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  1. Lyrics

    - - - - -

    I can see it
    We'll book it to the goal line
    Still you and me we don't know
    We don't know enough about it
    We've gone past it
    To the point of no return, no looking back
    We don't know
    We don't know enough about it

    We got this, we got this, we got this now
    Getting all fired up we'll let sweat drip
    From every pore now

    There's so many things we don't know
    We'll remember our journey home
    Everyone, even him, becomes silhouettes
    You and I we're now growing old
    There's some things we can't protect and hold
    Don't let go
    We both know
    We'll never give it up
    So many things we don't know
    We'll remember our journey home
    Everyone, even him, becomes silhouettes

    And one last time our shadows dance within the wind
    Like a leaf we'll all just float away

    - - - - - 

    I miss Papa Franku. Best realest anime ever. :(

  2. Sums up my reaction to this post. Kid’s Show + Discussing Sexuality under any context = STAHP!!!! FBI OPEN UP!!!
  3. So picky that I check, research, and inspect every single ingredient on EVERY... SINGLE... ITEM... I... BUY. Either Kosher or Halal. Why? Cause I don't want no Beaver Anus Juice (Castoreum) disguised as Natural Flavors on my drinks. As for Kosher and Halal, that's self-explanatory. No pig for me. Meat may be meat, but I have a standard to abide by. But hey, no hard feelings for any of you who's into this. You know what they say, "I don't eat/drink what you eat/drink, but it doesn't stop you from having what you enjoy eating/drinking all to yourselves. Hence, the more you have what you love to eat/drink the merrier".
  4. What a shock. I'm back after my hiatus.

    1. Flutterstep


      That song brings a tear to my eye. :awed:

  5. Doing alright for myself so far given the pandemic outbreak. Just trying to enjoy Summer the best I can. I would like to go on a beach for sunbathing, go on a Water Theme Park like Mt. Olympus and all that good stuff.

    However, that ain’t happening cause Corona Chan will molest me and everyone else.

  6. You got that distorted image pfp from YouTube Poop user cs188's videos. Specifically this one,

    At timestamp 1:15-1:16. Didn't you?

    Why you ask? Just an observation and being a curious little gnat. That's all.

    1. Spoopy


      @ZethaPonderer Yep that's where I got it from.

  7. I have a video to share to those who follow me (for some odd reason) and those who once did but don't follow me (for some odd reason).

    @Fluttershy Friend, @Lucky Bolt, @Brobot, @dasd21d21d21x, @Button Feri, @Cwanky, @Flutterstep, @Goofyg24, @Hierok, @Sherbie-kun, @Prospekt, @Twiggy, @The Recherche, @Jeric, @KillerKingBakudan, @Meemfestivefox, @Nature Tune, @Ninja Pizza BatCat, @Octavia_Melody2, @RainbowDashFan, @Titans08Mariota, @Wannabrony, @luftschloss, @Amys-pmvs, @The Equestrian Brony

