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  1. Steam nods, sighing softly. Still, a job is a job. Steam follows Allegory in the box car. As she talks about the job, something along the lines of evidence. More along the lines of subtlety and spying on a guard. Or just going with the sure fire method of "forcing" the evidence out of them. "So, spy on the guard?" she rephrases. Allegory seem like she was dealing, least that's what Steam is assuming. flexing her neck for a tad before she talked about the Dweller, "Huh, the Dweller? That's a fun story." she rolled her eyes. She sounded a little artificial for her sake.
  2. Didn't really consider the idea of just bailing with a small bag of caps. Somepony is willing to put this amount of caps for a up front cost certainly were asking for a high price. Hearing the name White Sting certainly affirm her suspicions. Though that name doesn't compared to the infamous Red Eye, it wouldn't take too long to exceed the name with the climate of the wasteland around here. Anything along the lines of raiders and having a little fun with them is certainly she's in business in. A smirk went and lower as she look calm before Allegory. Steam follow the mare, "Steam." she replied plainly. Part of her wonder why was someone like a clerk or even owner asking about this. A slight cautious was in the air. Trotting over her, tongue pushing along her cheek.
  3. A chuckle coming for her lips. She wasn't expecting to get a request after ammo refill. Still, she wasn't one to look at a job negatively. Looking over the bag of caps, she nods "Alright," she might as well least consider it. No harm there (I'd at work, so short post atm)
  4. Shrugs at her response, if she doesn't want help. That's on her. With a glance as she finish the transaction to the clerk to get all her ammunition. "Have fun, cowpony." Steam chuckle at her nickname of the red 'brave' mare, walking past her. Somepony is failing to comprehend the severity of the situation. She suppose that they'll find out eventually that this place isn't all cupcakes and sunshine.
  5. @@Ethan Sawyer,@@Ethan Sawyer, Her brow raised as the clerk suggested that the red mare should join up with her, "Idea or otherwise, unless she has extra caps or some type of impressive magic skills." she huffs, considering the idea a little more in her head. "I mean, if she has some type of good support or medical skills. I wouldn't be against the idea of her tagging along." she shrugged, less of a liability, the better. The bigger problem is that she sticks out like a sore hoof. Something certainly need to be done to fix that.
  6. @,@@Ethan Sawyer, Steam places her hoof on her chin again and starts to ponder once more, "I'll be using the incendiary more when the situation is needed. Trying to keep my bases cover if certain armor or creatures are weak to it." she explains. The box in caps still on the counter. Though she was thankful that she care for the customer. Sometimes the customer is willing to carry more than is optimal. Her head turned over to the red mare as she walked away with only a gun. A small shake of her head as she was about to leave "If you're going to get out of the junction, you better find a partner or group with ya. You look as green as my flank here." she quipped.
  7. ah sorry about the delay, the weekend was a mess (i've been setting up things for an interview tomorrow.) I'll post in a bit
  8. @,@@Ethan Sawyer, With a large huff, she took a long look at her saddle bags, before finally unclipping the right one and placing it on the counter, the look on her face, seemingly surprised about her purchase. Glancing down and placing her hoof on her chin, 980 caps is a little... to steep. Now that she hears it all together, she sighs and shakes her head. "Ya know what, just give the incendiaries and take the caps ya need for here. Also a pack of 12 Gauge, regular" waving her hoof, she would be doing the same she was trying to finish up.
  9. @@Ethan Sawyer, Turns her head as she wanted an explanation on the different holsters type, "Well, a normal holster is like this." she pull off the side of her cloak, revealing her .22 and part of a her green fur,, the color with a slight tint of brown from all the dirt she has to deal with. "They are pretty basic, have a simple shape and they generally wide, they're more for other weapons as well, depending on the size of the holster. Concealed holster, are more like molded. They have specific shape to them that is exact to the weapon. Concealed holster can be place in a variety of places on clothes and most, if not all would be unable to see them. You can do that with regular holster, but that if you have fashionable cloak like yours truly." she quipped. Pulling her cloak back to herself
  10. @, @@Ethan Sawyer, Admittedly, Steam tried to be someone to be frugal. Not one to spend on her caps of basically anything, but... This certainly wasn't anything you see much in the wasteland. This was something that would be define as a motherlode. That amount of ammunition, she can't figure how long it would take her to actually lose all of those bullets. Weeks, Months, maybe even a year? She salivate a little, before shallowing. .50 are hard enough to find, but all of this... Her mind contemplated spending all those caps. Ah, screw it! Steam took a defeated sigh as she went into her saddle bags one more time. Placing boxes of caps on the counter along with weapons placed on the counter. "Screw it, I'll take it all." damn, she was probably going to regret this later on, but she knew that it was better to prep up. Bounties with high caps aren't exactly going to be used with .22s. "Also, get the concealer holster. Better be prepared."
