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  1. Masun got up and rifled through the mini bar finding a large assortment of all sorts of alcohol. Masun found some bourbon and poured it in a small glass with ice, filling it all the way to the top. Masun sat back down and waited for everyone to get on the plane. Everyone filed in and sat down in the seats they wanted to sit in. "Everyone put on your seat belts and we will begin our ascent" Felicia said, as she strapped her chest seat belt on. Masun strapped his on, and so did everyone else. The sharp noise of the planes engines being brought to life could be heard for a brief moment before the exit door shut. The cabin was completely insulated from the sound of outside, which, no doubt, came from the luxurious design. The plane slowly began to move forward, but began to increase in speed as they reached the middle of the runway, and eventually the plane lifted off the ground and into the sky, ascending until the altitude was appropriate. Felicia unclipped her seat belt, and so did everyone else. Felicia grabbed a white remote that was Velcro'd to the side of her chair. She pushed a button, and everyone's chairs abruptly changed angle and faced the outwards. Then the isle floor retracted and a large, fancy, wooden table that spanned all of the chairs rose from the isle. Felicia pushed another button, and it moved her chair to the head of the table. Masun placed his drink on the table and leaned back in his chair. "Very fancy.", Masun murmured "Yes, well. Now that we are airborne, we can get down to the brass tacks." Felicia said, handing a stack of files to Masun, who took one and passed it down, everyone taking one and passing it down so that they all had a file. Masun opened the file which had a bold stamp that read, "Top Secret" with a United States eagle stamped on the bottom right. The first item in the file was a grainy picture of what looked to be a thin, blonde man, only maybe 19 years of age, walking to a market on a busy day, captured mid stride across the street. "The first item you will see in your file, is a picture of an incubus who goes by the name Apollo. This was taken last week in Kiev, Ukraine. His real name is unknown, but we do know that he is a confirmed Area 6 agent, taking direct commands from Vladimir Putin, himself. Turn to the next item..." Felicia said. Masun turned to the next item, which was another grainy picture, which looked like it was taken from a satellite. The picture was of the top of a complex, surrounded by a forest. "Due to information gathering, we have reason to believe that Putin is trying to usurp the current Prime Minister of the Ukraine in order to annex the Ukraine as a part of Russian soil. Of course, the Ukrainians would rather have a large bloody war than just hand themselves over willingly. So, we believe that, Putin plans to kidnap, and possible murder the current Prime Minister in secret, adn use his Incubus to shape shift into the current Prime Minister in order to annex the Ukraine as Russian soil without a war. This photo you are looking at, is the top of a facility on the outskirts of Kiev that we believe Apollo is hiding in." Felicia paused to take a sip of some juice she poured for herself earlier. "But what is the purpose of this huge facility to house just one important oddity?" Masun asked "I'm glad you asked that. The prime minister is constantly under close watch by Area 18 oddities. They have some of the best clairvoyants and divining magi in the world. The clairvoyants would be able to spot an intruder a mile away. And even if they somehow kidnapped the PM under the clairvoyants' noses, the divining magi would be able to detect an impostor prime minister right away. They have been building up forces in this facility so that they can directly challenge Area 18. And they did just that. Yesterday at 23:00 local time, they attacked the forces of Area 18, and we believe they infiltrated the ranks of Area 18 with some of their own magi. Unfortunately, because of the nature of their magic, it is almost impossible to tell the impostors from the real magi. So they have quarantined all the Magi until they figure out who is who. They plan on going through with their operation to replace Apollo with the prime minister in two days. That's where you guys come in. We want you to infiltrate their base of operations and shut them down, with any means necessary, and capture Apollo as a prisoner, and bring him back. The name of this operation is, 'Operation Sunblock.' We will be flying over their base here in about 22 hours. At that point, you all will jump from this plane and infiltrate the base. Turn to the next item." Felecia said, once more. Everyone turned to the next item, it was another satellite image of an airstrip. " This is a United States Army airstrip about 70 clicks north of their base of operations you will be dropping on, there will be a jet waiting for you there to extract you." "Wait a second! 70 clicks!? That's damn near 50 miles from the drop point, how on earth to you expect us to get Apollo to the air strip?!" Masun exclaimed. "That's your problem. You guys are smart, I am sure you will figure it out. Anyway, that concludes the briefing. There are documents inside the files that give a bit of further explanation on your mission. I suggest you read them all on your way, we have about a full day before we reach the drop off point. Any other questions?" Director Davis asked.
