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    I would prefer an intelligent hell to a stupid paradis

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  1. oh you think? (we really need to get this 20 character fix)
  2. So what's about the morpher that is getting all the attention? is it because Power ranger become a bandwagon that this series were the first one thing they randomly grub and everyone just go along with it? or what? All I know morpher is not the best PR series. so what is your opinion why that is and why not the others great PR series is not getting any attention?
  3. Large amount of money and personal forms of me and my family.
  4. Actually quite the opposite. They finally catch on that EqG want from bad to worse.
  5. Mega Thread

    Banned because it doesn't matter you're black or white.
  6. *throw a banana slug at you
  7. I don't see much of a theory in my opinion since it is a fact that anything you do or say will have a aftereffect. Whether it's noticeable or not, big or small, and/or good or bad.
  8. hey thanks, make sense now.
  9. Completing a well-done artwork.
  10. Allergic reaction and skin rashes for me. Although, I don't sneeze when being near a cat.
  11. General

    Outside friend is hard to keep, but internet friend is harder to keep... well in my opinion. College friends to me is just study buddies for a semester. Internet friend... well, you just never know when they'd stop talking to you all the sudden. So i try not to have attachment and.. I couldn't care less.
  12. I'm going rogue, not a autobot nor a decepticon. I think there a name for a certain bots that is neither a autobot or a decepticon. I dont remember, it's been a while since I watched the old animation. if not, then they should.
  13. This might sound cliche but I would have him/her be a friend. It would be nice to have AI like the droids in star wars, Data from star trek, or baymax.
  14. Mega Thread

    least favorite, everything. It's plain and dead. Do you want it to go back to the way it was?
  15. Mega Thread

    Rogue One 7/10 It's better than the "force awaken"'s not that good as many say it is. But it does bring a nice connection to "the new hope", as being a prequel. Although I wished they have ended with the beginning scene in "the new hope" when Leia was captured and interrogated 19 years later after rogue one. To be honest it's still missing that "dark element" and the how do I say this..."shakespeare" kind of drama feels to it. So basically I wasn't moved by the characters (even what happen at the end) or the story itself. The only part I was moved was the darth vader's scene. Moana 10/10. Once again original and well thought-out plot.