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  1. I tried too, and I see what you mean by "separate header", as I just took at a peak at the stock cooler the R7 came with, and it had two different options to power the RGBs on it. The problem is...I don't know what model fans the case comes with, as the specs never list it. In hindsight, knowing what model they are would make it a lot easier.
  2. So I've done a bit more digging into the fan business since the CoolerMaster H500 comes with two 200MM RGB fans. And I'm kind of confused on the how the fans RGB works. So I have an MSI X470 Pro-Carbon...it has an RGB header...two actually, "JRGB1" and "Jrainbow". Am I supposed to plug the fans into one of those along with a fan header? Or do the RGBs power themselves? Case also comes with a separate remote dongle, but do I need a Corsair fan control center for that? As I've seen that pop up several times when I tried researching this.
  3. I will if I build up the courage! Still kind of internet shy when it comes to some stuff
  4. AstroJams


    Thanks for the welcome! much appreciated
  5. PFFFT, I'd ignore um. Honestly I think NZXT makes some of the finest looking cases out there! Very aesthetic! I was originally planning to get one but the price point was a bit too high for me regarding cases. As for internals though, I'm gonna be using a Sapphire RX590, plus an R7 2700x. Wouldn't have gone with that CPU..since it's pretty expensive, but I managed catch it on it's lowest price point sale, so I feel lucky about that. I'm gonna looking forward to find out what temps I get, and if I need to add anything to control them better. My main goal for this build is temp control...not nec
  6. PSU fan? or case fan? OOOF, I just looked that up, that thing looks like it has no airflow, which torments me, because I'm going to rely on air cooling. Anyway, thanks for the assurance! Makes me less worried
  7. What was your favorite track?
  8. I'm sorry, but I just thought I'd share. This has got to be the best BP album I've stumbled upon so far.
  9. So I recently got a Fractal Design meshify C.....and I was trying to wire it but there was so little space between the 3.5 drive trays and the PSU...I couldn't plug anything in to the PSU ._. So I urged myself to gedt rid of the case (mainly because it was smaller than i expect) and I'm expecting a CoolerMaster H500 to arrive January. I'm using this power supply. Do you think i'll have any problems with it in this case too orrrrrrrrrr am I good here?
  10. I used to think that'd I'd never use it but now I'm stuck with a bluetooth headset, and constantly use it. However I'd love to use non-Bluetooth again, because the headset battery can't meet my needs and I think i'm making it worse due to how much I use it.
  11. Is there any current fan game projects going on? I haven't ran across any lately. I'd like to look at some if y'all have any recommendations. Also is Pony ville shut down or just being dumb? It keeps giving me a 500 error.
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    There's a second box panel? Or whatever this is? I'm new to this so gimmie a chance 'ere.
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