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    I must respect that person's right for them to believe in that which I may or may not have respect for as long as they respect my right to believe in that which they may or may not have respect for.
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  1. Paramount listened to Sonic Fans. Now, the movie might be worth watching LOL.


  2. Been busy with my academics on top of playing Langrisser Mobile. Pretty good Mobile Gacha Strategy RPG. So far doing well. It’s been a while I haven’t been in online forums in general.

  3. 🎶2 Up, 2 Down, Left-Right, Left-Right, B, A, Start🎶 x3 🎶Y’now know the Konami Code🎶
  4. 10 year old beating some 40 year old guy. And we all know who goes to jail. That’s right. The 10 year old.
  5. This commercial has so many things wrong with it regardless of context.
  6. Night Owls are better than Early Birds. Screw you Ben Franklin, “Early to Bed, Early to Rise. Makes a man Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise”.
  7. I just want to convey something in an AVGN-esque fashion,

    “Cancel Culture is ASS”

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    2. Ayyngel Dust

      Ayyngel Dust

      In some cases, the behaviors of Cancel Culture are very much justified. But generally speaking it's pretty ridiculous. :dry:

    3. Kyoshi


      @DustliciousAgreed. Boogie2988 is one of the only cases where I think it makes sense, but almost everything else is simply a mindless mob of people following a crowd with no thought processes.

    4. ZethaPonderer


      AVGN Power Glove video but replace the Power Glove with Cancel Culture LOL,

      “Now your playing with Cancel. Now your playing with FUCKIN’ SHIT. You don’t know shit how shit this fucking shit is. Fuck this shit. It’s so bad it sucks. It’s so fucking sucks it FUCKS.”

  8. Well I might as well put the link of ProJared “YOU’VE BEEN LIED TO” video below. https://youtu.be/BBywRBbDUjA Also an announcement that Heidi (ProJared’s Ex-Wife) will soon make a video livestream based on her Twitter account when she comes back to explain her side of the story coherently and hopefully legally like Jared did on the video instead of going on her rambling inconsistent tweets that she’s usually been doing since 3 months. Cause man I’m having a hard time buying her victim mentality and at this point she’s just coming across as incoherent and logically inconsistent with her Twitter Ramblings. She’s just making Allegations after Allegations against Jared I get it. But where’s her side of the evidence that supports her many Allegations against Jared? I still stand by the fact that it was still retarded for ProJared to share his Divorce info on Twitter to everyone, but I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt that maybe he had a fair reason for doing so. Because either him or Heidi comes across manipulative and abusive. If it happens to be both ways, then they were never meant for each other in the first place and should just move on. I might as well retract my statement of disassociating myself from him due to his Divorce Tweet post since it might have credence based on how Heidi was quick to jump into “spewing allegations with hardly any proof mode” the moment Jared posted that. At least he cleared his name from the false accusations (the pedo ones) for the most part while the last 3 minutes of the video discusses how Heidi is irrelevant and should be left alone at this point.
  9. Just watched this video recently about ProJared clearing his name. For 3 months, the man patiently made this video to clear his name against the cancel-culture mob. I unfortunately was part of that mob, though I had doubts about ProJared's serious accusations (especially the pedo ones) but never thought too hard about it. Therefore, I apologize, subbed to ProJared, and begin watching his content since I miss them. So far he cleared his name with all the accusations on the video.


    1. Kyoshi


      I always strongly felt that he was innocent but I feared so much that this cancel culture completely ruined him. I am happy to see him come back and I hope everything can move forward, as he is one of my favorite Youtubers ever. 

  10. If people believe Humans are Animals according to Science, then the other way around has to hold just as much weight. So let me do my best to share my pondering of this matter,

    "Humans are Animals = Fact according to Science based on Biology.

    Animals are Humans = What? I have so many questions. So if Animals are Humans then is Pet Ownership Slavery and Bestiality is justified? Wait you're saying Bestiality is not justified because Animals are innocent? Then how are Animals Humans when Humans are not innocent at all? What does it mean to be innocent? What does it mean to be a Human and an Animal if both are the same thing? I'm confused RAAAAAHHHHHHHRRRR!!!"


    Humans are Animals. But are Animals Humans? YES???

    Still learning lol.

    I just think the definition of the term "Animal" is semantics according to Science and contradictory according to Philosophy. Plus, labeling someone or a Non-Plant Living Creature an "Animal", or a "Beast" which is synonymous to Animal, seems demeaning and derogatory just as much as using Racial Slurs as suitable labels to describe Humanity as a whole IMHO.

    So how about a different term that shares similarities to the term "Animal". I like the word "Flesh".

    So instead of Animal Kingdom, how about Fleshly Kingdom? Thus, Dogs and Cats are Fleshly Mammals. Chicken are Fleshly Birds. Alligators are Fleshly Reptiles. Frogs are Fleshly Amphibians. Salmon are Fleshly Fish.

    Therefore, Humans are Fleshly Mammals.