    What do you think? Is this what Internet's made for? My answer: Yes :P

  8. I have an important message to deliver to those who follow me (for some odd reason) and those who once did but don't follow me (for some odd reason). @Fluttershy Friend, @Lucky Bolt, @Brobot, @dasd21d21d21x, @Button Feri, @Cwanky, @Flutterstep, @Goofyg24, @Hierok, @Sherbie-kun, @Prospekt, @Twiggy, @The Recherche, @Jeric, @KillerKingBakudan, @Meemfestivefox, @Nature Tune, @Ninja Pizza BatCat, @Octavia_Melody2, @RainbowDashFan, @Titans08Mariota, @Wannabrony, @luftschloss, @Amys-pmvs, @The Equestrian Brony The contents of this message is under the spoilers section. This message is of dire importance so much so that saying it out loud would destroy the very fabric of time and space if you pronounced it correctly, Why am I sharing this to you all? IDK. Cause I say something random.
  9. If I confirmed myself of the harsh reality that I’m truly on the state of being dead on top of my family members confirming the fact that I am dead, then I’d be happy being buried where the soil, vegetation, maggots and worms would feast upon my body till I’m nothing but a pile of bones. At least it’s natural and who knows maybe a Tree containing Fruit (Apple? Orange?) might sprout out of my burial ground from all the soil/plants nourishing all over my body. Cremation is unnatural IMHO. Why burn my decomposing body into smoke and ash when I can give my decomposing body for Earth to nourish all over it? My ash and smoke might pollute the Earth’s atmosphere.
  10. Ok apparently after further research, turns out I was a bit off with how I described the interpretations of Abrahamic Religions being incorporated in the Shin Megami Tensei Universe as Judaism was primarily more the main focus with the portrayal of The God of Abraham YHVH going all Old Testament on the World while Christian and Islamic references are there just for symbolism and not the main focus. If I came across a bit disrespectful, it's not my fault that the games like to conjoin Pagan Religious themes with Abrahamic Ones e.g. Norse God Thor being a follower of The God of Abraham in SMT1 LOL which is why I find the polytheism notion nonsensical. As with the whole Satan and Lucifer (AKA Iblis) being considered separate entities, if you prescribe yourself to believe on that interpretation then my statement is as follows, All in all, 10/10 RPG series. Would edge again. Within the Shin Megami Tensei Universe Law Path is corrupt thanks to Judaism going back at its Henotheistic roots at its early days and supporting that through Christianity and Islam on Modern Humanity while Chaos Path is going all Darwinian Satanism. Stick to Neutral Path. Even though you kill everybody on Neutral Path like Shadow the Hedgehog cuz OW THE EDGE LOL. At least you become Buddha's contact and become Enlightened endgame to preserve Humanity (By Killing Most of Everyone? LOL) given that the main character in SMT1 is canonically named Futsuo (AKA Contact of Buddha).
  11. Basically, I'm currently playing the first Shin Megami Tensei game released on the Super Nintendo (SNES) or Super Famicom on an English Translation by Aeon Genesis since the game wasn't released outside of Japan. There was an iPhone version, but I'm not sure if that's available currently. So far, I'm finding the game fun with the whole Law vs Neutral vs Chaos dynamic going throughout the game. Anyway, The Shin Megami Tensei series is kindoff an important RPG just as much Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. This game along with The Persona series are interrelated though they don't necessarily share the same in-game universe. The game mechanics revolve around summoning Demons (AKA Jinns) to do your bidding, and fusing them to make even stronger demons some of whom are worshiped as dieties in Pagan Religions. Apparently Angels are considered Demons (Jinns) in this game universe LOL since you can summon them to do your bidding. Then I guess Humans should be too since its fair game. YOU ARE A DEMON. HE IS A DEMON. SHE IS A DEMON. ALL GODS IN ALL RELIGIONS ARE DEMONS. I must stress that I do find the interpretation and perspective of Real-Life Religions being incorporated into the Shin Megami Universe as a means to make the whole story of a post-apocalyptic Japan going through Judgement Day phases where Humans and Demonkind (AKA Jinn Kind) are either cooperating or battling each other as EPIC and EDGY kinda silly/nonsensical/bullshit/superfluous. Why would YHVH (AKA YHWH or The God of Abraham) in this game universe be portrayed as a Genocidal Heartless God that is in good relationships with Satan? Why are Satan and Lucifer (AKA Iblis) being portrayed as different entities when they are the same entity? Guess the game designers have a hate boner for the Abrahamic Religions. I'm sure it's just an edgy phase. They'll grow out of it eventually. That or be even more apathetic. Occultism is the rule of thumb within the Shin Megami Tensei Universe, but I find their interpretation of the Abrahamic Religions disturbing, misguided, and incorporating a sense of polytheism. Therefore, I ain't looking forward fighting YHVH in the second entry of the series no matter what path you choose (I should be ceased to exist the moment I dare to fight Him through His Will and All-Might). Who knows maybe they did this just to invite the fantasy of WHAT IF YHVH was an Evil Genocidal Tyrant God that pretty much wishes to damn Humanity to extinction and not be given any more respite given their cooperation with the Demon Kind (Jinn Kind) to unleash unspeakable Chaos across the World. Most of the Human Race not only disbelieve in YHVH, they blatantly or subtly mock Him in every single solitary way so is it really that much of a stretch that He gave them respite in hopes of wanting what was best for them by worshiping Him, yet they remain defiant and blind to the bitter end. Sounds more like Human Beings and the Demon-kind (Jinn Kind) are one and the same in this game universe with similar goals. If He was and if the creators of this franchise were to take into consideration of the interpretation that The God of Abraham is All-Powerful, the Shin Megami Tensei Universe would simply cease to exist. However, the game would be over the moment we started LOL. All other gods within the pagan religions are portrayed as demons (jinns) that Humans worship them as deities anyway, so they have their limits. But, YHVH? He's not just a god nor is he a demon (jinn). He is The God. As for other Real-Life Religions, it seems Buddhism is favored more since the Neutral Path wishes a more Balanced perspective between the extremes of both Law and Chaos, but you still kill them all (including YHVH and Satan) anyway for preserving the Life of Humanity and be self-enlightened. Even though the world, along with the characters we play as in the Shin Megami Universe should cease to exist when fighting YHVH, but hey its a video game. Suspension of Disbelief FTW or in this case Continuation of Disbelief FTW cuz it's EDGY and RADICAL MAAAN. Yay? Basically, I'm a bit pissed that going Law isn't satisfying, while going Chaos and Neutral are there for shock value and edginess. I smell bias. That or bullshit.
  12. *Rant Start*

