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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day, Crescent!  }:)

  3. pretty much on the tail end of the move to new place watching ponys with new roomates, with work surpsingly giving me time to setel with the move. 

    hope everypony has been having a good and safe holidays with everything going on in the world right now. 

    started 2020 with my atempt at cutting my own mowhawk! might try to pony it but we'll see how good idea it is to have a mowhawk in minnesota.....

    pony on! 

  4. cresent interacting with a psychic would be intersting XD espically with his hole vampire in hiding thing going on also happy new year!!!
  5. The bat pony keeping the beats incident in mind eyed the jelly, how ever seeing echo wiggel and smelling the wafting mint in the cabin spiked his curisoity more. It wasnt often anything mint flavored, unless it was a holiday of sorts. So this was a welcome surpise for the bat pony, and a reminder of why he was glad echo was livving with him. Coming to new food was the best part of the day pending on the near misses and dangerous terain he ran and maped out under ground. "mmmm mint, didnt realize it was a holiday" he said with a surpised smile. "unless today is one and I've been under ground longer then thought" It wouldnt be the first time he'd come from under ground after few days at a time but it was still rare when it happend. The bat pony moved up to take a curious lick of the jelly getting some on his muzzle which he didnt realize happend, probably do to the wearyness of the day, or night?
  6. merry xmas every pony!!!! :D 

    1. Oblivion


      Hello and Merry Christmas to you as well! :rarityhat:

  7. so its offical will soon move into a new place! :D 
    if things go to plan should knock all the horse hay in one day and then back to usual schedual of posting 

  8. The unicorn paused rembering what was said about this aritifact from his uncels books " this level of perservaction?!? this has to be the best intact one found!" he said. Zot made a simuler surpised note knowing what it was, then the metel construct looked around to find.... Seeing the golden statues the construct imidelty shot up in front of its masters gaze giving a warning note to the unicorn. "wait, whers the" the unicorn looked around themselves seing the statue wincing at his own near fatel idea. "aye grabbing it would reqire better gear and others" he winced "start recording we'll send the clips back to uncel hopefully we can get a team for a futre dive" the unicorn said. "now this, this maybe less so risky to examine" The unicorn said, his horn glowing trying to match the levitaction spell around the disc.
  9. Remembering the past conversations with her the bat pony decided for today would take a break from the questions, running from something and having one dog you about it, he'd been there often enough before. Once at the shed he trotted in "heya echo," he called taking the work helmet off hanging it on the hook. Inside the hut he made sure she felt comfy and secure even with how it was originally designed for 1 pony. Crescent found a second hammock and cleared enough space for her originally when she first stayed over so the two wouldn't feel uncomfortable. Then again Crescent has had better living spots before, that's when an idea struck him, open himself to questions. 'that might really help her' "sorry for being late, a new revien must have opened up from an explosion had to see how far it went otherwise wise id give boss a smaller report then usual" he sighed flopping on his hammock.
  10. @Blitz Boom @Randimaxis Crescent found himself feeling like he had explored an area far too long, as it didn't match any map he had on him or from his memory. Feeling it was time to see some air, the batpony would began to retrace his steps. An hour later, outside the mines tunnel... He did feel like an apology to Silver was needed. He was munching on exactly how to say it; going off a lot of guesswork, and it usually works out one of two ways. Either he's right or he gets burned... and from how Silver reacted, he decided to put that in the burn pile of lessons. Lessons! Echo! The bat face-winged. That's right, the lost bat mare I took in, still surpised at it all. what is she hiding from? why is she here? She was a big curiosity to the map maker, out of all times in the mine. Another batpony shows up, eager for a job and very close to the chest about herself....Crescent had a hunch it wasn't like his level of baggage...but she was smart enough to hide in a mine. That seemed to be the big thing to Crescent...the irony doesn't escape him, but again not of his level... it was something more. He decided to take things one at a time this week... hopefully, that will mean less burns, confusion, and explosions... which the latter is an odd thing to wish were less of in a mine. Then again this was blackwater, surprises always had a habit of being closer than one thinks around here, probably why cresent always came back.
  11. @Blitz Boom @Randimaxis just looking over what i planed to post originaly he's been under ground sense he last was on another explosion could help get him out incentive wise. and it could help his entrence again in the mine. Now the question is how big and deep is the explosion?
  12. feeling the pull from the dragon statue being strongest the unicorn smirked "of course you would have the strongst pull from the others but miss zebra also had a strong pull..." he said thinking outloud. Useing his magic the unicorn pulled out a set of plying 6 sided dice "even dragon, odd zebra" he said rolling the dice on the floor one die had 5 the other 3 "dragons it is" he smiled scoping them back up putting them in his hat inner pocket. and decided to go down the hallway that had the dragon satue
  13. Picked up the pokemon sword game last night, holy cow i forgot how sucked in it i can get. So far a good pokemon game. 

  14. With the slamming of the door behind the two the small construct gave a surpised chirp even making the unicorn jump "Cadence's Mane! ok guise we can add active traps still, you good zot?" Feeling the ball try to crawl under his hat answerd the question. Seeing the size of the door red lead had to thank maybe luck, cadence or what ever helped them out of the near splattering. Seeing the Batpoy and dragon oddly put the unicorn at ease with a tad note of meloncolly, "wonder how Dracul and his family are, well dragons and bat pony's have helped out in the past so you two might be useful....however" The unicorn looked to the zebra and griffon statue "if anything is to tell us why are you 4 this far north? you i can understand" he pointed to the dragon and gryphon statues. "you two confuse me" he pointed to the pony statues. The little construct gave the unicorn a curious look "think about this far north and a bat pony is a statue found here unless these are lost tribes this cant be an accident" The construct made a small understanding note. Its eyes going to the statues glowing. "see if you can get any magic readings off it zot, these don't looked trapped but, we may need to revisit here" The unicorn lit his horn up also trying to feel any magic coming from the entrence's in front of them
  15. @Blitz Boom Seeing the harpoon in the wall the unicorn was indeed curious, finding the pressure plate his mechanical balll zot gave a warning note floating over it. "good catch, looks like one of the diggers got lucky, make sure to capture that spear in a good pic. might be lost magic or tech" The metel ball nodded chirping again its eyes focusing on the spear intently. Red leaf would carfully get to the path of least resestence looking at his opctions. "i could possibly melt the sheet but, id rather not change damigeing the door if it has a warning or somthing on it...." A chirp again from zot floting by him. "no, thier arnt any known maps, best stick natural paths to avoid more poiting problems" he nooded to the spear. a few more chirps sounded from the metal ball indicating the spear. "on our way out we will, if its the only one we find handeling it may be diffrent from other ones we know about good idea tho" An disapointed note came from the ball of metel and magic following the green unicron down the left path unobscured path.