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    I must respect that person's right for them to believe in that which I may or may not have respect for as long as they respect my right to believe in that which they may or may not have respect for.
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  1. Oh I have a "bright side" indeed, but if I were to tell you upfront, Big Brother would not hesitate to find and kill me on top of my family. And my "bright side" would violate NSFW rules in theory. Let's just say, I'm praying to The Abrahamic God about this "bright side" of mine from such a terrible situation.
  2. I like Sonic Battle. Mostly because of the story and music. Favorite is the Phi Battle Music. Gameplay has potential to be good, but Story mode is so monotonous. Emerl’s a cool customizable robot. The story of Sonic Battle revolves around the robot and for a fighting game let alone for a Sonic Spinoff series is quite an accomplishment. Whoever made the story and writing of Sonic Battle work for a monotonous fighting game is a genius.


    Also I want to share my favorite music in the game, but with a Touhou remix by YouTube User Parabeetle X,


  3. *Sarcasm Rant*

    Gamerz Rise Up?

    What’s that supposed to mean? Gamerz are just people playing games. Why they gotta rise up when all they’re doing is sitting on their buttcheeks playing IDK Call of Duty or some crap?

    *Sarcasm Rant*

  4. Ok. Attended my first time attending my on campus college course online given the whole virus outbreak.

    Since my computer is HP and using Zoom Cloud to attend my courses, my whole computer performance plummets to 15 frames per second. My computer has become so l-a-a-a-g-g-g-y-y-y and ssslllloooowwww. Stupid HP.

    Oh I can tell this is gonna be good uptil April 6th. :P

  5. My internet’s fast enough for it to not go Modem Dial Up Gungho, Avg Download: 18.1 Mbps Result: Able to watch videos smoothly.
  6. Nothing to grieve over on my end. Don’t think I have a bright future ahead of me but who knows. Maybe it’s not as I think so. Me, my mother, my father are at risk. It’s only a matter of time when we contract it. So what the hey, I have the elusive seed known as “The Black Seed” AKA Nigella Sativa from which it along with it’s oils are known to potentially cure all kinds of illnesses/viruses/diseases regardless (natural or man-made). https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/black-seed-remedy-everything-death Might as well press my luck making Black Seed Tea out of this if me or any of my family members contract it. Only one way to find out.
  7. I’m more concerned about not just the treatment of COVID-19, but the origin story of COVID-19 from which further questioning will inevitably lead to conspiracies. If there was a Meat Market at Wuhan and there also happens to be a Bio Lab specializing in handling/researching/making diseases or viruses as well, Then who’s to say how the virus spread exactly? Did it really came from some Wuhan Chad eating Bat Soup to please his mates? Or did it came from the Bio Lab at Wuhan which would lead to the conclusion that the virus is intended as a Bio Weapon? One thing is for certain. The Chinese Government would violate all kinds of inalienable Human Rights against Humanity as a whole covering up the whole mess at Wuhan by either pinning it on the Uighur Muslims locked in concentration camps, silencing critics of China, and doing their best to “control” the internet’s information about the virus through dubious means e.g. banning, hacking, sub bots etc. It’s OK everyone. Winnie the Xi only means well.
  8. Closed. Peace and Quiet from all The Noise.
  9. Thinking about me, my family, and Humanity's future in general for 2020 given how bleak/chaotic things are starting. It's been only 3 months given this comment.
  10. How to be friends with everybody, 1. Don’t be yourself. EVER. Be a Hypocrite. Lie. Cheat. Manipulate. And Benefit. 2. Don’t talk about anything that’s deemed personal be it mental issues, race, opinion, BUT ESPECIALLY Politics and Religion. Talk about Shallow, Irrelevant and Inconsequential things. 3. You don’t. Friendship is Tragically Dead at this day and age for a lot of people. Even worse, a forbidden way to live Life to your Fullest for some people that only the rebellious edgy teens out there would strive for. Looks like I’m failing at all 3. Must be doing something right.
  11. Bias is something we all got and most news network are no exception. Media Bias Fact Check is a website dedicated to find what kind of bias it stems from Left all the way to Right.


    But I wonder if the website Media  Bias Fact Check  is biased given that some people are bold to be critical of the website with its legitimacy? o_O


    Will Corona Chan spread her love all to the world? It’ll be a Pandemic Black Plague.

  12. I have an ambivalent relationship with the series. A love-hate thing. I can respect this SRPG franchise being the grandaddy of the genre console-wise, but the inventory management system in most Fire Emblem games has always been frustrating. Screw the legendary weapons in most FE games (especially the GBA games 6-8) when your basic and killer weapons are good enough to last you through the whole game. Anyway, Favorite Game = FE Gaiden [Black Sheep] Favorite Lord = Roy [Mah Boi] (FE6) Favorite Non-Lord Character = Celica (FE: Gaiden) Favorite Villain = Nergal (FE7) Favorite Class = Dread Fighter (FE Gaiden)
  13. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. ZethaPonderer


      Thank You Denim&Venöm :)

  14. Happy Birthday Zetha~

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      Thank you Alastor :)

  15. Pleasant fetal transmogrification day!

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