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  1. Doctor T

    Gaming CS: GO Brony squad

    If this is still a thing i would love to join im a silver 2 with 62 competitive wins. here is my steam account http://steamcommunity.com/id/BeansAndBandages
  2. "Interests: PC Gaming" Glorious.

    1. Doctor T

      Doctor T

      Praise Lord Gaben

    2. ignore pls

      ignore pls

      Of course, and we thank Him for his wonderful gifts to the PC gaming community.

  3. yeah you could join, sorry for the late response my profile has my Skype name in the details but if you cant find it, it is minecrafttodd we will be doing the challange 11/16/2013 and 3pm centrall time zone
  4. Lol same here becasue around 8 hours in some one will need me to do something
  5. I could see why you wouldnt want to, i want to be refreshed with the whole series and plus im kinda up for the challenge so i find this a great way to do it
  6. True my plan is to start at 9:00 Am and hopefully end around 8:50 AM, but i will not get the extra points for no drinks with caffeine this is with out equestria girls but i didn't make the challenge up, some one on cheezeburgar.com made it up by a anonymous user
  7. Well im going to be doing the brony challenge this Saturday but has any one ever done it. If any one is planning on doing it good luck. (Check Image for Rules and Details) EDIT: i didnt make this contest and the image, im simply asking if any one has done it. ALSO if any one will be doing this on 11/16/2013, if you want add me on Skype because i wanna get a group of bronys together and do this
  8. thanks i found this shirt i love it!
  9. I could get a discord t shirt because only bronies would recognize it and non broinies would think its just a random t shirt
  10. yeah but whats the point off buying a t shirt if your only going to wear it behind doors, if i do buy it i would problay were it in public but hide it under my hoodie.
  11. Well should i buy this t shirt I want a T shirt and this one looks pretty cool and it would be a great way to find some bronys at my school if they reconize the t-shirt. plus then i could tell my other friends that im a brony
  12. I wish i could convert my friend, if i did try i would probally make as weird as possible by following saying join us JOIN US!!! while have a video pinkie pie sing smile on my phone, JK but i will ones of these days convert him
  13. Lucky, being in high school and trying to find someone is a brony is kinda difficult. that's why im trying to get a friend to watch the first 2 episodes Same here, their is alot of people that act redneck at my school so if i ask the wrong person i will get allot of shit from them, l
  14. lately iv'e been wanting a brony friend in real life and i don't know any one that is a brony or a pegasister so does any one actually have a friend that is a brony in real life. EDIT: I told a good friend of mine that i was a brony and it turns out he watches the show but he inst really into the fan dom so is till really cant talk about the show to anyone, yet...
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