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  1. I know, I just couldn't help myself with that
  2. It's been years since I had this dream but the actual dream rolled along just fine, kinda made me think of a movie or something but the ending... Now that was weird... The end of the dream randomly cuts off and there's these kids singing "chew some gum" and these random items/food would spell out what they were singing showing after one image after another. They just kept singing chew some gum, it was rather odd.
  3. Why expect other people to fill your porn recs with yiff when you can do it by yourself??
  4. Food

    Just had some soup(if you can call it that), still feel hungry though and I don't have any snacks!
  5. It was a bit bizarre, there was an old woman that was with me most of the time that looked like the witch of the waste from howl's moving castle. She was pretty nice though, I think the reason for me to build the ship was to get her off planet.
  6. I had a dream that the world slowly died and only people who could afford a ticket off could leave. So the person I was built a rocket ship out of scraps left over from the wealthy people and tried their best to get as many people on it as possible and left before the world went into another war over what little water and food was available. Unfortunately, the space ship didn't get that far but thankfully it landed on a planet that was livable(still don't know where the wealthy went).
  7. I am! Still can't draw my fursona for the life of me though... Looks terrible, for now
  8. General

    Call me old fashioned but I would like a really nice sword, maybe one that's been enchanted to cut through anything... Or maybe a lightsaber! It would be interesting to have an actual working light saber(I would like one in green k thanks). I think I would mostly like to use it to play with it, I really like the sound effects a light saber has...
  9. I wish I was but not currently..
  10. Veganism isn't just about diet, it's more than that. Instead of just not eating meat, eggs and dairy, you also choose to not buy things that were tested on animals or are an animal by-product in any way. Cruelty-free products and all that.
  11. Still no, I might be a bit lonely right now but I'd rather wade through some of my issues before really getting into a relationship.
  12. General

    Having some tea or coffee afterwards would be a nice way to close the date!
  13. General

    Maybe going to a convention together? It would be even more fun if we were both cosplaying or just enjoying each other's company and perusing the dealer's den.
  14. I regret buying Assassin's Creed 3 and Far Cry 3. I bought AC3 because I was pretty excited to have some Indigenous representation in a game that wasn't like some cowboy's and Indians type of crap and it was nice to finally see a character I could relate to that was half white/half indigenous, like me but I unfortunately couldn't really get into the game. It was buggy and whenever I saved, got off and came back on the game would skip around from chapter to chapter so I easily got lost and gave up because I was fed up with it. I bought FC3 a couple of months ago just to see what all the fuss was about, it was a pretty game but I couldn't really get into that either, I also didn't like the save system for that game either which brought back the feelings I had for AC3 which made me not want to play the game ever again.
  15. I think this pretty much sums up my relationships: I know, I know, it's unhealthy... So it should come as no surprise when I say I'm single.