  2. "Umm. I don't know-" Masun didn't have the answer but luckily at that moment Director Davis filed in and sat down across from Masun. "That would be because I haven't told anyone yet. Let's wait until we are airborne before I do a briefing." Felicia interjected.
  3. The week passed by quickly, everyone trained for the upcoming mission. Friday night came, and all of Fukuro was inside the elevator, even Director Davis was inside the elevator. "Lets get this show on the road, shall we?" Director Davis said as she pushed a few buttons on the elevator panel. The elevator moved up about a floor, but then Masun noticed that the elevator started moving forward, not up. It moved forward for about 30 seconds and then moved upwards once more. The elevator opened on the Area 51 flight strip. The elevaor sticking out of the black top, which looked a bit peculiar, but the elevator housing was obviously built into the black top, so it wasn't too strange. A small private jet was on the flight strip right in front of them, the staircase door was open and it was preparing for take off. Masun, Charles, Auria, and Sam all boarded the aircraft. The interior was very elegant, it was clear that the Area 51 spared no expense on comfort and luxury. The seats were all white leather. The seats were facing the cockpit which was behind a red oak door. The seats were able to swivel backwards as well. Each chair had its own wooden table, and if someone wanted to swivel their chair to face the person behind them, they could also push their chairs back a few inches and combine their tables to make an even larger table. There was a medium sized refrigerator/freezer as well as a flat screen tv and a full snack bar. There were also two bathrooms, both no doubt, as luxurious as the rest of the plane. Masun took the seat in the back and waited for everyone else to take their seats.
  4. "No, that will be all." Masun said as he turned towards the door. He was about to leave when he felt the familiar vibration of his phone indicating a received text message. Masun noticed that, above all else, somehow Felicia's contact information had been programmed into his phone, so that the received message he was looking at had Felecia's name on it. "How did-?" Masun started, but then began reading the text. Don't worry too much about how I got my contact information in your phone. We have top notch network infiltration and security at Area 51, most of the tips and tricks the NSA uses, they get from us. I personally loaded all of my necessary contact information into every one of your unit's phones. By the way, I hope you have come up with a name for your squad, because you have your first mission a week from now. You'll leave on Friday night and arrive at your destination Saturday night. You will all be briefed on the mission on the private jet you will be taking. I will be on that jet as well, to brief you, personally. So use this week as a unit to train and hone your skills. This message has been sent to all the members of the new unit. Masun replied to the text: I did think of a name, our unit shall go by Fukurō, the Japanese word for Owl. In Japan the owl is a symbol of good luck and prosperity, it is also a nocturnal carnivore that hunts its prey during the night. Masun received a reply immediately: I like it, Fukurō it is! "Well, I am assuming you got this message too?" Masun asked Charles
  5. Masun's eyes grew wide in surprise, that Charles had figured it out, I suppose he is a hunter, and tracking does come with that vocation. So it does require him to be a detective of sorts. I shouldn't have been be too surprised, Masun thought. Masun looked down at his combat boots that came with his captain uniform, he then extended his right arm and grasped the air in front of him, his sword Haruki materializing in his grasp out of black wisps of vampire energy. The sword was in its cherry wood saya, with the cherry blossom branch painted on it. Masun tossed the sword over to Charles who caught it. "This was the last sword I ever forged as the sword-saint Gorou Masamune. Go ahead open it." Masun waited for Charles to unsheathe it before continuing. "My smithing was so great, I was revered as a sword-saint. People thought that my talent came from the heavens, and that every sword that I created was a divine blade. As you can tell from the feel of that blade, for some reason, these blades did give of a blessed aura. Though to tell the truth, I never believed it myself, and I couldn't tell you what gave my blades a blessed feeling, other than that I had perfected a technique of smithing called 'nie'. 