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  1. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day.

    You are missed. 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Hey everypony im alive, life has thrown me a bigger and bigger curve balls sense my tablet went down. In a nutshell in still in "rp highbernaction " I guise is the best term for it. Trying to find a better place to live, at the time of writing in at my parents but don't know where ill be long term. Hope you all are happy and safe :) and ill post when possible if not on here then my amino. Speaking of which, I made a story you can find hope you enjoy and love you all -cwhip9 

  4. @Blitz Boom Crescent was glad to see the colt tackle him. He held the colt as he soon found strength and stand " alot of things don't make sense, but I will find answers cover" he said soon letting the colt down he nodded. "Zinthar found somthing. He somewhat recognizes some markings but come on ill show you" he said leading the colt to the pedistol Zinthar found. At the colts stage answers were needed most with how crescent felt. Loosing everything changes you, and the unknown can scare most others then most. "These runes may be older then me but maybe these could be recognizable for you" he said hoping it will lead to somthing.
  5. @Blitz Boom At the word pagen crescent felt a knot of worry from his belly. "It is a possibility " he nodded as the cat did some more looking around he joined the hopefully less crying colt draping his wing around the youngster "cover, hey, come on big guy we cam get through this all right" he said knowing trying to calm the colt more before questing him would be best "told ya id be back eh? "
  6. @Blitz Boom my aplogys on the delay didn't get the notification for some reason from your last respons
  7. @Blitz Boom seeing the ruins he never seen he too was curious more. Hearing the feline sayvhe might know what happend, crescents own mind relaxed a bit "somponys trap or experiment gone wring perhaps? What you think it might have been? " the bat asked still keeping an ear out for the young colt.
  8. @Blitz Boom After the freak flying rocks crescent instinctively put a wing over cover up and himself. Once the show was over crescent herd the feline behind him. "I'll be right back cover ok promise" he said hugging the young colt tightly before he investigated what zinthar was referring too "what in night mothers stray mane did that? " as he trotted over to the feline
  9. @Randimaxis previous night* As the night soon feel crescent warmed up some food for him and echo to eat to which he was thankful to eat with sonpony. After soon talking more about himself, his time at the mine along with how he's adapted to the day night bit. Soon tho sleep oddly called the batpony who laid out his hammock for her and pulling out a sleeping bag for himself to sleep. "Don't worry echo, " he said with a yawn "all else fails the cook will need a hoof with helping feed everypony here. Sleep well " he said soon falling asleep.....*the next day* Crescent woke up to the morning alarm feeling like he slept to long he hurriedly woke echo up and after wolfing down his breakfast he made his way with echo to the door. Then stopped realizing are you going to deal with him batty? "We might maker a detour on the way to the boss, doubt it but just a hoofs up. You ready?" he asked with a cheerful tone to the other bat pony.
  10. XD that only "would have made me stronger muhahaha!" but ok ill come up with a post soon
  11. So I couldn't find whinny city con in conventions tab mofht as well post here in planning a trip their winderung if anypony in the MAN area is also going thinking of starting a carpool party to their heroes a link for details to it hit me up or pm me if your interested in tagging along :D

  12. @Blitz Boom As the colt sobbed crescent hugged cover up with his wings "cover, cover its ok" he said tilting the colts head to look him in the eye "we will have answers we will get though this ok. " he said sounding older then he felt "come on lets keep our heads up your family could still be out their looking for you as well don't give up" he said helping the colt stand and wipe a tear away hoapung to leave the place as well. It felt too.....familiar too him.
  13. back :D