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  5. Clever gave Vivid a chuckle and a grin. "Indeed, if I have engaged in the direct practice of arrogance, I would wholeheartedly suggest you engage my attentions and inform me of such a vile oversight on my behalf; I do not wish to become acclaimed for such an ill temperment, and I acknowledge the possibilities of becoming such may be few and far between, yet I am not a model of perfection. The possibilities are always apparent, and I would highly appreciate your assistance in making certain I maintain my humility." He'd been subjected to arrogance a few times since his travels began, and he was most certainly not happy about the idea he might fall into a similar mindset. Clever's father had always impressed upon him to treat everyone kindly, and never to try to swell his own ego too much. Clever had done his best to follow this advice, but he knew having help to monitor the chance was better than trying to do so alone. Honestly, doing anything with a friend was better than doing it alone. The kirin laughed, then took a moment to gather himself before he spoke again. "I assure you that my particular chosen proffession has exceedingly little to do with the classic interpretation of alchemy. A chemist is an individual who relies on scientific calculations to formulate a concoction that may span a plethora of possibilities; they combine measured amounts of varying solutions in order to create a particular compound that will be at least somewhat beneficial in at least a minimal capacity." "One would perhaps find a connection in creative theory closer to a potion-maker than a classic alchemist. We do not so much as endeavor to create gold from lead substances, but in a manner of speaking we most certainly seek to create something valuable in at least a passive manner for the usage of whatever necessity springs forth. I myself have created compunds that were effective in cementing ceramic tiles together, clearing the detrius from obstructed pipelines, assisting in the recovery from various ailments, and even providing a pleasing sheen to a chromatic musical instrument. It is through these varied and humble utilizations that I manage to maintain a fair budget for my excursions, saving what allowances I possess for solving any possible maladies that may occur within the future." He looked thoughtful for a moment. "Though I would possibly be remiss to dismiss the possibility that I may have a touch of madness when it comes to chemistry; my experiments are the folly of pure whimsy, yet I occasionally manage to create a compund that displays unforseen and unexpected benefits, from time to time. But there exists a wealth of individuals who insist that insanity and genius are oft not far removed from each other... but I would hardly state that I would refer to myself as a 'genius', as the majority of what I concern myself with already exists within the tomes of learning, and therefore would be considered commonplace to most." "Yet, it is the profession I prefer to engage in, and... it pleases me thoroughly. Also, as an added benefit, it assists me in feeling a closer connection to my mother, who was also a chemist. In fact, it was because of observing her working in her labratory since the earliest memories I retain that I found myself drawn to the profession to begin with." His smile turned bittersweet for a moment, then he simply shook his head and sighed before continuing. "It intrigues me that you have mentioned the draconequus Discord as an individual you have encountered within your lifetime. I am intrigued by the possibilities conjured within my mind, and I would endeavor to inquire as to the nature of such mettings? Unless, of course, the subject is a delicate one; I would not choose to broach a subject were its' memories unpleasant in any extreme for you. Mere curiosity has generated this inquiry, and there is no malicious intent behind my question, I assure you."