'Nie' made my blades look like they had a shard of the night sky trapped inside them. Perhaps it was this technique that gave my swords that aura. Or at least, that is what I thought, until I became a vampire and slept for three hundred years. When I woke, I started smithing again, even taking on an apprentice, who I already mentioned. Smithing was the only thing that kept me preoccupied enough to not have time to think about what happened to my fiance. It wasn't until about a year to two years after I started smithing again that I was notified that there was something terribly wrong with my blades. An emperor's liaison came into my smithy and told be about the disasterous effects that my blades had on people's minds. I didn't realize it right away, but something clicked and I knew that my vampiric energy was seeping into my metals when I was forging them." Masun paused and took out his flask to take a sip but realized it was dry. He put the flask back in his pocket and continued talking. "I mean, I was a part of every step of the metal's forging. I took iron sand, because in japan we didn't have very much readily available iron deposits, but we did have ironsand deposits. I was able to take ironsand. I don't know if you are familiar with the practice of tamahagane, but it is essentially layering ironsand with charcoal until it makes a clump of usable steel which was fairly low grade compared to actual full iron deposits. But I made clumps of steel from ironsand and charcoal, as well as forged the steel to make the blades themselves. I was involved in every step of the construction. Unbeknownst to me, my vampiric energies seeped into these blades, creating bloodthirsty blades of evil. I was very depressed, but I don't know if my emotions had anything to do with my blades' aura of evil." "So, after learning this, I vowed never to forge again. Though, my apprentice would go off and continue using my methods and teaching others, there was no danger of him infecting the blades because he was not a vampire." Masun looked Charles in the eyes, "So, there you have it. I went from being a sword-saint to a sword-demon. I suppose to be on the same page, it takes both of us to disclose our identities." Masun finished.
  6. Masun felt like Charles was holding back on something important about his stay with the Yakuza, but Masun decided that was a conversation for another time. "Nah, man. I wasn't too worried about that, just worried about your mental state overall. It's important that we work well as a team, and to work well we need to be able to understand each other. Just trying to understand you better, that's all." Masun said, as he handed the sword back to Charles.
  7. Charles held up the sword, it had a black saya with a blue cord. Masun walked over to Charles and took the katana he was holding, so he could better examine it. Everything looked familiar, in fact, it looked Muramasa style. When Masun awoke from his hibernation the first time, he assumed a new name. And with his new name came a new style of katana forging. While he did keep most of his style from his Masamune days, his newer blades looked more sinister and precise. Ditching the old wavy temper lines, for a new straight temper lines, and not using the nie method as often, the blades looked cold and clinical. The blade Masun was holding seemed very close to the same style of his Muramasa forging, with some creative liberties taken. This blade was not forged by Masun, but he knew who did forge it. And the name tied it all in, Hebi. "Hebi, eh? I once new a little runt that went by that name. I believe his name was Hebi Shinzu." Masun recalled, "Yes, in fact, he used to help me in my shop for a few years. I think it was the latter part of the 15th century. I never exactly taught him, he always just observed me, and my methods. Eventually he started making blades in my shop with me. He wasn't bad, but he certainly wasn't a master. This blade looks a lot like the one he would forge, but it looks a lot more skillful in its design. If I had to guess, this was forged by him, in his later years." Masun commented. "And it makes sense for the Yakuza to no longer dabble in what they were years ago. Area 14 all but crushed them for what they were doing. They probably had a reformation, and decided that the less noticeable route in earning money, would be to go for larger companies. It doesn't by any means mean that they are just in their actions, it just means they downplayed certain operations. But, they attacked Area 14, eh? I suppose it must come to a boiling point sometime. How long ago was this?" Masun asked.