  11. @@Ethan Sawyer, Lips pursed up as she went for the .44 ammo, she didn't exactly agree with it, but it's her caps. Not her own, she did exhale long as she didn't get a holster. Closing her eyes as she shook her head, holster are pretty important or at least something to hold onto revolver. Something is getting a little too greedy for their own good. "Also, get a holster for her. I'll pay for it." she points her hoof at Scarlett. Wasn't like it was much caps anyway.
  12. I am unsure if I should post again or just wait for the others, considering I do have an opportunity, but I don't know if we're waiting for something.
  13. @@Defender of Tomorrow,@, @@Ethan Sawyer Immediately hearing the strong accent from the stallion, she glance over at him, brows rose up as Steam looked at him curiously. Not your prototypical group of folks here. Her eyes rolls at his recommendation however,doesn't look like they know each other. This mare looks like a pony who would lose her eye out with the recoil itself, magic or otherwise. Fortunate that the clerk wasn't going to just give her that weapon. Smart one, you want to keep your customers alive. Her eyes went over to the red mare, as as the clerk talked about on capacitor with Storm. Her lips open up, "You might want to get yourself a holster, unless you like having a revolver in your mouth." Her voice a little dry, an obvious need of some water. Her head turns around as she was being called by the clerk. Approaching the counter as she unclip the saddle bags. She went into them and place a pipe rifle on the counter all rusted up and used, pulling out and placing another one with the same condition. From both bags she took out two pipe pistols. Steam went deep into her bag as she place a saw off shotgun. Placing a large leather piece, used to protect the chest, having a burnt right down the middle, but no bullet wounds, thankfully. Then came the ammo. The green earth pony tried not to make a mess on the counter, placing the boxes of .38s next to the pipe weapons. As she counted the weapons herself, she look back at the clerk. Clearing her throat, "I'm looking for..." she place a hoof along her chin, contemplating her thoughts. "20 .50 Cal bullets" her hoof move beneath her cloak, unholster her hidden .22 pistol, ejecting the magazine, to check her count. "25 .22 bullets and... a silencer attachment or parts for one for a rifle. Oh, and about 50 caps extra that is," she holster back her .22 as she looked back at Allegory, "you willing to trade with me."
  14. Every time I make a long post, like to listening to some music to get some creative juices flowing. Today's theme is Aquatic Ambience.

  15. Storage, storage is a necessary evil. If you have enough strength, you could savage a massive hull after a raid. Too small and you’re letting scavengers have weapons and armor scott free. Not mention strength, Steam wasn’t one who could carry a fatman or minigun without some appropriate strength training or full suit armor. Still, here she was with a motherlode of items in her saddlebags Steam wasn’t one to decide on killing on a whim, but desperate times come with desperate measures. Only with a half a day supplies left, not exactly knowing where she was going and finding a couple of raiders down around a broken down house, it was a perfect disaster waiting to happen. It was only a matter of waiting until night before she took them out. It wasn’t exactly an easy process, return fire, potential bullet wound, but only scraped the fur. It was only a matter of pure luck that she gotten out of there, unscathed. Now, here she was in R7 Junction with a guns, armor, and supplies. Sure, she could of use them, maybe modified them like her trusty rifle. However, she wasn’t one to bother with plethora of guns. Better to barter with someone and get some caps out of it, then carried around and losing or stealing them. With her cloak wavering around with the faint wind, the sound of metal clinging around her saddle bags. She trots along through the junction. She wasn’t exactly a normal mare, she was pretty tall. They might thought of her as some stallion as most of her appearance is hidden beneath the cloak, however her muzzle and face had soften feature and has a nice peach fur along it. Maybe in some other life she would have been some supermodel or at least someone who can help ponies who need get something from the top shelf. Her long legs push along the rough texture, her mind intertwined on ignoring the stares and going right towards a weapon shop. @@Ethan Sawyer, @, @@Defender of Tomorrow, "And welcome to Stream's Hit-n-Run, young miss! What are you here for: weapons, armor, supplies, or getting your things repaired?" the green earth pony heard as she entered the shop. Glancing over to see two ponies talking business. While another was standing behind the red mare. The red mare certainly didn’t look like she was from around here. She certainly gave off the vibe of royalty with how well her fur and clothes were not ridden with the stretch of the wastelands. Steam didn’t bother with more deduction as her eyes wavered over to the counter. Looking over at the possible ammo. .50 caliber bullets, probably the most effective gun that doesn’t involve it pewing or ka-booming. Her trusty hunting rifle, strap on her back, modified to have that powerful bullet. A curse, with how much bloody caps it cost to have a .50 cal. Still, with how well the bullet pierces armor, it certainly worth the caps. She trots over and stands behind the red mare, like a good customer should do. She already had a plan. 2 pipe pistol, 9mm pistol, a knife, 20 .38 round, 10 9 mm. Not to mention parts of leather armor. Least enough to salvage a full armor. Should be enough for a couple of bullet and some extra caps if needed. Least enough where she find a job with enough caps not to go into her cap bag. Steam waits along, as she faintly hears the conversation they're having about guns. Whoever this red mare is, it was getting a little cringe worthy to hear her not know what type of pistol are out there. Her face gave look of disdain, but she kept it to herself.