  6. The letter was written in fine, cursive script that one would find from a noble, not a (supposed) mailpony. And it read as follows: Once upon a time, in the olden days of Equestria, there was a filly who had a small, but very poor family. This family loved her so very much, but they hadn't even a bit to their names. They worked hard, and so did the filly, to make ends meet. Often there was struggle, and more than a few nights did the filly and her family went hungry. But they had each other, and they had love, and they were happy. But then the plague came, and many ponies got sick. The filly's family got sick as well, and they didn't have the money needed to buy the medicine they desperately needed. And so they passed from this world, but Fate left the little filly behind, all alone, to fend for herself. The filly didn't know what to do, and so she tried to live on the streets. She spent many nights being cold, hungry, and alone. But the streets did teach her a few things about Life, and she somehow survived for a while. The filly became hungry - the worst kind of hungry. She became hungry for the fortune of others, and began to steal for her meals. More than that, she began to HATE the ponies she robbed, and so she began to hurt them as well. She wouldn't cross the line and end their lives, but there were times she came very close to doing so. Then, one of the ponies she tried to rob ended up being faster than she was, and he managed to hurt her badly. He was cruel, and dragged her back to his home... where he did terrible, unspeakable things to the poor filly. But word got out about what he was doing. And on the very night the wicked stallion was going to finally finish her life for good, that was when a beautiful, gracious alicorn came to her rescue. The alicorn was noble and kind, and actually ended up having to FIGHT the stallion for the little filly's life. Though the stallion was wily and quick, he was no match for the alicorn's might, and he was defeated, and sent away to dwell in the dungeons, which he stayed in until the day he died. The filly, however, was broken. She had been the target of the stallion's awful temper and was close to death. The alicorn saw the filly's state, and showed her mercy beyond mercy. She brought the little filly to an orphanage in Canterlot, where the filly was cared for, fed, and medically mended to the best of the doctors' abilities. But she was still unable to use her lovely wings, and she had a number of health issues... but she still loved the alicorn for her kindness. As the years passed, the filly decided she was going to be a good filly from now on, and she wanted to thank the kind alicorn for what she'd done for her. So she began to train herself to be strong, and ended up being stronger than anyone ever thought. She wanted to be brave, and she ended up being braver than the bravest Manticore hunter. She wanted to be fast... but her wings wouldn't work right. So she put wheels on her hooves to make up for it, and took her new name from them, as her old life and old name meant little to her anymore. She managed to impress the Captain of the Royal Guard of Canterlot, and he began to train her to do the best job she could. She became one of the best guards that had ever graced Canterlot's hallowed halls, even taking over for the kind captain as he retired. She became well-known and well-respected - so much so that, when the alicorn had a plan to help protect her subjects from magical things that could harm them, she naturally chose the filly, now a mare, to be one of the twenty-five subjects she had chosen for this special duty. The mare was loyal, and wanted to do right by the alicorn who had saved her, so she agreed. The alicorn put her in charge of a wondrous magical Closet, and assigned her a number of others to help her. But before she started her new work, the alicorn gave each one of the leaders of these new positions an artfact to assist them; to the loyal mare, she gave a clock that imbedded itself into her heart. The clock fixed the mare's wings, and made her as healthy as she was before the awful stallion had hurt her. But the alicorn warned her that the clock would make her live longer than she was supposed to; the mare didn't mind, as long as she could serve the alicorn's needs and help her when she needed her. The alicorn then told her to protect this Closet with all her little might, and the mare accepted the task. The magical Closet became her life, and those under her became her closest friends. But time moved on, year after year, and decade after decade. Time moved on, but the loyal mare did not; she remained as she was the very day the clock was given to her. Her wonderful friends, slowly, all got old and eventually, the little mare found herself alone. What was worse, the magical Closet had still needed to be guarded, even if the little mare was the only one left to do so. The alicorn hadn't forgotten her, no, but when her subjects discovered one of the other magical secrets, the entire group of special beings were officially disbanded, leaving no one to help the little mare when she was all alone. And when time moved on and centuries passed, the little mare found herself so very alone. She tried to make friends outside of her duty a few times... but each time, there was pain and there was sorrow to be had for all her yearning. The first time was a simple stallion who the little mare thought was so very handsome... but he ended up unable to keep his greed in check, and he tried to take things from the magical Closet. Those things he stole made him into an EVIL pony, and the little mare had to not only fight him, but end his life as the things he took had forced him to try to destroy Equestria. She defeated him, ended his poor life, and the