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  1. Liberals. Specifically, those democratic socialist types that attend blue-state universities, and have tuned in to CNN for so long that they're too fucking STUPID to recognize when they're calling for everyone's basic human rights to be taken away. They try to justify it by deluding themselves into thinking they're being victimized every day. You've seen them. They typically use the word "Nazi" as a blanket term to describe people they don't like or agree with.
  2. Not my fault the show isn't called My Little Creature.
  3. You're more likely to develop sleep apnea with a congested nose. I'd rather deal with a runny nose. Wiping all that mucus flowing out is annoying, but it's worth it if you can still breath.
  4. I already made an action figure thread, so all non-articulated stuff can be posted here. This can include PVC statues, funko pops or cosplay items. Even t-shirts. I'm too lazy to take pictures, so I'll just upload official product photos for now. I'm gonna start with my Kotobukiya Bishoujos. Here, you see Raven and Zatanna from DC, Jubilee from X-Men, and Ibuki and Juri from Street Fighter. Raven was made in three different colors. I got the 2nd Edition as the indigo costume is the most accurate to her comic appearances. I'm not particularly attached to Jubilee. I got her as a gift, though I am pleasantly surprised that the one I got came with her original 90's era shades. I think that was an SDCC-exclusive feature? Not sure, but it's pretty rare nowadays. The masked Ibuki was a Koto-US exclusive which is probably no longer available outside of Japan. Sucks for anyone who didn't jump on that pre-order. Koto's so so good at making Western characters in anime-style. I'm really looking forward to adding Rainbow Dash to the collection. And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an SFV-Juri. Next is the Megahouse Ibuki PVC Statue. I can't believe how old this is. She still holds up. Now for some Infinity Gauntlets. Starting with the Infinity War replica from Marvel Legends, complete with light-up infinity stones, audio effects taken straight from the movie, and articulated fingers controlled by a set of pull-rings in the interior. And yes, you can make it flip people off. The new Gauntlet from Endgame will come with the same features, and fortunately, I have it on pre-order. Now because I was first exposed to Thanos way back in 1995, I had to get this classic Infinity Gauntlet as well. This foam gauntlet matches the look it had in the comics, from a time when the stones were still being referred to as the GEMS. Too bad it can't be worn like a real glove. That would have shot the value of this thing up enormously. Speaking of wearable gloves, I did get these cheaply-made cosplay gauntlets from China not too long ago. If they can get around to making more presentable gauntlets that you can fully control with your fingers, I will pick them up in an instant. Until then, I gotta settle with wearing this shit. And because I'm an MLP fan, I gotta show off my Vinyl Scratch love. I think this one's more or less a requirement for any fan of hers. The Fan-Series Vinyl Scratch with the DJ booth.... not so much. But still nice to have. And these were bought on impulse more than anything. I normally don't bother collecting this series of pony figures, but since VinylDash IS my OTP, I just couldn't help myself when I saw these two All-About ponies hanging together in a toy aisle. I'll probably list all the shirts I have on my wall later. [ I have no idea why this second funko Vinyl pic is here, but I can't delete it. Fix these forums, please. ]
  5. Doesn't matter to me. He's not a pony.
  6. I don't consider Spike to be a Mane Eighth, so he's dead last. As for the rest: 1. Rarity 2. Applejack 3. Rainbow Dash 4. Fluttershy 5. Twilight 6. Starlight 7. Pinkie 8. Spike If Sunset was allowed to be in this, she'd probably fall somewhere between 2 and 4.
  7. If you're smart, and you're going to an institution where Liberal Arts courses are mandatory for the diploma you want, you are ENTITLED to cheat. I did when I detected bullshit in the curriculum, and I'm not the least sorry about it. Those commie professors can all fuck themselves.
  8. Basically, even if you're not drowning in it, you'd still have to deal with the inconvenience of getting hit by iced urine balls and trudging through urine snow. Oh, and there's the cold urine mist too.
