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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. I didn't think Que Sera, Sera was depressing at all. I think that's mainly because it's hard for things to depress me, though.
  3. Dang you've got one heck of a long life span. O_O

  4. Now this is one pretty old member!

    1. Luurilka


      I'm actually much older, but the age limit is capped at 100.

    2. Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      Floppy Pug-Bunny Star Wars Man

      Wow, share Your secret with me, master!

    3. Luurilka


      You're not ready yet, young one.

  5. Wasn't there way to get Twilight's key without the risk of Tirek taking over? Also, if Discord really did plan this, then why did he initially capture Tirek?
  6. It's just, when he captured the mane 6, he showed no guilt or regret whatsoever. It was as if he didn't care for the mane 6 at all. Also, why would he be reformed now? Had to? Why couldn't he of just refused?
  7. I know Tirek convinced him to do it so he could be free, but doesn't it seem OOC? I thought Discord was truly reformed...
  8. Err yeah i'm not even the first one to ask this but; how do you still manage to run this profile at such a ripe age? XD

  9. >100 years old >seems legit

  10. I recall there being a poll and topic about the religions on the forum, and the majority of those who responded were irreligious.
  11. On the internet, Christians are the minority. So it's a bit unpopular here. random text here to make for the post limit la la la
  12. Precisely. There are other general stores, making Walmart not a monopoly, and thus not being illegal.
  13. There was a poll on EqD on what was your favorite season, and S2 got the most votes, while S1 got the least. You probably just happened to run into an uncanny amount of Season&3 haters.
  14. Long live the New Lunar Republic! <filler-text>fgdj kjhfj asfhh dfhd akj fkjc bndk d fjdkfndjkfhe e je fndl jf dn</filler-text>
  15. Because none of those things a necessary to be a tyrant. I Tyrant is someone who rules by force, not from the will of the people. You don't need to constantly be murdering ponies to rule by force.