little mare cried as she buried him, alone and far from the small villages and towns that were coming into being around her. The second time was a young mare that was much like the little mare herself was once. She was clever and had suffered much, but turned out better for the wear. But the young mare discovered an artifact; a hat that gave her the power of an alicorn. That hat caused the young mare to believe she was supposed to replace the alicorn that had saved the loyal mare so long ago. It took the combined might of the loyal mare and many of the magical things inside the Closet to stop her, and it ended up costing the young mare her life. The loyal mare buried her next to the handsome stallion, to make sure they would keep each other company. The third time was a stallion who tricked the loyal mare into believing he loved her. The stallion continued to play his games with her until he managed to get into the magical Closet, which he'd secretly found out about from being a spy in Canterlot's archives. When he got inside the magical Closet, he took up an awful stone that housed a maniac; that maniac took control of him, and the loyal mare had to fight for her life to make sure the horrible maniac never escaped again. But the process trapped both the maniac AND the stallion together. Over time, the stallion rotted away, leaving only the maniac imprisoned in the stone. The fourth time, the loyal mare thought she could help out another mare in need, and she used things in the magical Closet to help heal the mare's sicknesses. But when they were healed, the mare wanted to tell EVERYONE about the loyal mare's miracle. This attracted the attention of an evil changeling queen, who sought to gain entry into the magical Closet for her own benefit. After much fighting, the loyal mare finally managed to wipe the changeling queen's mind of the magical Closet... but she also had to wipe the mind of the once-sickly mare as well, leaving her alone yet again. The loyal mare was left close to death herself by this act, and was actually looking forward to dying at last. Except it wasn't to be, as a dour but kind stallion found her, and carried her to where she could be healed. In exchange for his kindness, the loyal mare agreed to help him with parts of his business. After she managed to move the contents of the magical Closet to his home, she then set up shop there, and decided that words would be her downfall... so she refused to speak them at all, save to a chosen few. Now, this very day, the loyal mare continues to watch over the magical Closet and all its' belongings... but, due to a mistake she made, she now has at least ONE friend she can trust. And that makes the loyal little mare happier than anything else has in a long, long time. And she hopes the friend sees her as a friend as well, because she needs one. More than air. More than life. More than almost anything in the world. Thank you, my friend, for reading this. I hope it helps you to understand. - Steel Wheels - Former Elite Captain of the Royal Canterlot Guard Head of Princess Celestia's Magical Closet Formerly Known As Little Star Friend-In-Training Please destroy this after you read it; no one else is to ever know the truth. When Dax awoke in the morning, he yawned, stretched, then smiled as he saw the blanket Illiad had undoubtedly given him. He got up, gave another stretch, then smacked his lips a bit while he scratched his mane comfortably. Waking up, he decided to check in on his best friend, making sure he hadn't fallen asleep at the table, or in some other place that wasn't his bed. Today's gonna be a great day, I can just feel it! However, as he went upstairs... He gulped softly. He knew what this was. "... uhm... Mister Ven-... uh, Mr. V? Is... i-is that you?" He didn't expect any answer, but he was going to ask anyway. "That, uhm... 'thing'... you told me about... is... is it going to be today?" Dax hoped he was getting the right idea, but he was also fully aware that he knew very little when it came to the more mystical and arcane things in the world. He remembered that he'd offered the dark stallion his friendship, and he'd meant it; he was unsure if the stallion had bothered to accept it, but that didn't mean he was going to let it go. "If it is, I'll... I'll try. But I hope you're... uhm, y-you're okay, too. I'm not so scared to see you around him anymore..." Mostly, anyway. "... but I can see you; you might wanna hide again."
  7. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

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  8. He nodded, and mentally began trying to figure out what he could cook from what he'd seen in Troy so far. When they arrived back at Illiad's place, Dax gave a b-i-i-i-i-g yawn and stretch, smiling as he got inside to hide from the approaching daylight. Guess all those years of being a night-owl are catching up to me here; the re-readjustment is going to be rough, I can already tell. Dax sat down on the couch and nodded as Illiad listed off the foodstuffs he had. The young stallion's mind wandered through a few possibilities, and began trying to list out what things were possible with only a few meager ingredients that he might pick up later from the market. If I can combine the preserves with, say, some flour and dough... then maybe some fresh fruit... add in some apple butter... maybe a Fruit Pizza could be had after all... and if Illiad liked it... then... so will... they... I'll... bet... Dax Blackwater was fast asleep on Illiad's couch. He'd had a long night, and everything had finally cought up to him. Granted, he'd be hungry in the morning, but for now? He looked peaceful and serene as he gave the tiniest of cute snores, his left forehoof dropping down to dangle from the couch's arm as he slept on.
