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  1. Last meal I had: roasted potatoes with veggie chili and nooch sauce on top Last snack: a soft pretzel with some hummus
  2. Thuja

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I'm thinking about some budget stuff.
  3. Just ordered some bok choy and catnip seeds.
  4. Thuja

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I'm thinking about gardening, trying to plan out what I want to plant this year. Think I have a good idea for what I'm going to do.
  5. I'm having a good day today, got a lot done and still need to do some stuff while I'm at it.
  6. Woke up early to play some Stardew Valley this morning, did that for a few hours. Caught up on social medias, cleaned dishes. I'm proudest of cleaning a large amount of my kitchen today!! Cleaned the floors, the counters and even the microwave! Still have a lot of cleaning ahead of me but I think I did good!
  7. Thuja

    Health How well do you sleep?

    It can take me 4 hours to go to sleep, if that gives anyone an idea of how crap my sleep is but I know if I didn't take the meds that I do, I probably wouldn't go to sleep at all. I kinda feel like my sleep is like some sort of puzzle I have to go through every night. Like sometimes it feels like I have to be in an exact position to sleep, or I have to drink a certain amount of water before I go to sleep or a bunch of other things. Doesn't really help that my mind won't shut up sometimes...
  8. There are certain areas of my town that're more dangerous than others but there isn't much in terms of major crime. You might get the odd homeless person having a meltdown in the middle of the street but there hasn't been a murder in a few years. Where I live, this is a retiree town so there's a lot of old people here, not saying there's no crime here or else people wouldn't need to lock their doors. There's still a lot of domestic disputes and it's never a good idea to walk alone in the dark regardless of if you're a man or woman. A few years ago this one guy climbed up the brick wall of
  9. Thuja

    Health Dry hands?

    Try reading the labels of the hand lotions you get, I've noticed that certain alcohol ingredients tend to dry my hands out quicker. Look for oil based lotions instead, something with a lot of shea butter in it. There are certain scented lotions that are complete beasts when you put them on before going to bed, look for whipped body butters on Etsy and you'll find some really great shops and it's a good idea to put those on before bed and when you wake up those hands will be nice and smooth(also it's great to support small businesses especially in these trying times). I think it's good t
  10. Nothing much, did a workout video this morning, tried looking into some stuff(mostly trying to figure out my budget for next month) and also looking over my meal plan for the next month! Ended up wasting a few hours watching youtube videos, catching up on social medias.
  11. Thuja

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    PO-TA-TOES! Boil 'em, mash 'em, stick 'em in a stew.
  12. I have auburn hair but I think I'd like to go full red with it. Just a naturally coloured red hair would be nice imo. Or maybe blood red if I wanted to go that route? I can't decide between a natural redish or a blood red lol. Regardless, I don't think my hair's healthy enough to dye right now.
  13. Had an apple for a late night snack.
  14. Thuja

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    I have a strong urge to sew a whole new wardrobe. Dear Urge, my wallet disagrees with you.
  15. Cutting the edges of a hole in one of my socks off so when I mend it, the edges will be cleaner. My goal is to mend all of my socks this week.
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