonization, you're privileged. Some people may be more privileged than others but even the poorest white person can have more privilege than their poc counterpart. Privilege doesn't only affect the big things like how much you make or where you can live it also affects little things like, again, not being questioned about something, people won't bother you as much if you're doing something questionable. One big example I could think of is the kneeling protests with the NFL. Tim Tebow a couple of years back knelt during the national anthem to protest abortion, he was applauded for doing so and he still probably has his job(don't quote me on that, I don't know if he does since I don't pay much attention to sports) and he didn't get any flak for it. Unlike Colin Kaepernick who knelt to protest police brutality and what did he get? People were burning his jersey, he lost his job, people thought he was disrespecting the flag and the troops and now the NFL wants to consider fining people for kneeling during the anthem. Do you want to know why one is so much more different than the other? Because Tim is a white christian man while Colin is a black man and black men in many parts of the world still have a long way to go to be considered equals. Tim Tebow has white privilege and Colin does not. Now as for the Brony community I'm just going to say this, there are shitty people in every fandom regardless of which fandom it is and I've noticed that most people don't really want to bother with dealing with these people since they can be rather frustrating. Besides, to me at least, it seems like people on this forum don't care about this issue since they don't consider it an issue at all unless someone actually gets threatened. We've got a long way to go as a civilization and if we're not made aware of these issues than it just gets passed down from generation to generation, not being fixed. Now, I'm not trying to start an argument, I just want to put my two cents in. I don't really want to speak for other people since people should have their own voice and be listened to. I'm also a trans man and there are things I have to be more aware of since I don't pass 100% of the time, like for example, what washroom I use or what locker room I use at the gym. Many states and countries have laws against people like me, I'm not a real person in their eyes and I don't deserve to even exist in public, anyone remember the bathroom laws that sprouted up all over the place? In this case, I'm not privileged unlike a cisgender man who could walk right into the men's washroom and not be questioned about it, unlike me where I get weird looks for using either the men's or the women's washroom or it could potentially open me being attacked by someone who is offended by my existence... In any case, my experience is a lot different from other people's so what happens to me might never happen to another person and the other way around. So I can't really speak for everyone on this type of topic and just let people have their own voice on it. Thanks for attending my TED talk.
  11. Thuja

    What are you doing on 'Dooms Day' 12/21/12

    I think I spent it playing DA2? I can't remember it was such a long time ago for me...
  12. Thuja

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    Need to buy a new motherboard but I shouldn't spend money I don't have yet. Don't even think about how you'll spend it.
  13. The only place I seem to visit is either the grocery store or the library since I don't really have the means to travel anywhere.
  14. Thuja

    Health Do you vape?

    Ever since I had to listen to my aunt's nasty smoker's coughs since I was a little kid, I swore off smoking of any kind if the end result is something like that. You do you, though.
  15. Thuja

    Why do you choose life over death?

    Because if I killed myself now, I wouldn't be able to play all the sweet video games that're coming out! I'm usually on the look out for some interesting games so that whenever I feel suicidal I tell myself, "Well, if you do it now, you'll miss (insert random game here)", it's strangely reassuring.