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  1. Ridaranka, the typical Fluttershy personality. :fluttershy:

    How are things? Anything OK?

    1. ridaranka


      Hiya Bas :) I am good, just on holiday break from school now. How are things with you? 

    2. Bas
  2. When I'm the only one who doesn't understand what's going on in math class :/
  3. I can't wait for Christmas omgomgomgogmgomg
  4. Alone every year but there is candy everywhere and stuffed bears I don't understand why some people dislike that day so much
  5. christmas, this weekend, and getting a puppy someday
  6. hang out with my friends, travel, go to beaches, concerts, a lot of fun stuff
  7. sending memes to my friends and got a high 5
  8. spongebob is really cute to me!!
  9. I never wear shoes, only outside when I'm leaving my property