  8. Masun walked inside Charles room and was immediately greeted with a wide assortment of knickknacks on display hung up all over the walls of Charles' room. Masun's eye was drawn to a particular sword that had a familiar energy to it. The sword was in its saya, and had red cording on the saya, as well has red braided cording on the suka. The suka was decorated with oni faces; an oni face on the kasira-gane, and an oni face in the menuki. From the mouth of the oni on the kasira-gane, was a chain that connected the katana to a weighted steel ball. Masun couldn't put his finger on it, but, he knew he had seen this katana before. Curiosity got to Masun and he grabbed the suka and the saya and parted the saya from the blade, exposing the blade. Not only was the temper line completely straight, but the martensitic crystals were embeded in the pearlite matrix of the steel, making the steel look like a starry night sky. It was then that Masun knew that this blade was made by himself. Masun wasn't sure to tell Charles of his discovery or not, so he just decided to get on with what he came here to say in the first place. "So... the reason why I came to your room," Masun said, "is because I am not satisfied with our argument. I noticed that at dinner, you suddenly entered a meditative focused state where your breathing became shallow. And the same thing happened while you were driving. Now if I am correct, this is because you were recalling a past memory of something. And i think that something has to do with our discussion in the car."
  9. As Masun meditated, he thought about Charles odd behavior. His spacing out combined with his defending of the Yakuza, made Charles seem very suspect. Masun was shook out of the meditation by Charles and decided he would say something. But it must have taken Masun a while for him to fully awaken from his meditation, because, by the time Masun opened his eyes, Charles was already gone. I am not sure where Charles went, but I suppose I will just try his room first. Seems like the best place to find him. Masun thought. And with that Masun began walking through the facility in search of Charles. Masun walked over to Charles door and knocked.
  10. Masun knew there was more, much more to it, and he saw the connection between this and the time Charles zoned out at the casino. But Masun was tired, perhaps for the first time in a century. Normally Masun didn't feel tired, if he fell asleep it was due to too much alcohol, not because he felt like sleeping. But this time Masun felt actually tired. "You know, I don't really care right now, I am going to take a nap until we get there. Shake me awake when we arrive." Masun replied. Masun then closed his eyes and entered a meditative sleep that he learned in his years out in the wilderness. A form of sleep that vampires can go into that shuts down all nonessential functions of the body. This is the form of sleep that Masun used to sleep for hundreds of years at a time, only on a smaller scale. Masun didn't snore, in fact, Masun didn't breath hardly at all, his skin went completely cold as his heart pumped even slower than it already did. The blood in Masun's brain stood still, and he went into a mostly dreamless coma.
  11. "Brush off my... what?" Masun didn't understand the euphemism that Charles used but quickly decided to take offence to it, "Look, pal, I know we only just met each other yesterday, but let me remind you that I am your superior, and I don't take kindly to condescent. Do you understand?" Masun lashed out. He expected some quick witted response from Charles that would further condescend against him, but was surprised when he got no response. "I said do you understand, Charles?" Masun was now looking in the rearview mirror at Charles' eyes but was surprised when instead of finding a humorous expression in them, he found an empty look. "Charles?" Masun reached over the driver's seat and grabbed his shoulder once again to shake him from another daydream.
