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  1. Mega Thread

    But Tomato is not a veggie..oh well who am I to judge since its tomato tomata in a potata family. yes sonic who is your favorite sonic characters?
  2. I think i might have a idea how this will end up like.. NINJAAAA STARS! @Raven Drakeaurd and yes you would make a good target practice.
  3. What sort of "old" are you referring to? Xp i won't say old since I been on since 2016. But it seem like forever.
  4. Mega Thread

    Banned because you happy bro?
  5. Mega Thread

    Ah I see what you did there (profile pic) xp,but nah Mango what is your favorite veggie?
  6. Mega Thread

    banned i dont want dave.. hey mike, mike, mike
  7. Mega Thread

    yeh, *take your thousand worth ring and sell it to a pawn shop* thanks man now I'm rich. what's my ethnicity? .
  8. Mega Thread

    banned because happy f hump**k day
  9. now that what I call a deadly wind
  10. they thought its "hot." when i find it annoying...ah who am i kidding? I think all ships are annoying.
  11. I dislike both arrogant and hypocrite. oh wait...
  12. No i won't, it will be more painful for me.
  13. Mega Thread

    bum out, lost an contest. figures.
  14. Mega Thread

    Skittle which flavor of skittles is your favorite?
  15. Mega Thread

    Banned for a long massage that I couldn't care less about reading it .