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  1. Right now to my belly button
  2. I love being a girl... Maybe the worst thing is that girls clothes are more expensive than boys
  3. ridaranka

    Ask ridaranka

    We both study in a group for biology and we got along. He is a few years older than me but I got him to join this forum with me to post on together :p
  4. ridaranka

    Ask ridaranka

    When he's a good ponyboy, yes
  5. ridaranka

    Mega Thread What color are your eyes?

    That's a dramatic way to say blue
  6. ridaranka

    Ask ridaranka

    @daviddaviddavid is cute
  7. ridaranka

    Ask ridaranka

    Thanks! I hope of beauty
  8. I usually like pepperoni and cheese on pizza
  9. ridaranka

    General Do you want children?

    4 puppies is a lot of responsibility
  10. ridaranka

    General How Cute are you?

    As if!!!!!!
  11. ridaranka

    Ask ridaranka

    Ask me anything you would like!!
  12. Probably to swim underwater for as long as I want so I can be a mermaid
  13. ridaranka

    Being naked

    Naked is the best outfit imo
  14. Mine is in the middle lol
  15. @daviddaviddavid is mine
  16. ridaranka

    Mega Thread Post a Picture of Yourself!

    Hi guys! @daviddaviddavid and I are having a nice summer. Just got back from Aruba
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