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  1. Thuja

    Do you judge people by their avatar?

    I try not to but sometimes I can't help it.
  2. Thuja

    Names for a futuristic city-state

    What genre will this city take place in? What country? What religion is there?
  3. Thuja

    Sleepy Talk: Temperature

    I prefer 15C-20C for room temperature, it gives me the ability to sleep under blankets without getting too sweaty. I also would be able to crack open my windows and get some fresh air.
  4. Thuja

    Have you ever had that feeling?

    To be honest, I'd rather regret saying something mean instead of festering on something that I felt I should've said. It isn't like I'm running around unfiltered all the time, just sometimes people need to know how I feel about things.
  5. Here's my song of the day, hope everyone enjoys!!  It's from a game called ib, it's pretty good!  Highly recommend it!



  6. Thuja

    What is your favourite type of weather?

    The most ideal day for me would have to be... Cloudy day with slight fog 21C, the fog is dense enough to see slightly ahead of you but you can feel the fog misting your face. I'm sure it would be a nightmare for people driving but it's great to walk through! It's like you're in your own little world, hearing echoes of life around you but not really seeing it except for the occasional headlights from a car. THAT is the best weather to walk a forest trail with, just don't walk around distracted or listening to music with earphones because you never know...
  7. Thuja

    Piercings and Tattoos

    I'm waiting until after I get top surgery to even think about getting a tattoo. I would love to have a bear over my heart and I want to dedicate one arm to nature themed tats and nerdy tats on the other but mostly on my upper arms for now since I also want to get a certain surgery which requires taking some skin from either the forearm or the thigh. I'd also love having some simple tats on my back. I don't really want to get any piercings at this point, there're some pretty cool looking piercings out there and I would love hanging MORE jewelry off of myself, just not interested in it at this time(though I HAVE thought of it). Personally I feel that we're all walking works of art but our skin is a blank canvas. Why spend your life not marking that canvas? I don't really care that the ink starts to look a bit "off" with older tats, that's just the body doing it's thing, it's the memories surrounding it that matter. Even if it wasn't something with great meaning to you, something that was just for the heck of it. People are just judgemental, a lot of cultures still connect tattoos with criminals or you're "ruining yourself" with tattoos(which is a ridiculous thought). I mean, if ear piercings are accepted for the most part, why can't a septum piercing be too? Or something else? I think piercings and tattoos just have all this unnecessary stigma around them but I feel we're chipping it away bit by bit.
  8. When I used to talk to my mom, she used to play a lot of Farmville... I think my male parent isn't interested on having an online presence, my aunt only told me to call/text him if I wanted to contact him.
  9. Thuja

    Dakimakuras what do you think of them?

    I would love to have a daki of Buffaloman from Kinnikuman but I could never find any... One for Rarity would be great!! Nothing too suggestive though.
  10. Thuja

    Any ponies afraid of the dark?

    Not anymore, the only thing I'm scared of in the dark is stepping on the cat.
  11. Thuja

    Visual Art BB Sundae's Gallery

    WOW!!! I love your art, you can definitely see the improvements through-out this topic!!! I hope you never stop drawing!!!!! I'd have to say my favourite ppg is Buttercup, haven't really see the new series but I loved her from the old one!
  12. Thuja

    What's your PRIZED possession?

    My most prized possession is a keychain that I ordered, it's my husband Buffaloman from Kinnikuman. He's doing the jeice pose from DBZ while looking annoyed, it's terribly adorable! Here's a drawing of the thing I ordered, not the keychain itself, it's not the complete thing, just a sketch of him from the artist...
  13. Thuja

    How many tabs do you have open in your browser.

    I currently have 3 tabs open on my computer, if I'm looking for recipes to try over the week, I'll have around 15 tabs open.
  14. Hello, hope everyone is having a good day!  Here's my song of the day, hope you enjoy!!!



  15. Thuja

    How Do You Sleep?

    The med that I take that helps with sleep is Olanzapine(10mg at night), Seroquel never really helped me unfortunately.