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  1. Just as good, if not better than the premiere. I liked the conflict, it's part of growing up, and it was really well done, AB's song was alright, and I loved the dancing music, I like how they're using different soundtracks in the ending this season, I hope they keep it. Also, that kid whose name I forgot is adorable, I'm glad he got his cutie mark in the end. I'll probably watch it again later to organize my thoughts about it, but so far the first impression was pretty great. PS: Guys, be a little more careful with spoilers please, even if they're vague. I know you're excited for whatever reason about the next episodes, but this thread is to talk about this specific episode.
  2. Alright, after a secoond view in which I didn't have bias against the baby, I must say this episode was pretty great. I actually don't mind the baby being an alicorn that much now, I'm glad they're as surprised as we are, and I can't overlook the fact that it was stablished that alicorn wings were supposed to be earned, which means Celestia and Luna aren't natural alicorns, although they said it was something Equestria had never witnessed before, and they're older than Equestria. It's interesting because I'm assuming that concept will be explored later. About the baby, well, it was more of a plot device, but I won't ask as baby to have depth or a personality. The interesting part about this episode is not that though, it's Starlight and Sunburst. I don't know why I assumed they wouldn't bring them together again, I guess that I just really didn't want that to happen. However, it was done pretty great, and Sunburst ended up being a pretty awesome character, I hope we get to see more of him through all the season. I was also looking forward to Starlight's return, and it didn't disappoint, the only thing I can complain about is her new haircut, seriously, the other one was already fabulous imo. This one makes her look like a mix of Twilight and Rarity, and a little similar to Sunset Shimmer. Starlight's characterization was just fine, she showed regrets, but they didn't waste time reminding the audience that she was good now, in instead they focused on her insecurities about meeting Sunburst. I expected Twilight to be the one that spent time with her, but it was a pleasant surprise that Spike fulfilled that role, and they made a pretty good duo. Spike should come to the crystal empire more often, that's when he's best written. No wonder he's a hero there and just Twilight's assistant in Ponyville. He did what he does best, being in the supportive role and knowing just what to say to keep the main character focused on the task. I like how he didn't fall for Starlight's manipulation, and I also like how Starlight still showed manipulative traits. I hope we get to see more of her old self in the season, like when she acts tough and shuts everyone up. Sunburst was good as well, his new design is pretty cool, his voice is also fits him pretty well and he's likable. He and Starlight made a perfect team because he was the one with the knowledge, and Starlight the one with the ability. Everytime Sunburst taught her something she ended up doing it better. Had they stayed together, they probably would be important magicians. Both had a hard time being apart because he wasn't able to do anything with his knowledge, and Starlight had the ability but not anyone to guide her, and also her trauma. In the end he ended up in a role in which he's able to use his knowledge, and Starlight has someone to guide her so she can make good use of her talent. The moment when they just let it all out and tell each other how little they achieved apart was really touching, I could feel how liberating it was for them. They probably won't be the best friends like they were before, but now that they're in good terms they can finally move on with their lives. It's not the end of their friendship, but a good end to their childhood story. Also, some good little things: Celestia and Luna actually being useful, more screen time for Shining Armor, who had pretty funny moments, some of Suburst's lines like "you traveled through time?" or "did a baby do this?" were hilarious, the possible implicaion that we will learn more about alicorns and Celestia and Luna's past, and the parents finally spoke! This season would be the perfect time to have a Sparkle family reunion episode. Also, the soundtrack in the end of both episodes was pretty cool. It's pretty hard to give grades to this kind of episodes, I think I give 10/10s really easily, or it might be just the writers doing a good job. I see the episode as a whole and find it hard to take points because of little details, so I'll just say it was an awesome episode. Haber hasn't dissapointed me yet, and with Amy and Larson gone he's my favorite writer now. Let's see what the rest have to offer.
  3. Put Discord there as well, he has gone through the same steps. Actually, Starlight never really "tried" to destroy the world, and if she was reformed quickly is up to discussion. Personally, I think she kind of was, but not so much for it not to be believable. I mean, her whole philosophy of life was proven wrong, she found out that what she was doing almost destroyed the world, which is something she didn't want to happen. At this point all that was left for her was to give in. Those steps seem to be a generalization of how villains are reformed, but there's more to them than that. Starlight and Sunset might have similarities, but they come from totally different backgrounds, have totally different motives, and have different personalities.
  4. If Starlight doesn't tell someone to shut the **** up this season I'm gonna be a little disappointed.

