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  1. if ya'll wanna join, just send me a private message and/or add me as a friend! I could talk to ya'll and explain things to ya before we get into business, and just a quick question: Anyone of ya happen to know what NLR (New Lunar Republic) and SE (Solar Empire) are? if yes then your in good shape to join mah team ! hope to meet more ponies and talk to !
  2. if anyone is interested to join me team then send me a message, since I am new here I have no idea where I can talk to people and how I can make groups and all, if somepony would be kind enough to show me how, I would be very happy, hope to meet some nice ponies (or griffon or dragons) and somehow we could talk! a lot !
  3. Well shave my legs an' call me Betsy, I've never seen people welcoming me with open hearts and 'demand' to know who I am... sniff it made me so glad. Anyhoof, lets get to business, first: this ain't no 'clopping team', second: I'm looking for people who not only love MLP and the 'Brony World' so much but that they are honest, loyal, serious yet funny dudes and dudettes whom I can count on and together, we can accomplish ANYTHING! But before we ride our dragons to the other end of Equestria, if anypony...or griffon, is interested in joining such a team like mine, I would like to hear your intro
  4. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: Searched on Google where I can talk to some Bronies and found this strange place How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: A friend played MLP game on phone, got curious, started watching and here I am ! Well, my name is Anon-Pony, so I guess I'll keep everything on myself secret, but I did come here to this forum for a specific reason, I need a team and I require some dudes or dudettes to join if they want to ! I like ponies duh, but I like the 'Brony World' more! I have few ideas I wanna share but do
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