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  1. I guess there were not enough applicants to warrant a judging, only for everyone who entered to win a prize by default?
  2. Quill Waver

    Gaming Pokémon Go Is Finally Out

    I listen to my instincts. And I'd like to say that we're the only of the three teams around here that does not bother to take over rival gyms at 3 AM as well.
  3. I don't have problems with the dark in general, but there are a few things that can make me more than a little concerned. If I am completely alone in a wide-open space where it is pitch-black, I can begin to gain a sense of dread about me. The odd thing is that this is a very specific instance; small and medium-sized rooms do not cause this, namely because I, for some reason, can sense the topography of an area around me without using sight. It also doesn't happen if there is even the slightest amount of light visible to me, such as moonlight.
  4. In order of Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support, my favorites are: When Attacking: McCree, Junkrat, Zarya, Lucio When Defending: Reaper, Junkrat, Roadhog, Mercy Overall Favorites and Why: Offense: McCree. He has something of a disengage with his Flashbang, and while his alt-fire (Fan the Hammer) has been nerfed significantly, I still find him satisfying to play, namely because I have decent aim and can land headshots. Defense: Junkrat. He's not even a close question. He has lots of vertical mobility and tons of indirect splash damage, and can easily bust through a defensive set-up so long as he knows what he's doing. Tank: Zarya. With a high skill-cap as Zarya, she brings tons of kill potential to the field. A fully-charged Zarya is a fearsome opponent, and her ultimate can practically secure kills even if remotely thrown in the vicinity of the enemy team, provided allies are there to help. Support: Lucio. He provides utility and lots of it. Speed boost or healing? Your choice depending on the situation. His ultimate can be thought of as a "soft" Mercy ult; rather than waiting on your teammates to die, you give them this so they don't die in the first place. And if worst comes to worst, you can always soundwave someone off a cliff-face. Of course, with the buffs Zenyatta, D.Va, and McCree are about to receive, as well as Ana's release, some things may change. Just to say something here: my new favorite support class, for both attacking and defending, is Ana. Having played her on the PTR, I can safely say I like her kit and her handling.
  5. Quill Waver

    Gaming Game franchises that are overrated

    Bearing in mind that "franchise" means "a series of" and not just one, I would say in no particular order... Grand Theft Auto. Lack-luster story each time, and the game is just recycled and polished each game. Assassin's Creed. Lack-luster storylining and linear and repeat gameplay. Need for Speed. Has not had a solid game release in almost a decade. Call of Duty. Same reasons as Grand Theft Auto, with the addition of my ear-drums bleeding from online play. You know what I am speaking of. No more really come to my mind right now.
  6. Quill Waver

    General Zombies, Robots or Aliens apocalypse?

    I personally would choose Zombie Apocalypse, and I have my reasons: I have a sprinter's build, stamina to match, and have free-climbed sheer cliff faces. This would allow me to potentially flee a bad situation, and against robots and aliens who have ranged weapons, this increases my survivability. My lithe form also lets me easily hide amongst any backdrop in virtually any situation, which means in the event of raiders, I can simply lie in wait to either strike or merely let them pass through without myself being detected. I am a crack shot with virtually any firearm, be it a pistol, scattergun, semi-auto or bolt-action rifle. Robots would likely have advanced bullet-proof armor and aliens are liable to have some form of shield generator, whereas zombies have an exposed skull. I have wilderness survival skills necessary to self-sustain in the wilds for months on end, away from civilization, and more importantly, the zombies. Robots and aliens have higher intelligence than zombies, and can adapt to situations easily and quickly (if not moreso) than humans. Zombies remain in an animalistic, primal state, driven by pure instinct, which is simple and easy to trick and exploit. Overall, I think that robots would simply be too quick or armored for me to deal with, and aliens could easily track me down, not to mention the fact that foreign disease would also ravage the planet as we have no immunity to it. Zombies would be the best vector for my survival.
  7. Quill Waver

    General How Cute are you?

    Well, I have a lithe form, and I have been told I have a pretty face before. Don't... really know about this, though. Depends on what we are talking about, truthfully.
  8. Quill Waver

    Gaming Pokémon Go Is Finally Out

    Well, it has been five days, and thus far I have: CP 578 Snorlax CP 391 Pidgeot CP 344 Tauros CP 206 Exeggcute CP 194 Eevee As my top five. I am about to evolve the Eevee as well. :3
  9. Quill Waver

    Gaming Pokémon Go Is Finally Out

    Speak for yourself, my friend. I caught a Pidgeotto, female Nidoran, and enough Eevees to give my the candy to evolve one.
  10. Quill Waver

    Gaming Pokémon Go Is Finally Out

    Thus far my collection includes: 1 Goldeen 1 Eevee 1 Bulbasaur 1 Meowth 1 Caterpie 1 Pidgey 2 Rattata 3 Weedle I caught these all from the safety of my home, not needing to leave my room. :3 Seems accurate. I live right next to marshlands, so water-type and grass-type are accurate for this instance. I wonder if I drive to the beach will things change?
  11. Quill Waver

    Gaming Pokémon Go Is Finally Out

    Ha! Trust me. You're not missing too much about being away from civilization. EDIT: First fifteen minutes, and a wild Eevee wanders by my house. I caught it! FURTHER EDIT: Is this going to be the main thread for Pokemon GO from here on, or... can I start that up?
  12. Quill Waver

    Gaming Pokémon Go Is Finally Out

    I just downloaded, but it's also 11:44 PM in Central US... I suppose I have tomorrow, my off-day from work, to prepare and record this momentous occasion.
  13. Quill Waver

    Schools have racial segregation again...

    This is the sort of thing that is rapidly causing me to develop a misanthropic personality. Children being blamed for things that are not their fault and being essentially brainwashed into a damaged state where they believe it is wrong for them to have even been born white is simply appalling. I have half a mind to set the school ablaze when it is empty just so the fire can purify the ground it has tainted. Not being serious there, of course. In all honesty, however, this is intolerable, perverse, poisonous, and downright unfair to these children. The thought that only whites can be racist is a twisted stereotype that I think many people just accept as an axiom. It's not true, and trying to teach these children that they are born privileged due to skin color is not right. "Hey, Bank Street, my father nearly killed me several times as a kid, my mother was clinically insane, and we lived in a tent for seven months because we had no money for a home! Am I still privileged because I am white?" Honestly... The nerve of this "social incentive".
  14. Quill Waver

    Quill Waver

    Quill Waver
  15. Quill Waver

    Do you know how to lucid dream?

    Having practiced meditation for several years, lucid dreaming is an easy thing for me to accomplish. The issue is actually sleeping enough to dream in the first place.