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    2. Fawkes The Phoenix

      Fawkes The Phoenix

      Probably, but Pinkie wouldn't shut up that easily. It'd be funnier if it was like Twilight in the season 5 premiere.

    3. Fawkes The Phoenix

      Fawkes The Phoenix

      But I just want her to do that, so as long as she does that I'm happy xD


    4. AtomicStone


      I've noticed that shes lost her toughness at least in the premiere. It would be nice for her to put somepony in their place XD

  5. Loved her in the season 5 premiere, loved her in the finale, loved her in this premiere. I didn't really want her to come back to Sunburst, but it was done right and I'm actually happy for them. I hope we get to see more of her op abilities and manipulative tendencies, she wasn't "evil" but I'd like it if they keep some of her old habits. So far she's still an awesome character.
  6. The only thing wrong about the return of Starlight for this season is her new haircut.
  7. Tanks for the memories. Almost everything about that episode was a big "what were they thinking?" to me. The fact that she had that idea to stop winter, the fact that she actually decided to do that, the fact she tried to destroy the weather factory, that little scene in which I thought Tank was going to die, the "winter is coming" scene, and the crying in the end, which made me feel bad that I couldn't feel bad about a main character crying... But I guess the song was catchy, and also Fluttershy had a cool moment, and that's it.
  8. 2-3 fried/boiled eggs, some bread and coffee with milk. Sometimes a fruit.
  9. It doesn't seem like the kind of thing I'd ever want to do, but I'll keep my options opened. First, I'd have to get married, I don't wanna raise a child alone, and I'm not even sure if I'd like to get married, and then, the real problem, parenthood. Nobody should have kids if they aren't ready to give up some of their dreams for the sake of them. I'm also emotionally distant, that's not a good trait for a son, let alone a father.
  10. S5 - Too many good episodes, some of the best of the whole show. It has my least favorite episode of the show though, but the rest was pretty amazing. S3 - This season deserves more love! I don't find any episodes of this season bad, not even Spike At Your Service (It's more like meh to me), and it's really consistent. I also loved the finale. S2 - I like it as much as season 3, but it lacks an arc, the finale wasn't so good, and some episodes were pretty bad. S4 - A good season, but really inconsistent, a lot of meh episodes, but also a lot of good and amazing ones. S1 - It only started to be good until the second part, but some of those episodes had as much quality as season 2 and 3 episodes.
  11. That's pretty sad, a season without Larson and Rogers. I'm still looking forward to what the writers have to offer, my expectatives aren't as high as they were with season 5 (which didn't dissapoint, mostly thanks to both writers), but they weren't the only good writers in the show. Haber looks very promising, so does Levigner, and Polsky is still very good. The other writers didn't impress me that much, but Haber didn't impress me that much either in season 4 and now he's one of my favorites.
  12. Ultra Fast Pony deserves much more views.

    1. a very surprised scootaloo

      a very surprised scootaloo

      I haven't even seen a lot of the series and I agree.

  13. I see a lot of us are going to The City Of Dis. See you all there!
  14. I used to play football with a friend, I sucked at it, but it was fun. I also liked to swim, but not in a competitive way. I'm pretty bad at most sports because I have very poor physical coordination, so now I don't play any. I like to exercise though. I've heard chess is a sport, does that count? I also suck at it but at least I'm not the worst