    Y’know I’m really starting to question particular Atheists, Anti-Abrahamists criticizing Islam through the Hadiths, and Anti-Theists in general if they are reasonable with their understanding of Math and its History.

    Cause the Hadiths revolving around Aisha being 6-9 years old marrying Muhammad are all contradictory historical narratives.

    According to most Historians, the Indian-Greek Numeral System was the norm before the 9th century where Zero was used as a decimal. Now why would I bring such a Math History like this to disprove the Aisha’s Age Hadith? Because it is common knowledge at the time for Arabs during Muhammad’s timeline where they can count from 1-9. Was Zero even invented as a decimal during the 6th century? Not until the 9th century was Zero used as a decimal and a means to count less than 1 and more than 9. So who knows how old someone is really when they are referring themselves in age during that time period. An argument could be made where someone referring themselves as a 1 year old might be 81 years old.

    So the authenticity of the Hadiths is up to scrutiny. It’s all up for debate and the narration revolving around this is bullshit anyway given that the Hadiths about Aisha’s age and marriage to Muhammad was created and compiled by an old man in his 70s from Iraq named Hisham ibne Urwa who was suffering from memory loss when forging the Hadiths revolving around Aisha. So this whole Historical Narration is based on contradictions.

    Controlling the narrative is really out of the question when the narration itself is full of contradictions.

    *Rant Over*

    Will be posting links to my sources to back up the reasonable claims on my rant. A reasonable claim requires proof.

  13. Seton Academy AKA Murenase! Seton Gakuen Basically Furry School: The Anime. Humans imitating as animals. Animals being sentient on the same level as Humans. Majority of Female Animals looking like Furry Cosplays imitating like real Animals. Jokes and conflicts about Inter-species Romance between different species of animals including Humans. Inconsistent perspective. This anime is insanity. Hilarious though nonetheless.
  14. Oh I have a "bright side" indeed, but if I were to tell you upfront, Big Brother would not hesitate to find and kill me on top of my family. And my "bright side" would violate NSFW rules in theory. Let's just say, I'm praying to The Abrahamic God about this "bright side" of mine from such a terrible situation.
  15. I like Sonic Battle. Mostly because of the story and music. Favorite is the Phi Battle Music. Gameplay has potential to be good, but Story mode is so monotonous. Emerl’s a cool customizable robot. The story of Sonic Battle revolves around the robot and for a fighting game let alone for a Sonic Spinoff series is quite an accomplishment. Whoever made the story and writing of Sonic Battle work for a monotonous fighting game is a genius.