  9. You notice the sky is filling up with storm clouds outside of schedule. The pegasi attempt to move them, but each time they do, they get nauseous from some incredibly foul stench in the air and risk passing out mid-flight. Then when it rains, you try desperately to look for cover when you learn it's not water that's hitting the ground, but concentrated urine. How the fuck did this happen? You go to Twilight's castle for answers. They suspect it was caused by the Storm King's magic since his staff has gone missing, but the urine still isn't making any sense to them. Coincidentally, Fluttershy's been getting letters from Discord informing her that he's lost his chaos magic somehow. He can't get out of bed, and he can't snap his fingers to make all the piss go away. So whoever's causing all this to happen must have combined his powers with the Storm King's to create endless urine storms, creating hazardous yellow streams and puddles everywhere, and tainting all the crops on every farm there is. After doing some more research on the clouds, Twilight has found that the rain has only gotten more and more severe over large bodies of water. If this progresses long enough, Equestria will get hit with a series of urine tsunamis, leading to some incredibly damaging yellow floods. Relocating on high ground won't help much, since Ponyville is already seeing yellow hail and fog, and as winter approaches, all of Equestria will be covered in deep blankets of yellow snow crystals. That's a winter wrap-up no pony will want to partake in. The Mane Six encase themselves in a magic health bubble and scour the land for the bastard who's causing all of this. But who knows how long it will take? You're still trying to keep yourself dry, and trying so hard not to throw up every other minute that you don't have time to think. What do you do?
  10. And lastly, a very special Alien Queen. The red one from the Aliens Genocide comics. I haven't read Genocide myself. The basic premise is a war between xenomorph hives; the black ones that we all know from the movies, and this red sub-species that spawned from a genetic mutation of some sort. While I'm not sure of the outcome, the red ones are arguably more intimidating to look at. And this Queen is more than just a new paint job. Some shots of her being a bitch. And dying. Oh, and I also have NECA'a deluxe Aliens Queen. I just haven't taken her out of the package. Not sure if I want to use her for any projects or wait for her market value to go up like crazy and sell her. I could still get the Queen from Resurrection either way though.
  11. Just a couple new additions, but pretty significant ones. I wasn't planning on getting another Kenner tribute from NECA, but like the Scorpion Alien, this Predator Clan Leader is pretty exceptional. The design's not too far removed from what you would expect in the movies, yet it's still interesting enough to make it stand out from the rest of the tribute series. What really sold me on this were the tentacles. They're by far the most advanced, most otherworldly pair of melee weapons ever conceived for a Predator. And that is something I want to see incorporated in a new sequel should they get around to it after that shitfest movie from last year. The paint job is simply amazing. The white dreadlocks together with the orange skin and dark teal armor is such a good color combination. I wish the mask was better, but oh well. At least he looks good enough with the mask off, and not a lot of Predators can pull that off. Now for some shots of him killing like a boss.
  12. Now I'll end this with all the pics I took last night. Regrettably, I couldn't shell out the cash for a custom diorama (not kidding; a single 12x12 floor piece matching the look of steel grating alone sells for more than $30). So I had to make do with the kitchen counter top. Again. Not that I'm complaining, because the blood I used might have been easier to pick up on that surface. Enjoy!
  13. Now for some cloaked Predators. First up, the cloaked City Hunter from Predator 2. I really just bought this as a shoe-in for the Mad Predator that NECA didn't make. It's understandable why they wouldn't bother doing it; it's simply the Predator Hunter with an alternate head. Not worth the money. Might as well get him in "stealth mode". Of course, when he arrived, I had to put that slime to the test. And it did not disappoint. And finally, the Lootcrate-exclusive "Jungle Demon", aka the cloaked Jungle Hunter from Predator 1. Because why not? I normally don't bother with variants, but this was just too compelling not to pick up. It's not often you see figures of these guys blending in with all the green in the jungles they hunt in. That split camo look is superb. And they even nailed the eyes too.