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  1. Well the first episode I watched was "Read it and weep" and I thought it was way better than expected, but the episode wich really blew me away and made me offically a "brony" was "Sonic Rainboom"
  2. Woah back from Holiday in Scotland, Hi Guys :D

  3. Sure, I want to see him interacting with the mane 6 as a real friend some more! espacially Fluttershy
  4. I met three so far, one of wich I have actually talked about the show, was quite interesteing. Sadly I haven't seen any of them again since they left my school a year ago. Also I got one of my friends to watch the show, but I'm not sure if he would call himself a Brony since he isn't involved in any fandom stuff and has only completed the first season so far.
  5. Right now I feel like the only one who actully liked last weekends episode ^^

    1. Malinter


      thats good, right?

  6. Twitch plays pokemon > everything else

    1. AppleGearRising


      The rest of the internet certainly seems to think so :3

  7. I really loved this episode I laughed so much, Twilight was awesome and I love the CMC. Twilights messi eating was really funny and so many new fillies and more Pipsqueak!
  8. Welcome PoNaYz(^O^)! I hope you enjoy the forums just as much as I do And awesome OC
  9. Well I don't actively ship Ponies, but I really enjoy when people ship fitting pairings, because most of the time it's just too darn cute
  10. Hello there, umlajam! Wlcome to the forums I hope you well hav e a great time here!
  11. Well was pretty good I have to rewatch it a few times to be cerain but the first impression was definitely good
  12. I'm sick >.< need Pony

    1. Eccojams Vol. 1

      Eccojams Vol. 1

      *fires Derpy cannon at you* :3

  13. I really liked it After a few hours I thought it would be fun to come as one of the mane six, so I made myself an Apple Jack and went to sugarcube corner. There I found someone who was playing as Pinkie, well we started to chat and it all ended up in a RP with all the mane six It was awesome, and even if it's really early alpha it's still a real good game just for exploring equestria or for Pony-RP-ing! I'm looking forward to the next open weekend I hope I can find some of you guys there
  14. Sure, why not? I'll try ^^ Yeah I'm trying to find "my own style" or at least I'm working on it Ok, I'm working on it! Thanks for the help