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    I must respect that person's right for them to believe in that which I may or may not have respect for as long as they respect my right to believe in that which they may or may not have respect for.
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    Philosophy, History, Spirituality, Mathematics, Film, Animation, Video Games, Computer Programming, Boxing and... Religion... Yeah.

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  1. ZethaPonderer

    Why I hate Twilight

    Hate is a strong word that can generate controversy as much as Love. Well good thing I don’t have a favorite pony preference. Only watched the show from Seasons 1-3 to understand the MLP FIM hype. Twilight is kindoff a mixed bag character to me anyway. Plus her voice sounds nearly identical to a minor character that appeared in Samurai Jack where Tara played the role of a Princess Flying Bug. And that bug sounds exactly the same as Twilight Sparkle.
  2. ZethaPonderer

    Top 16 Matches - World Cup - STARTS NOW

    Y’know I received an invite to join The Moon team on this whole World Pony Cup whatever 5 hours ago, but I’ve already joined the Trottingham Team. So nah. I’m good @Alexshy.
  3. Hello friend! Please read this message. It will take only a while!:squee:


    This cute pony is one of the members of Trottingham Team.


    We want to win MLPF Pony World Cup:


    Our team needs you!:kindness:

    Please don't be shy and join to our team to help bring Her victory! :mlp_wink:
    You can jon to the Trottingham Team here:

    Being a member of our team you won't be busy pony (unless you want to be)  Simply from time to time, we will ask you to vote for our team.
    I hope you will join to us and help to win MLPF Pony World Cup.:squee:
    Anyway thank you for reading! Have a nice day!:fluttershy:

    1. ZethaPonderer


      Ok. I’ll join this world cup thing if you put it that way :3

    2. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      Thank you my friend!:mlp_yeehaa:

  4. Hedgehogs IRL are so cute. :pinkie:


    Here’s an edited video of a Hedgehog playing Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog,


  5. Thanks for following me bro.

    1. ZethaPonderer


      No prob :P

      Follow me and I'll follow in return. That's how I roll. Rare for me to follow the other way around. Gotta be really special of a person for me to follow the other way around that's for sure.

    2. Nightmare glim

      Nightmare glim

      I personally friend everybod  i meet or see here on the forums. Thats how i role everyones my friend here.

  6. ZethaPonderer

    Would you date the user above you?

    *Sarcasm* Sure I have a hand full of these dates. *Sarcasm* For real though? I don't date so no. I eat dates, but don't date.
  7. ZethaPonderer

    Whats the latest youve ever been on the forums

    Latest I’ve been on MLP Forums in general? IDK for certain on that. Usually if I got free time I just choose to log into MLP Forums. Why? Guess being Empathetic would be the answer why I log in MLP Forums these days. Nowadays, I barely log in due to hardships going on currently in my life.
  8. ZethaPonderer

    General Have you ever farted in front of someone before?

    Oh I see. In that case, yeah.
  9. ZethaPonderer

    General Have you ever farted in front of someone before?

    Nope. Usually I toot a lot when I’m at home where my family members don’t mind and tolerate it with the best of their abilities. My sis on the other hand finds it nearly unbearable so she mocks me considerably for it as I’m worse than a skunk. But, when I’m outside I bottle it all in until it becomes unbearable and I go to public restrooms to let my toots out while sitting on a toilet. Strangely enough I never farted into a stranger’s face... yet. Since I assume that’s the question of this topic.
  10. ZethaPonderer

    Food Favorite candy bar?

    I love 3 Musketeers. My favorite candy of all time. Soo nougaty, and doughy.
  11. ZethaPonderer

    Food What's your favorite soda flavor?

    I usually don’t drink soda all that much now that I’ve become dependent on Green Tea. But when I do, I normally am fond of Pepsi. So Pepsi takes my vote. *RANT INCOMING* I’ve tried Coke as well but there’s something that I never understood. What’s the difference between Coke and Pepsi? To me they look the same, fizz the same, and taste the same. The only difference I can tell from the 2 is that Pepsi tastes sweeter compared to Coke. There better not be Beaver Anus Juice (Castoreum) on these Sodas disguised as Natural Flavor. If so, then *RANT OVER*
  12. ZethaPonderer

    How much of a "weirdo" were you when you first joined?

    Wierdo? Been like that ever since I was born. Y’know the whole shtick for some people like me. An outcast from among his peers, bullied throughout his childhood, and a down to earth Lone Wolf persona that doesn’t want to interact/socialize with anything/anyone they come into contact with. Sums me up. Doesn’t surprise me if I was a weirdo here in these forums. Debated a lot and being somewhat philosophical around these forums so I guess that’s weird on my part.
  13. So many purty jewels being awarded to me. Why? :derp:

  14. Image result for sleeping hamster gif


    Just sleeping for quite a few months on MLP Forums. That and doing college IRL.