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  1. Happy birthday! =3 Hope you have a great time~ ^.^

  2. I voted "Other" since my types of gaming tend to stay along the lines of Minecarft and any horror game the indi community can come up with. My most favorite game really is Journey. I would probably say its along the lines as a platformer, but it is a spiritual game to me Silly as that sounds, that is how I view it.
  3. Alright to answer some questions (forgive me work has been taking out a lot from me). Yes this is a 1x1 roleplay. I don't mind groups so much, but I have a hard time keeping up with everyone. I like to devote my time to a person because that means I can give them the fullest. Yes to Dream's question; drafting is included since I wouldn't be surprised if the Royal Army needed some back up. And I shall probably put this in the advance section of the roleplay site.
  4. Finally home from work. I will be on all day tomorrow (3/14/15) since I have a day off!



      Yay! great to have you the whole day with us :)

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      ok, have a good rest and good dreams! :)

  5. Hermes let out a breath, glad to know that the conversation wasn't leaning towards him being kind towards the inmates. He shook his head and relaxed his wings a bit feeling a bit better about talking to Tom. "Not really, just the same thing they always say at the meetings. It was nothing important so you are in the clear, Tom." He smiled back at the pony the older pony knowing about his little ones at home. Tom was really a good father and Hermes found it very enduring. It made the pegasus think of his own parents in Canterlot and how long ago it had been since he had last seen them...he didn't want them to see him in the state after all the battles and bloodshed he had been through. "I think you will be fine Tom. Don't worry about today." The lavender pegaus gave a glance at the inmate close by who he had been previously been talking to and gave him a soft smile hoping to show he had not forgotten him.
  6. Hermes almost jumped when Tom had made himself known and he was about to say tell the inmate that he would speak with him later only stopped by gesture the other guard gave him. It made his tail flick and he almost forgot he was in a prison... As rude as it was, Hermes lowed his head and glanced at the inmate with an almost worried expression before turning towards Tom. "What is there to talk about, Tom?" There was always something... When he came to the prison, the lavender pegasus was told he was far too kind, he allowed the prisoners too much freedom, or that he trusted too easily. It wasn't as if he didn't know what would happen if he was concerned, but the inmates didn't know either. A medic was taught basic self defense after all. [OOC: last post before work see you in 7 hours. ]
  7. The purple pegasus shifted on his hooves a bit (maybe shyly) and gestured with his lavender wings. "I'm not only a guard, but a medic," he said softly. "I have an oath to treat ponies with respect, no matter who they are. Something I cannot get over even if my job has changed." Hermes could understand why the inmate was puzzled by his odd show of kindness. There was a chance that this earth pony he was speaking to could turn upon him, but there was obvious signs of exhaustion and nervousness of every pony around him. "I promise you have nothing to fear from me," Hermes offered another smile. "I couldn't really harm another pony even if I tried since I am helping in the inmate clinic as well. I'm Hermes and I hope that I can help your less stressful." Your stay? Hermes thought to himself, He sadly has no choice so what the heck am I even talking about? "I-I'm sorry. I am trying to get use to this situation." [OOC: Hermes appearance because I am still learning the controls. ]
  8. I will be going to work soon so my posts will be slow. I can't post while I am there. Mostly my shifts are 6-7 hours.
  9. Hermes had never thought his life would bring him to becoming a guard to a prison, but there the purple pegasus stood in the dining hall watching prisoners take their morning meal. He had left the Royal Army as a medic after years of blood and the wounded had gotten the better of him. It was hard for Hermes, but it was the only life he had known since he was 15 years old. It was better this least that was what the platoon leader had said when he had given Hermes the transfer to the prison. His blue eyes watched as a guard bumped into a pony while he was getting his meal and he felt a bit of pity for him. Hermes had always been respect of each pony he had encountered and maybe that would mark him as a weak target, but he would never look down upon others as lesser then himself. His oath as a medic taught him to view no pony as better or lesser no matter what side of the battlefield they came from. Hermes made his way to the pony offered him a napkin so he could clean himself properly. "I would say that he didn't see you there, but I believe that would be a lie. I hope this will help you," he said offering a smile of pity for the other pony.
  10. Probably a guard. If it is alright with you, he can also help run the medical center of the prison since my Hermes is a medic pony.
  11. Joy! Which do you have need of more - guard or prisoner?
  12. I was searching for another stallion to engage in a army roleplay with my OC Hermes. I was interested in something that would develop into romance between two males, but of course I would take time. I do not wish to just throw two ponies together and believe they fall instantly in love. What I'm looking for is: Male stallion of any race willing to play a soldier pony Intermediate to advance roleplaying skills Someone comfortable having romance between two males Someone who is willing to speak with me over plotting and setting Someone okay with a bit of mention of war/battle/blood/loss/death/wounds Private roleplay between two people The plot would be over Hermes' time in the royal army at the boarders of the king. Hermes is currently a medic pegasus who is slowly learning the dangers and sorrows of battle. In many ways this can turn into a dark roleplay with need for comfort. I am willing to change things for my partner. You can PM me on details or you can post down here. Thank you.
  13. I was wondering if it was still open for players?
  14. Awwww your gif is so cute Jonas!