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  6. Charles followed along with the group out to the plane. He had with him a large and heavy boxy suitcase. He entered with the group and went to the fridge. He poured himself a glass of lemonade and then sat down silently. He took sips of his drink as he waited.
  7. Lel the kitteh

  8. Charles already had his phone out by the time Masun turned around to ask him. "Yep." He replied as he typed out a small response to Felicia. By this point his accent had fully returned. Charles tucked his necklace in his shirt and took off his suit-jacket and put it away. He rolled up his sleeves on his white shirt and put on his sunglasses before eyeing his weapon rack, planning on what to use later. He got his dress shoes off and put a pair of python skin cowboy boots with white oak heels on.
  9. Charles listened to the story quietly, giving him his sword back once he was done. The thought of his energies sinking into the blade while he made the caused him to chuckle. "Have you tried usin' gloves mate?" He joked before pausing for a moment. "Well... I suppose that gets to the bottom of that doesn't it?" He said before he walked over to his wall and grabbed a revolver. He spun it around in his hand a few times before looking back to Masun. "Ya wanna ask anythin' else? Now's the time."
  10. A small smirk lit up Charles' face after Masun's reply. "About that mate..." He said. "I'm a tad bit worried about your mental state too. See that sword over there. The one you picked up." He continued as he pointed to it. "I got that a while ago. I was tasked to find a serial killer in the outskirts in Japan. Took me a while, but they eventually came to me as it turns out. She was a regular looking girl. Probably around nineteen, seemed normal enough. But once things got down to buisness, they were probably the most messed up person I've had the privilege to fight." He explained "Sadist, to
  11. Charles was about to reply when he heard Sam from the door. His tone and accent immediately switched back as he walked over and spoke through the door. "Sure mate, but I'm gonna need a few minutes myself. I'll meet you at the trainin' room in like ten minutes. But first I have to finish up here and grab some equipment." He answered before walking back over to Masun and sitting down. His speech faded back to being plain and quiet enough that it would be hard for anyone outside the room to hear. "The attack was about two and a half years ago." He replied. "If you worried about my daydreamin
  12. Charles watched as Masun picked up the sword, and he knew exactly why he did it. He usually kept that one locked in a case, but hadn't gotten around to it yet. Before he could bring it up to him, Masun started first. The subject he spoke about immediately wiped Charles' happy mood off his face. "You are correct. People always told me I wasn't very good at hiding things." On top of his almost cold expression, his speech now almost entirely lacked his usual accent. Making him seem even more unnatural. "I haven't worked for the Yakuza. However I have worked with the Yakuza. One boss worked o
  13. Charles heard a knock on the door. Causing him to get up from his seat and move to the door. He figured he knew who it might be. Charles opened the door to see Masun standing there. "Somethin' I can help you with mate?" He started before jumping back into the chair. "Why don't ya come inside. I really need to sit down." He added.
  14. "You got it mate." Charles replied. He was unsure if his excuse had worked this time. He continued driving, after about fifteen more minutes he pulled back into the base's parking lot. Charles unlocked the doors and leaned over to Franky, shaking him to wake him up and then leaning back to shake Masun awake. He got out of the car and headed for the entrance of the facility. He waited for everyone to get out before locking the car with a remote. Charles took the elevator down to the bedrooms floor. Even though he wondered where Sam was, he got into his room and crashed onto a chair for now.
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