  9. "Should you wish, madam, I or my brother would be more than happy to arrange your clothing within the closet or drawers; it would be no trouble whatsoever, I assure you." He entered the room and began a careful study of everything within. "Madam Vylia would be positively livid if we were to have missed a spot in our cleaning duties; she finds first impressions to be so very important, and to have any form of mess in the quarters of a guest would be unthinkable. I assure you, madam, I shall only be a moment or two." He gave a smile. "Truly, Miss Mystic, I recall you indeed. I must say, to have made such an impression upon Madam Vyia is quite a feat of accomplishment. I would daresay you should be quite proud of such an accomplishment." He tidied up around the room, spot-cleaning and making certain not a speck of dust was visible anywhere in sight. He was quite diligent, leaving no proverbial stone unturned. "All the better to ensure that the job of cleaning the room was well done. As I said, no trouble at all, Miss." "Oh!" His head swung around to meet her stare. "There is no disrespect meant in this! Madam Vylia practically demands that occupied quarters are to be at least looked over once a day; she would not abide by either my brother or I skipping such a duty. I most certainly respect the want to remain clean, and I appreciate the effort expended upon such. Still, I would have to attend to the room at any rate... but your clean habits will most certainly make my work far easier - and I thank you wholeheartedly for that!" Call turned to face her with a grin. "Not at all, Miss - any request made, no matter how unusual, will gladly be carried out by myself or my brother. I will see to it that your request for barrels of mineral water, two of them, shall be filled and done as requested. It would be no trouble at all." He then turned towards the bathroom... and lifted an eyebrow at Mystic's presence in front of it. "Miss Glow, if you wouldn't mind, I must check the facilities as well - regardless of whatever mess may be present, I assure you, I can attend to it... and what's more, I shan't speak a word of it to a soul." He gave a conspiritorial wink. "Because, I assure you, whatever it is that has you standing between myself and the bathroom, you shouldn't worry yourelf over such. I promise, I shall be both quick and discrete." Dax grinned. "Well, as far as goals go, that's a doozy of one... but honestly? I think, if anyone can succeed at that, YOU can!" Dax smiled. "I guess I did... and I'll have to get my hooves on Pitch's notebook and show it to you; there's recipes in there that I think might be his own secret concoction, but I never was much for, uhm... 'volatile chemistry', so I never experimented with it. Maybe you and Silver could?" Rounding the corner and finally coming to the location, Dax slowed to a stop, staring at the massive gouge in the mountain blasting site. He looked back and forth across it, and he let out a long, low whistle. "Blitz... WOW! I mean, just... WOW! How did you... I mean, what could... it's so... WOW!" He gave a laugh, then looked toward the little dynamo. "And this was just using stuff that Silver had?" The handimare gave a giggle and clapped her hooves. "When it comes to explosives, Blitz is a bonafide genius! I was amazed myself, and your father was quite impressed! THIS was why he gave her the job as my assistant here; she proved she knew what she was doing, and HO YEAH, she did a... bang-up job!" She gave a whinnygiggle that Dax chuckled over, then he looked back at Blitz. "This is... amazing, Blitz. Of course, I knew you could be capable of something like this, but actually seeing it for myself?" He laughed. "Impressive!" 'Redd's' chuckle was somewhat subdued, but it may have been so he didn't disturb anyone else around. "Oh, I've been here long enough to know my way around a good bit. So yeah, I can believe that the Blackwaters have so much nice stuff, don't they? I wish I had even a fraction of their wealth; I'd probably live in a big mansion like this one, too!" They came to a stop outside of a set of double doors. "Okay, this is the guest suite - you're more than welcome to make yourself at home here! Y'know, rest your hooves, get in a shower after your probably long trip, get used to the kind of soft stuff they give their guests, that kind of thing... I'll be sure to let Mrs. Blackwater know you've arrived, and they'll probably send a servant to help you settle in! Okay, so - here we are!" He opened the doors... and inside was actually a far more subdued and presentable room. There was a four-post bed with few frills, dressers and bureaus that were utilitarian and well-made, and a bathroom with a walk-in bathtub. There were pictures of various nature scenes on the walls, and the general feel of the room was one of quiet, reserved opulence. "Okay, then - you get comfy and cozy, and I'll send Madam Blackwater word that you've arrived, okie dokie lokie? And hey - nice to meetcha! Maybe we'll see each other again sometime soon, eh?" He made his way back down the hall, giving Gold a bit of a wave as he made his way around the corner and out of sight. When Clod's hooves struck the doors, they shattered apart, leaving scant more than toothpick-sized splinters. The mare cringed visibly as he did this, then she sighed and darted inside the shed as fast as she could. "Okay, great, thanks, appreciated, good job, whatever, gotta get to work now, pretty busy..." The mare stopped for only a moment to look at him. "Wha..? Oh, uh... Tart Dewdrop- I MEAN..!" She facehoofed and groaned. "Whatever, sure - probably won't remember anyway - good to meet you, blah blah blee blah, all that good stuff, I need to get to work now!" There was a bit of shuffling and rattling inside, and for a moment, she stopped and Clod heard her mutter, "what in the... what's THIS thing? Meh, Cogs will figure it out, I'm sure". It only took a few minutes, but Tart came back out with a canvas bag stuffed full, as well as something wrapped in a dull blue tarp. With a quick look around, she blinked at Clod. "You're... still here? Good grief, get back to work, stupid! If they catch you just standing around, you'll get fired for sure! Just... y'know what? Do what you want; no fur off my flank." She turned and made her way out of Shed Row, headed for the front gates, keeping a sharp eye out for ANYONE as she carried her 'gatherings' towards the quarry's exit.