  12. "The jingi is a sham. They spout idealistic nonsense to look professional, and maybe on some level, they believe it themselves. But it is really just an adjustable goalpost they move to suit their current needs. Their first rule in the code was, 'No sale or distribuition of illicit drugs' and yet, there I was, on a train full of illicit drugs. The 4th rule in the code deals with many things but , 'No kidnapping' was one of them, and yet, there they were, talking about kidnapping and selling children. The, 'we deal our own justice' act is all cool and noble looking on the outside, but when you realize who chooses what constitutes, 'justice' then you realize that their system is the same as every other crime organization: bully the weak and make a profit off of it. I find the mere fact that you are defending them, disgusting. Sure, them being scumbags doesn't necessarily justify me murdering them, but it puts it into perspective. If I would have said, 'Area 14 ordered me to murder a train full of orphans, woman, and old people, that would be a lot worse than the reality, which is that I had to kill a train full of members of an organization that thrives off of the anguish of the poor." Masun retorted. "And why exactly are you defending them? It sounds like you have a soft spot for the yakuza for some weird reason."
  13. "That's not what I said. I said I killed them because Area 14 told me to kill them, not because they were potential murderers or whatever. I just added that little end bit about them being criminals for the benefit of those listening because they were trash. If you are working for the Yakuza you are either brainwashed to be evil or just plain evil yourself. This was in 1934, and the particular group I was dealing with was the Yamaguchi-gumi, the leader at the time was Yamaguchi Nobura if I remember correctly. At the time they were kidnapping child oddities, it didn't matter what type of oddity they were, it just mattered if they were an oddity. They raided towns and villages at night, kidnapping thousands of innocent children. This was all part of their plan to create an army of supersoldiers under the control of the criminal families. At the time Area 14 wasn't sure where they were located, and truth be told, the Yakuza was quite spread out, on purpose. We would find bases here and there, and destroy them, but it never seemed to make a dent, they always had more." Masun stopped, opened his jacket and pulled out his flask which was still half full, and took a large swig of its contents before continuing. "So, Area devised a plan, they didn't know where all their bases were located, but they had a pretty good solid amount of information about the Yakuza's merchandise network. They thought that if they couldn't hit the Yakuza where they lived, they would hit them where they made a living. It is a pretty ingenious strategy, it is the same strategy employed by the militaries of old. When laying seige to capital cities, the cities would pull up their draw bridges in order to keep out the invaders. In order for the invading army to occupy the city, they would either need the proper equipment to tear down the walls, or they could do what smart armies do. They would block up the streams and sources of water that lead into the city and cause a drought. Either the city would have to come out from their walls or die of dehydration. This plan was much like that, we would cut off their main financial sources and cause a bankruptcy. I was just one of many deployed to bring this plan into fruition. We didn't have fancy names for operations back then like we do now. But now, if you were to look into the files concerning this event it would be entitled Operation King-breaker. I, like many others, were deployed to attack their trade routes and kill all who were affiliated with the trade routes as well as destroy all the product they were transporting." Masun was looking out the window at the passing desert terrain as he spoke. "So, I did just that. While the train was moving, I ran beside it and hopped aboard the car that was right after the caboose. The car was empty, but was connected directly to a passenger car, which no doubt was there to keep some yakuza guards aboard to make sure things went smoothly. I overheard them speaking about their plan to raise up the oddity army. They said things like, "if they are weak oddities, who cares? They can still fetch a large sum from rich perverts." That is when I had heard enough, and decided to send them all to hell, or wherever people like them go. So don't buy into their whole system of honor, it is as flimsy and as flexible as the crappy swords they use." Masun finished.
  14. "I didn't kill them for the heroine, I killed them because Area 14 told me to make sure there were no survivors on that train. They were mass murdering drug peddling children trafficking pieces of trash. So they weren't exactly innocents either. Making money out of others' misfortune is the code of every organized crime syndicate." Masun replied.
  15. Masun looked at his phone which displayed the time, it was now 02:21, which meant it would be time to go to sleep once more here soon. I didn't realize we were there for so long, it's almost time to sleep again, Masun thought. Masun heard Charles' reply, but didn't realize it was a joke until Auria said something. "I never used a train set before, but I did slaughter a bunch of yakuza on a train once. It was the yakuza's train and they were transporting huge amounts of heroine. I think I killed about three hundred people that day. Does that count?" Masun replied.