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  1. Food Favorite Donuts

    I like timbits, especially the chocolate glaze ones and the apple fritters.
  2. Do you eat healthy?

    I try to eat healthy but I do like to indulge sometimes. For my diet, I try to focus on eating protein, vitamin c and iron since I am deficient in most of those categories...
  3. Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I'm thinking I should go to bed earlier tonight so I can wake up earlier and try going to that tea shop I've been meaning to try...
  4. Worst hater other than anti bronies

    I think the worst time I had was when I was attending this one Community College, I didn't even have a name with these people all they did was call me "The F*ggot". They'd greet me like that, they'd refer to me as that, they'd yell it across the campus at me, etc. This one time I was in class when this one girl said, "Hey, Fa- oh sorry, (insert my old name here)", I brought this up with the campus security and they walked with me across campus one time and hey, surprise surprise, nothing happened and they didn't believe me. I lived in the south at the time so that treatment surprised me in only that it didn't happen sooner... I was also surprised that no physical violence happened, surprised but thankful it didn't come to that, I'm sure glad I moved.
  5. Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    I feel pretty good right now, watching the snow fall and eating some chocolate peanut butter mug cake. It's nice, real nice.
  6. Favorite Tea?

    Simple Chinese Green Tea for me, nothing added to it though and I like my tea on the strong side.
  7. Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I think I should be drawing right now...
  8. Mega Thread How are you feeling right now?

    I feel pretty good, kinda feels like I should've done something today? Just don't know what....
  9. Food What was the last thing you ate?

    I last had a chocolate chip cookie dough protein bar, it was pretty good. I should probably have dinner though....
  10. I'm thinking about getting a custom birthday cake, I might not end up doing it but I feel as though I should. I don't really have anyone to share it with so maybe I'll try getting a small cake.
  11. General Why are Bronies shunned in the real world

    This is why I think that spat between Furries and Bronies should stop. We both get treated the same way by most other fandoms and social groups, why not just come together and form a stronger community? We're pretty much the same thing as one another, appreciating anthropomorphic animals, creating personas to be a part of that or another made-up world. There's also the stereotype for each community that everyone a part of it is some pervert or something. I think it would be beneficial for Furries and Bronies to come together to form a larger group...? I think people outside of the brony community just don't understand nor want to understand the people of this particular group. It's also a social thing, it's just not fitting for a bunch of guys(even though not everyone in this community is a guy) to appreciate something meant for little girls, some people get suspicious of people like us. I also think it depends on the area you live in, like, where I live now is much more open to "alternative" things compared to where I used to live that was really uptight about "alternative" things. I've found that most people don't care what your interests are unless they feel pressure from other people to call something childish or stupid. Which is childish and stupid in and of itself...
  12. Have you ever accidentally hurt someone?

    Accidentally broke a kid's finger when I was younger. Also when I graduated High school, when the cap throwing part came up my cap jabbed someone in the eye. Looked like it hurt too!
  13. How did your parents meet?

    They were both in the Air Force, I assumed they met each other through work or something. I never asked since by the time I was old enough to ask, they were divorced.
  14. Crystal's Spell Shop...thingy

    It's ok, I was just curious, don't force yourself to do something you don't want to do!
  15. What has been the worst meal you ever had?

    Tried making lentils one time and I kept adding different seasonings to it. Didn't add any extra water or anything, just seasonings. Long story short, it was unsurprisingly terrible. I tried making burgers out of it but it tasted just as bad, good thing I had some sauce on hand at that time.