  10. Replying right now; no worries, Widdy-Shinny; you're fine.
  11. Sometimes, no matter how many pennies you have, you'll never have a dollar.
  12. Dax shook his head. "No, actually... Mother usually doesn't go out for musical shows, and she usually goes alone when she does. No idea why; she drags me to plays and even a few poetry recitals, but she always seems to hit the music shows by herself." I just sort of thought that she just didn't want a child interrupting her enjoyment of them... but now that Illiad brings it up, I'm curious as to what she'd say if I asked her. Dax fidgeted with his hooves a bit. "Well, you're right... I k-kinda DID forget about it... but, it feels..." he sighed, "it feels... wrong... for me to use it. I mean, what I did for... her... I did because it was the right thing to do. Not because of some reward, or because I thought I'd get compensated for it, but because it just felt like what would be the RIGHT thing to do. And I guess... well... I guess it just sorta feels like it would cheapen the deed if I used it. I know that sounds pretty dumb, yeah, but..." He looked at Illiad. "I don't know, Illiad - I guess it just doesn't feel right to me, to take advantage of Ms. Goldenrod's generous nature like this. I mean, well..." he pondered a moment, "maybe if I just look at it as using it to buy food for you and everyone else, then maybe it wouldn't be so bad, but... I honestly feel kinda guilty about even having it in the first place." I'm not even sure I'm explaining this correctly; maybe I'd just be better off leaving it at that. Dax sat back in the seat and loked out of the window again. "I... might be thinking crazy, I guess, but that's just how it feels to me." He slowly turned to look at the Trojan. "Sorry, I... I just was making a little joke, is all. No, I don't really feel that way... though the kind of stallion you are, Illiad, it wouldn't surprise me to find out you have more secrets, because you're just the sort of kind and caring individual that would hide anything that might hurt me. Not that I think you are, I just... you'd do that to spare me. And that just tells me I really mean a lot to you. Which, as far as I'm concerned, is the best part of this entire exchange." That brought a genuine smile to his muzzle; if there was anything about this exchange that Dax would always be grateful for, it would be Illiad. Dax nodded and grinned. "Okay. But if I'm not supposed to know, then I'll understand that too. It's okay; I know I'm not really supposed to know everything, and... I'm kinda okay with that." It's a bit like you at the quarry, he thought idly, and me being here. You came into that little world and shook up everyone and everything there, and your visit will leave a mark that will probably span generations, if not longer... but that's to be expected, as it's just a tiny little world of its' own. But me, coming into Troy? It's like I'm a mote of dust just drifting by, and when I pass, there'll be nothing here to show I was even at this marvelous place. It kinda hurts a bit that I can't make any sort of difference here like you did there... but, in a way, I'm kinda okay with that too. Mostly, anyway. I still wish I could do even a little bit for you what you've done for me, but I guess I'll just have to be the best friend I can be, and forget about the rest of my feelings on it. I'm used to being just a passing spark in the world - I just never knew the world was so big that my spark never even made a light. The thoughts were low and somewhat glum, but Dax didn't let them get to his heart; they were random thoughts in the night, and fleeting in their thinking. The young Blackwater had much on his mind; Troy, TrUST, home, Luna, Selena, Oracle... and his friend Illiad Easle. By tomorrow, he'd be fine and dandy, he was sure of it... he simply knew that thoughts, both good and bad, sometimes needed thinking. Maybe I'll just carry my own light home, and do my best to shine when I get there, he mused... and that thought made him give a small grin. Stirring from his inner monologue, Dax looked at Illiad and shrugged. "Well, uhm... we... can try to see what there is at your place, I guess. I mean, if I'm gonna try to cook anything, I may as well get an idea of hat all is there, hunh? Plus..." he gave one of his sheepish grins, "I don't wanna cost you any more money, honestly... or I'd say the Candy Bar would be nice to visit again. But no, I think it'd be better if I got an idea of what you have at home, so I can think about what to prepare tomorrow." Bless him, Dax was trying so hard to just be good and happy... and he sincerely hoped it was working.
