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  1. I mean like if you Star to watch the show when you were a kid and now you are older, like you Star at 7 and now you are 14 (just an example) and how do you feel about that ? its the show growing with its audience
  2. Yes but look all they gave us , slice of life, make some fandom stuff canon, applejack parents episode, go a little dark with some episodes, twilight and tirek battle, and more, we should be thankful that at least they paying attention to us instead of ignoring the fandom completely, but look we are not the target audience and the fact that is going a little more mature, makes us be more thankful about hasbro
  3. I am 16 years old, I was having a really sad time in my life, I Star watching the show and kind of like it, then I watch more and more and just start to love it i feel a little ashamed for liking it at first but the more I watch it the less I care about that the show just makes me feel super happy, and it's pretty damm good like really well made, everything it's 3 dimensional and there is a lot of effort on this show. i have learn a lot about friends cause this show actually analyzed the topic instead of just saying be nice and that's it, friendship is really magic, it's just the truth, i am 16 years old and I love my little pony so much and not feel ashamed about that , it makes me happy it's important to me , this fandom is just amazing and I wanna thank everyone for being so nice to me , you are like the best thing that has ever happen to me just thanks.
  4. Just want to know, I post my reasons when I get 4 comments ( they are really deep reasons )
  5. Like so much stuff happens, the crusaders marks, the tirek battle, 150 episodes so many fandom name and stuff like that, and at what age little girls stop watching it? Like they watch the first season when they were young and they stop later ( maybe some of them became pegasister ) and they just never seen what happens next, anyway is the show a little hard to follow
  6. Bad things about mlp, I like the show a lot but if we are going to say the best I think it's fair to say the worse 

  7. You are right, my best friends already know and they take it ok, but I won't tell my family unless is necessary yeah my name it's an outsiders reference, is one of my favorite books and I though it would be funny naming my oc ponyboy without them noticing it's a outsiders reference
  8. Hello I realize Facebook is blocking brony accounts for no reason they block me twice and now I can't enter, Imdont use my real name cause I don't want every single person to know personal stuff about me so I think that blocking should stop know. I am a really good guy that did anything wrong I found a happy place where I can express myself and they just block me for no reason.
  9. Ok I am new here so I am a little confuse of how this site works
  10. How does this site works, how I make question what is a rank etc

  11. Hello I am a 16 years old Brony and I timhibk being a brony is hardest on my age, I can't go to cons or collect pony stuff, and I am still at school so telling everyone I am a brony will have me a hard time anypony here with my own situation
  12. Fluttershy she si just cute and kind, like she is the most selfless of them all secondary scotaloo she is just a very relatable character, flight to the finish is my favorite episode cause who depicts kid suffering with disabilities , we se her being bully tried her best to flight and failing and it's hard to watch