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  1. Happy birthdaY =)=)=) *huggles' =)

  2. FlyingSparkle

    Technology My phone is so bad!

    Hi, So i have this Samsung s4 mini or whatever it is and it sucks. Its slow, Never get updates en when it does its google play books. It disconnects from wifi almost everyday, The apps wont work smoothly and its battery live is miserable. Etc etc. Whatever you want just dont buy this piece of crap! I should never have switched from iPhone 4 to this. Thx for reading ~FlyingSparkle
  3. Continental airlines merged in to United Airlines. What plane was it? Cuz most of the Continental planes do still exsist but the Continental name was resprayed into United. If you see a matching plane saying United on it, It might be the one your looking for! Hope this helped ~FlyingSparkle
  4. If you want to, Go to Flightradar24, Insert the flight number and date, Then the plane should appear. If not, Go to Planespotters.net and if you put some information in the search tab it might find the plane for you! Or give me the numbers and i'll look it up for you . ~FlyingSparkle
  5. Dont expect much status updates.

  6. I was born to fly! I even flew in a glider! Im such an airplane lover, Im studying airplanes and i do simulators. I like the Boeing airplanes the most! Have you ever heard the sound of a B777 engine? Or the perfect B787 with the genius wingflex! I stop here because i know most of the people dont know so much about Flaps, Winglets, Flight Instruments, Etc. Feel free to ask your Airplane questions to me! ~FlyingSparkle
  7. Need For Speed: Underground 2! Oh i miss that game, If they just made if for the PS3 in better quality i would be so happy -_- ~FlyingSparkle
  8. I really like the Need For Speed series. However the quality of the games is getting lower and lower and the graphics higher and higher. And after hearing NFS World is shutting down i really hope for a new arcade game like NFS Underground 3 or something. What do you think? Share your toughts and opinions here! Cheers, FlyingSparkle
  9. Pinky has ADHD, clear to see. But twilight autistic? I really dont think so.
  10. FlyingSparkle

    Technology What colour is your phone?

    Galaxy S4 Mini black edition. Its black with a leather cover. But i would rather have an iPhone.
  11. Doing a boardslide in Skate 3! Haha
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