  13. We can't always know when what we're going to say is a bad idea.


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      It may even actually be a great idea!

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      but you can't give up your laughter cause you're scared of a little pain
      sometimes you've gotta let it rain

  14. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  15. Now, now... let a character be themselves. Besides, all he needs is some guidance... Just ask 'Redd'.
  16. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  17. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

  18. Clever gave a small, sheepish grin. "About the closest thing my personage possesses to any assemblage of corruption would be my innate and overwhelming affection for chocolate, as I have found my appetite for such to be... embarrassing at times; otherwise, I do believe I am currently free of such maladies." Poor Vivid. She appears to be as starved for companionship as I am; nay, moreso, as her incredible lifespan far surpasses my own. As melancholy as my own lonely existence can be at certain intervals, I cannot even begin the process of fathoming the misery and sorrow she must feel at such a social solitude. "For such an application? I believe it would not only do a grievous injustice to the possible memories to be contained within, but I would find it equally uncouth to allow such a demonstration from your august personage to be utilized upon a trifling and inadequately proper item. If you are to put forth such efforts into said object as a friend, then I reciprocate that allegiance by insisting that the possession in question be fit for the attentions of such a kind soul." Clever nodded. "As far as my own observations serve, I only perceive of an individual who holds an entire world of mystery and history between her ears, and one that I hopefully will be capable of referring to as a compatriot for the entirety of my lifespan from this particular moment forward. Opinions, Madam Vivid, I have discovered to be akin to rectums; everybeing has one... and some of them are exceedingly foul." Perhaps it was a touch vulgar, but it was a fact... and it didn't hurt that it was funny, either. His muzzle lit up. "Most assuredly; as a freelance chemist, there have been many applications of my chosen profession that have proven beneficial to a number of individuals, therefore my usefulness is typically welcomed within a township... though, admittedly, there have been a number of questions regarding my origins from those who have never witnessed a kirin in their midst before." Again, the shy grin came across him. "Unfortunately, not everyone who converses with myself on such matters is able to decypher my... verbose responses." He made his way to the path, then looked back and gestured for Vivid to follow. "Please, accompany me - I find not even the slightest hesitation to be witnessed within your presence."
  19. "The concert... I'm really looking forward to it - I've never been to one before!" Dax gave a slight giggle at the prospect; his eyes were alight with excitement... and perhaps a bit of foal-like wonder for what was to come. "And I'd love the chance to cook for you and Glen! She was so nice when I first met her - I'll have to figure out what sort of veggies I could use to-..." Wait; I don't have the money to buy all the ingredients I'd need... I spent it all on... her freedom... His muzzle fell, and Dax slowed his happy gait to a defeated lope. "Illiad... I don't know that I'd be able to make anything like I wanted to. I mean, I can still try, but... I was planning to buy the things I'll need to make stuff with, but..." DAX! He's an Empath, remember!? Don't hurt him! The Blackwater stopped in the street, closed his eyes, and began to take deep, even breaths. After a minute of this, his mood evened out, and he considered what he possibly could do. "Well... I mean... heck, if you think you already have enough stuff at home, maybe I could... I dunno... make something up from what's already there?" His words were seeking answers, but his heart was starting to lighten; he'd made so many things in the kitchen at home; why would this be so different? His pace picked up again, and though he was still a bit put-out that he wouldn't be able to make what he'd thought of making, he was still attempting to make do with what he possibly had. He tried not to dwell on it; he didn't want Illiad to feel bad, for any reason. A city where the workers shuttle in and out all night... it sounds like it'd be a lot of hassle, but they're probably used to it in a place like Troy. Dax sat down in the seat and stared out of the window for a minute. After a bit, he turned back to Illiad with a question on his face. "Uhm... Illiad? I've been kinda curious... what was on those two scrolls Taps gave you before we left? Did you read them yet? And if you did, was it anything you could tell me about... or is it another secret?" With that, Dax did give a small smile. Illiad's so full of secrets, I'm kinda surprised he's not under his own lock and key himself!
