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  1. Riganthor

    News Britain has left the EU, your thoughts?

    WEll I didnt expect them to leave and I dont think this is very good for the EU or the UK. THose who talk about uncontrolable immagration into the UK known nothing. German yhas taken in over a million refugeees the UK?? WAY LESS because france stopped them at callais, And I dont think frqance will continue to stop them now. SO your uncontrollable migration is comming very soon. Hundreds of brits who work abroad now have to ask a work visum. Major banks said they leave the UK if they left the EU. no longer exchange projects for other EU nations (or at least they are less easy to do). I mean yeah there are some upsides to this but this feels like, well cant have it our way immidiatly so we will trow out the baby with the bath water.
  2. Riganthor

    S06:E08 - A Hearth's Warming Tail

    It might not be the best story wise but the songs, the characters and just the animation overal made me really enjoy this episode. Amazing songs a good moral and something nice lighthearted with some darker tone. 9/10 for me
  3. Riganthor

    Gaming Sid Meier's Civilization VI

    oh wow a new CIV game that is way faster then I expected but I am happy to see it
  4. thanks for the applologies even though they are a bit late
  5. Riganthor

    Sunset Shimmer vs. Starlight Glimmer...it has to stop

    I only saw the similarities when others told me and even then It doesnt bother me that they both excist, better said I would love them to meet each other
  6. it would be fun to see her in there but I think the chance is kinda small
  7. Riganthor

    Alicorn Fluttershy :D

    its beautifull but I have to say this damn you M.A.LARSON
  8. Riganthor

    Which Starlight ship do you prefer: Starburst or Stixie?

    starbust is the one true ship with her for me
  9. Riganthor


    I sometimes help my mother in the garden
  10. Riganthor

    Why did they get rid of PeeWee?

    I think because they cwhere afraid that peewee would take over spikes role as sidekick and they already have owlicious who is almost never in an episode
  11. Riganthor

    Do you believe in hypnosis?

    No I dont believe in hypnosis master Mesme... To be a bit more seriously I am on the fence I have no evidence that it is impossible but I find it kinda hard to believe.
  12. Riganthor

    Batbrony Reviews "S06:E6 - No Second Prances"

    I liked some parts but twillights reaction to trixie and such was so predictable
  13. Riganthor

    Luna is proof of Equestria's monarchial tyranny

    that doesnt mean that she wanted to go to such extremes.
  14. Riganthor

    Luna is proof of Equestria's monarchial tyranny

    first ITS A KIDS SHOW, second one can redeem him, herself even in the middle ages that concept was known, Thirdly Luna was sort of posessed which makes the argument that she didnt mean to do all the things she did.
  15. Riganthor

    Do i miss something?...

    yeah I have that feeling aswell ,something is missing