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  1. looking for MLP websites on google!
  2. Oh sorry!!! I thought it was a topic for all of us to post our art!!!
  3. I know an e-commerce where to find MLP stuff!
  4. I usually use ILLUSTRATOR for my art. I'm an old generation fan, so my art is only about G1. Sorry
  5. Hi everybody! Lately I fouind a lot of clothing stuff and accessories MLP related in italian store, like TEZENIS and H&M. I want to share with u some of the clothes I found! (of course I bought some of them!) Do you have gadgets, clothes or anything else apart from dolls, of MLP? Do u wear MLP accessories or clothing when hang out with friends? I DO!!!!!
  6. G1 is the best to me... maybe because I was there when the first cartoon aired on TV!
  7. I was a little girl when G1 came out. Of course is not like nowadays... the merchandise in italy was not so spread, but for that time, I remember LOTS of dolls and school stuff with ponies on it! Now I'm lucky enough to see thet the G1 is back again on several clothing brands (like moschino and tezenis here in italy). I could even be able to fin a little e-commerce that sells G1 stuff! Other seller in that website sells newer generations too.
  8. I also found this artist who makes awesome dolls! my favourite one is this one:
  9. hi everybody! how are you?? I love 80s generation of ponies, and i usually look for gadget about these old little ones... I found these custom dolls! what do u think about it??? I totally love them!
  10. Hi everybody! I'm Alex from Italy! I'm totally in love with MLPs but I must say I prefer the 80s style. I'm so happy a lot of brands are pruducing a lot of clothes with my old ponies on it!!!!!