  20. Checking in on ya... doing any better?

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  21. As she opened the door to her room, she surprised a rather stately-looking butler who stood there, hoof raised as if to knock. "Oh! A thousand pardons, madam," he began, "I was unsure as to whether or not the suite was unoccupied; do forgive me. I have been sent by way of Lady Vylia to ensure the room is not only to your liking, but to change the linens and tidy up inside. I assume you will be staying for a length of time that shall require me to add this room to my daily itenerary? It would not be any issue, I assure you, madam." He gave a slight bow. "My name is Call, and I live to serve; please allow me a bit to ensure the room is clean and up to Lady Vylia's standards for you, if I may?" "Hey, we don't really get many new faces here... so yeah, kinda makes you a novelty, so to speak! And I'm just making small talk, anyhoof - don't mind me." 'Redd' nodded with understanding. "Oh, yeah, yeah... nothing like a little hard work to make ends meet, right? I mean, I'm just a rock-kicker, but if you're headed up to the manor... why, I'm sure there'll be plenty to learn for ya here!" Why did his smile get bigger at that? "But really - anyone at the manor can tell you that they have hospitality down to a science! I'll bet they even have a suite ready for you already! And whoo! You should see the rooms in there! If they expect you coming, I'm sure they'll have something already cooked up for ya!" And so it was... The Blackwater Manor was a fascinating structure; it was even more stately than it appeared to be from a distance. Four stories of quietly elegant design sat solemnly back against the mountain, surrounded by well-manicured gardens and a stone-tile walkway. Opulent, but respectably so. Silver ivy climbed the walls at the sides, and what looked to be a respectable garage sat at the furthest side. Part of the manor even seemed to be imbedded in the mountain itself! This place felt aged and dignified, and seemed to have culture around every corner; even the well-manicured gardens around the manor house looked tastefully elegant, and not at all overblown or grandiose. The Blackwater Manor was elegant, yet reserved in such; it was the sort of home the wealthy wish they could have constructed for their legacies to live on in. Reaching the large twin front doors, 'Redd' knocked. In moments, a young chambermare appeared. "Hey-o, Peachy!" Gold's company started, "we've got a Mister Gold here, and as sure as my name's 'Redd Handid', I'll bet they have the BEST suite ready for him, don't they?" A slow smile spread across the maid's muzzle. "Of course they do, Mister Redd... would you care to escort him to the guest suite? You know where they are, right?" 'Redd' gave a merry laugh. "Of course I do, sweetheart! I'll take him riiiiiight where he needs to be, you betcha!" He stepped past the threshhold, and motioned for Gold to follow him in. The pretty maid smiled and bowed to Gold as he entered. "Welcome to Blackwater Manor, sir; I hope you enjoy your stay!" The interior was a bit different than the outside; here, Gold could see a number of ostentatious displays of wealth: gaudy and expensive vases, amazing and colorful tapestries, tables and chairs that looked as though they were practically made out of foppishness, curtains that spoke of elegance (if perhaps a bit loudly)... though the decorations were exceedingly expensive, Gold got the impression that whomever purchased these decorations had a somewhat tacky sense of style. Not enough to be ridiculous... but enough to most certainly be accused of questionable taste. 'Redd' began to escort him up a flight of opulently-carpeted stairs, then through a hallway with portraits of strange-looking mares and stallions lining the walls. Dax gave a chuckle as she tried to push him to move faster. "Hey, hey! I'm moving, okay?" he laughed, "Y'know, you two BOTH seem really excited that you did what you did up there - and I'm always happy to share in something like that! Besides, Pitch Point is a part of Blackwater family history, y'know?" Silver's adorable whinnygiggle lit out from her. "Well, if Blitz keeps doing as well as she has, it'll be more like it will BECOME history!" He looked at Blitz. "Pitch was an explosives fan, too... did I already tell you about him? I figure, if anyone could appreciate him, it'd be YOU, Blitzy! He blew up the entire side of a mountain once..." Dax scratched his head. "... DID I tell you about him already?" Dax, Silver and a bundle of excitement named Blitz Boom continued their path toward the broken mountain, nearing the site. One more bend, and Blitz's accomplishent would be evident for the middle Blackwater child to see. The mare sighed. "Look, here, THIS shed!" She stopped as she reached Shed Row, and pointed a hoof at the one with a big number '7' painted on the side. She trotted over to it and tuned to look at Clod. "Now, the keys are lost, and I'm not strong enough to get it open; that's where YOU come in. I want you to help me get inside, so I can grab the stuff I need... for work. Do that for me, and you can go right back to... whatever you were doing already, which looked like nothing much. It shouldn't take more than a moment or two, and the Blackwaters would appreciate it, I'm certain." She tried the door, but it was locked. "Well, I tried. Okay, YOU get it open - I'll wait." True to her word, she stood off to one side and waited... although it seemed she wasn't going to wait patiently. "Come on, come on! I don't have all day, you know!" she groused.
