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  1. FNAF AR crashed so bad on my phone I couldn’t even play it anymore. If you’re gonna say it works on iPhone 7, don’t say that at the beginning then months later say “JK you have to have at least an 8 now!”
  2. So THAT’S where the red balloons went!
  3. I’m decent at it if I spend enough time doing so. Good or bad at calculating sales tax?
  4. @WWolf Pencil: Well, darn. *pouts* @Splashee® Pencil: I wouldn’t say I get specific days off, just days where I don’t have anything pressing to do. When I do get to relax, though, I like to either do something with my friends if they’re free, go to an arcade somewhere, or just sit at home and relax. @Will Guide Pencil: I like Raponyzel cause the mare in it finally seeks freedom after being trapped all her life. And yes, I’d love to see a performance! Sounds fun! Granite: I personally like Robin Hood, cause the stallion risks everything he has just to save a few townsponies. As your your performance, I’d be willing to give it a try. Thorns: “Children” Granite: Liiikkke, Hansel and Gretel? Thorns: *nods* Granite: You like the evil witch in it, don’t you? Thorns: *gives off a snarky grin and nods again* Granite: Ugh. Well, since I’m basically answering for him, I hope that if I do see one of these performances, that Thorns doesn’t “show up”. He’d just be there to bother me, not to see your show.
  5. I’ll watch YouTube, play video games, or on occasion work on an art/writing project
  6. @C. Thunder Dash Pencil’s eyes reflexively closed shut as Chelsea magically lit the darkened cave. Upon slowly regaining her vision, Pencil was met with soft blue light that was reflecting off the walls. It reminded her of aquarium tanks, only she was the creature swimming inside of it this time. The light itself was quite a sight to behold, but Pencil knew this was only the beginning of the cave.
  7. Rarity x Tom Spike x Fluttershy Rainbow x Zephyr Breeze Twilight x Discord AppleJack x Caramel Pinkie x Celestia
  8. I have at least most of the chapters saved to my Watch Later (forgot how many there were) so when I get the chance I’ll definitely check them out!
  9. I put lots of academic and social pressures on myself and I’m either excessively loud or excessively quiet, never both
  10. Sometimes less popular songs are the best ones
  11. @Splashee® ExplosionMare: You’re right, it isn’t any easier to draw, but I like to practice with it. I like to expand the mediums I use, and this particular one is good for sprites. Wait, why am I answering questions? PENCIL!! Pencil: Heeheehee! *runs away*
  12. I don’t participate in the forums ones, at least not right now
  13. Hi, welcome to the forums! I’m excited to see all your MLP games!!
  14. I like almost anything from Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, but I especially like California Girls and Shake It Off
  15. I’m so sorry about that Wish I could help Well, if for some reason you do have to leave, then I hope things will get better for you soon *hugs*
  16. Any cultured person would know things off the radio as well as on the radio
  17. I tried fish and chips on vacation once and it was pretty good I’m not much of a seafood person but I do like fish and chips now
  18. Oh yeah yeah I’ve heard of that! (took me half a second, ha!)
  19. I think I’ve heard of that one before but I’m not for certain