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  1. I'm indifferent toward them but I do admire the building part and making something out of it. Overall too expensive/overpriced to even care about it. Oh and also, I despite Lego's movies. I'm currently watching "Lego's Master" and fairly interested in that. But still not enough to care about Legos. But man, I hate these two judges. Both are snobbish and lack of creativity. And they expect the constants to be creative? pfft.
  2. I might cringe to that honestly. I don't mind if they dye their hair but not too crazy, if the person has a lot of tattoos, cover some. As for piercing, limited that to just earrings. But most importantly, dress neatly. Overall just be clean. Don't get me wrong.. as much as I, myself like to go all out with punk rock style, I like to it professional too while working and not grubbing unwanted attentions.
  3. meh, they're just annoying whiner who like to pick every little things to cry about.
  4. When I grow up..well I'm already an adult so yeah... I might just well be Santa Claus. He doesn't exist.
  5. I don't like too much of the good nor too much of the bad, because I’m fair, I stand neutral ...But I like order. So Lawful Neutral.
  6. History mainly war/politics related, Chemistry/bio, Noir/ mystery, Jazz/Rock, Gorillaz, KPoP (BTS and ATeez), JBA and MHA, Horror/thiller,Harry Potter, Dark Soul, and Star Wars. I used to be obsessed with DC/Marvel but that kinda dies now.
  7. It was a strange one. I dreamed about revisiting my high school and I want to one of the restroom there. The next thing I know, the restroom turns into more like a Harry Potter's restroom like the one in the Chamber of Secret. One of the professor who called himself Dumbledore was there. "You're Wizard" he said. All the sudden there are Quidditch players flying around and the next thing I know it became a High school musical Harry potter at Hogwart. The most disturbing image before I wake up is seeing Bill Weasely rapping to MM's music while keeping a straight face.
  8. I do take precaution which it's nothing new since I had always been keeping good hygiene. So I'm not too worry about it. But the people who are affected mainly in China and South Korea, you have my sympathy and I hope it will pass with a cure. People avoiding anything "Asian" thinking it will spare them makes me laugh.
  9. This laser help with your eyes.. now hold still. (This is what happen when you walked in the wrong time! No witness!) Doc, my back is killing me!
  10. I forgot to mention Legos. My god...for 100-200 pieces is like $20-40. And they're not even a large one either! I remember buying Slave 1 for $30 or $40 and now it costed $100 retails price! I regret returning that... I get it it's a lot of pieces but hell it's made out of plastic. Plastic is cheap. I don't know about those who buys/collect them but I wouldn't pay that much for a stupid toy.. It's not like it's a collector item, it's kid toys!! you know? to play?? Honestly I don't see the values being equal to their giving price. SW Black series figurine. Yeah it should've been $15 since the figure is 6 inches and the details isn't all that great. I don't care about paying $20 for these honestly but the values is eh..worth $15 in my opinion. Luckily I can't complain since these are easy to find at a cheap price. Except there are some characters I also want but Hasbro made them so limited...I was tempted to get Darth Raven and Sabine for $50 each but nah...they don't even look good to be worth that much. I did throw an extra $10 for Hux but...eh I don't like it how toy industries these days makes some of their things limited, leaving us no choice but to shop in ebay to pay 20 dollars more.
  11. TBD


    "I don't care if I ever get my cutie mark as long as I get to hang out with my best friends."
  12. “Thank God I can’t have meat today. I was getting sick of eating pork for the past four days.”
  14. I can’t grow extra limps otherwise having three arms will be a lot useful. Also I’m not flexible.