  22. "With what I've seen, you'll be right next to him - you've got a world of potential, and I'm sure you can do it!" Dax had experienced what it was like to want to live up to a big brother's expectations; he hoped Wind would achieve everything he wanted to, and sent up a silent hope for just such a thing. The encouragement part? THAT, he got from Illiad. Dax smiled broadly. "Awesome! And you'll have a reply soon after I get there! It was great meeting you, Wind!" Okay, so... Princess Luna, Illiad, and Wind... who, if what I started to hear from his teacher was any indicator, might actually go by the FULL name of Tail Wind. If so, he's gonna be working on planes before he knows it! The Blackwater made his way over to Illiad with a grin on his muzzle. "Illiad, thanks for bringing me here for the tour - it was nifty to see things a bit more closely than last time, and I made a new friend in the process! And learning is its' own fun!" He gave another look back at the other students... and though there was a slight pang of yearning, as he'd only known a year of public schooling, he was glad to have had the opportunty to get a glimpse of what it was like to be a part of a class. A glane at the windows told Dax the sun was coming up. "It's getting light out... we have to go back, don't we? I wish the night was longer, sometimes; it feels like there's so much more to do, and yet I can almost feel time slipping away from me. I'll hate to leave Troy when I do, but we have to see if we can fit as much as possible into the trip as we can!" "Oh," he stopped short, "I almost forgot - Wind said they mentioned us on that radio-thing; could we maybe go back to that station place tomorrow? I mean, if there's no other plans, that is. And I'm STILL all up for making dinner for you and your friends at least once!" Dax Blackwater - an adolescent on his way to adulthood, with all the charm of a well-mannered colt.
  23. That caught Clever - he'd always been of the opinion that having an 'explosive' side to himself had always been something most wouldn't understand... yet, here was this mare who not only understood, but possibly far better than he did himself. Though that concept was frightening, she was not - in fact, she was downright pleasant to him. Internally, he was thrilled to find someone who had not only a deeper understanding of having something to have to hold back, but who also seemed to want his company as well. The kirin had always felt as though the ponies never really understood what it was like to have to restrain yourself, to keep from being as fully expressive as he could be, for the sake of others... but Vivid had an even harder time than he did with that fact, as the sigils and runes were standing proof of. She seemed to have FAR more than a simple flaming mane to worry about, and for some reason? That made Clever less worried; why worry about your own mental grenade going off when someone else has to concern themselves with an entire bomb blast inside? A vessel? What sort of vessel? Clever's mind rolled through his inventory, taking stock of what might be good enough to use for something like this. "I am uncertain that I would possess a particular item that would be best utilized for such an endeavor in this circumstance... though the item in question may possibly not require any element of importance, it would perhaps be a much more significant gesture towards respecting such memories to seek out a worthy container for such a creation. As I do not believe that I curently carry anything that would effectively qualify for such an important utilization, mayhaps it would be within range of possibility for us to perhaps seek out such a worthy recipient at, perhaps, a bazaar or a similar location of purchase? I am uncertain if your august personage would be willing to press forth into whatever local burg we may be in closest proximity to, but I feel that I would much rather prefer a recepticle that would be exceedingly worthy of such interest and focus." He gave a smile and motioned towards the path he'd left to find the source of the singing to begin with. "Would you possibly endeavor to accompany me to such a location, Madam Vivid? I find your astute companionship to be exquisitely refreshing, and I would be most appreciative if we might possibly pursue a friendship together... if you find such a decision to be favorable unto you?"
  24. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!