    Also I want to share my favorite music in the game, but with a Touhou remix by YouTube User Parabeetle X,


  16. *Sarcasm Rant*

    Gamerz Rise Up?

    What’s that supposed to mean? Gamerz are just people playing games. Why they gotta rise up when all they’re doing is sitting on their buttcheeks playing IDK Call of Duty or some crap?

    *Sarcasm Rant*

  17. Ok. Attended my first time attending my on campus college course online given the whole virus outbreak.

    Since my computer is HP and using Zoom Cloud to attend my courses, my whole computer performance plummets to 15 frames per second. My computer has become so l-a-a-a-g-g-g-y-y-y and ssslllloooowwww. Stupid HP.

    Oh I can tell this is gonna be good uptil April 6th. :P

  18. My internet’s fast enough for it to not go Modem Dial Up Gungho, Avg Download: 18.1 Mbps Result: Able to watch videos smoothly.
  19. Nothing to grieve over on my end. Don’t think I have a bright future ahead of me but who knows. Maybe it’s not as I think so. Me, my mother, my father are at risk. It’s only a matter of time when we contract it. So what the hey, I have the elusive seed known as “The Black Seed” AKA Nigella Sativa from which it along with it’s oils are known to potentially cure all kinds of illnesses/viruses/diseases regardless (natural or man-made). https://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/black-seed-remedy-everything-death Might as well press my luck making Black Seed Tea out of this if me or any of my family members contract it. Only one way to find out.
  20. I’m more concerned about not just the treatment of COVID-19, but the origin story of COVID-19 from which further questioning will inevitably lead to conspiracies. If there was a Meat Market at Wuhan and there also happens to be a Bio Lab specializing in handling/researching/making diseases or viruses as well, Then who’s to say how the virus spread exactly? Did it really came from some Wuhan Chad eating Bat Soup to please his mates? Or did it came from the Bio Lab at Wuhan which would lead to the conclusion that the virus is intended as a Bio Weapon? One thing is for certain. The Chinese Government would violate all kinds of inalienable Human Rights against Humanity as a whole covering up the whole mess at Wuhan by either pinning it on the Uighur Muslims locked in concentration camps, silencing critics of China, and doing their best to “control” the internet’s information about the virus through dubious means e.g. banning, hacking, sub bots etc. It’s OK everyone. Winnie the Xi only means well.
  21. Closed. Peace and Quiet from all The Noise.
  22. Thinking about me, my family, and Humanity's future in general for 2020 given how bleak/chaotic things are starting. It's been only 3 months given this comment.
  23. How to be friends with everybody, 1. Don’t be yourself. EVER. Be a Hypocrite. Lie. Cheat. Manipulate. And Benefit. 2. Don’t talk about anything that’s deemed personal be it mental issues, race, opinion, BUT ESPECIALLY Politics and Religion. Talk about Shallow, Irrelevant and Inconsequential things. 3. You don’t. Friendship is Tragically Dead at this day and age for a lot of people. Even worse, a forbidden way to live Life to your Fullest for some people that only the rebellious edgy teens out there would strive for. Looks like I’m failing at all 3. Must be doing something right.
  24. Bias is something we all got and most news network are no exception. Media Bias Fact Check is a website dedicated to find what kind of bias it stems from Left all the way to Right.


    But I wonder if the website Media  Bias Fact Check  is biased given that some people are bold to be critical of the website with its legitimacy? o_O


    Will Corona Chan spread her love all to the world? It’ll be a Pandemic Black Plague.

  25. I have an ambivalent relationship with the series. A love-hate thing. I can respect this SRPG franchise being the grandaddy of the genre console-wise, but the inventory management system in most Fire Emblem games has always been frustrating. Screw the legendary weapons in most FE games (especially the GBA games 6-8) when your basic and killer weapons are good enough to last you through the whole game. Anyway, Favorite Game = FE Gaiden [Black Sheep] Favorite Lord = Roy [Mah Boi] (FE6) Favorite Non-Lord Character = Celica (FE: Gaiden) Favorite Villain = Nergal (FE7) Favorite Class = Dread Fighter (FE Gaiden)