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  1. Biohazards, maybe. Magic hazards? No.
  2. KillerKingBakudan

    What do YOU Think of School?

    Never liked it. I thought going to college would change all that, but with everything I've learned ABOUT school since getting my bachelor's degree, I regret borrowing all that money for tuition. I went to my university to get educated, not indoctrinated.
  3. KillerKingBakudan

    Rare & Underrated Ships Fan Club

    What do you know? I've FINALLY found some more VinylDash. There really needs to be a lot more of this ship to around, but anyway.... Here's one cropped from a bigger image of RD ships, but since this one's my fave of the lot. And now for this heart melting piece. If this doesn't make you a fan, I don't know what will.
  4. You begin to notice ponies at the Ponyville Spa leaving emotionless and unable to talk. The only ones who could speak claim they were just there for a massage and never entered the jacuzzi or the sauna. More ponies are leaving restaurants afflicted with the same issue; it's inevitable that whatever they ate or drank had water as a vital ingredient. And more ponies are leaving sporting events in the same state, unable to perform after drinking a single bottle of water to cool off. Because of this, the few remaining ponies that can still talk are afraid to bathe or eat anything other than hay and grass. There have also been recent reports from the Peaks of Peril that the Stream of Silence spontaneously disappeared over night. Clearly, someone had to have taken that water and dumped it all into Equestria's dam. Worst of all, there isn't a single trace of foal's breath left to restore all the silent ponies' speech and emotions. But that's not all. There are still jugs of pure water available, except you can only find them at Celestia's castle. And due to "high demand", ponies won't be able to buy a single jug without selling their houses first. What do you do?
  5. KillerKingBakudan

    Which other fictional characters you'd ponyfy?

    Aya Brea from Parasite Eve. I can still remember wanting to cuddle her. But seeing her as a pony would be cuteness overload. Lol.
  6. KillerKingBakudan

    How would you react to a Live Action MLP movie?

    Oh, hell no. The worst live-action movie based on a Hasbro property will always be any one of Michael Bay's Transformers flicks. The last thing we need is a live-action MLP movie making that guy's shit look like gold.
  7. KillerKingBakudan

    Health Heat stroke or hypothermia?

    Obviously, neither is good for you. But if you were about to end up in either situation, and it was completely unavoidable, which one would you choose?
  8. KillerKingBakudan

    General What's in your action figure collection?

    My Amazing Yamaguchi Psylocke finally came! I swear, Revoltech's females are unmatched. This has all the articulation I've come to expect from Spider-Gwen and the Monster Hunter, but I'm even more impressed by the sheer number of accessories. Psy's got all the necessary options you'd want for both hands: that's two katanas, two psychic-charged katanas, a sheathed katana to go with an extension for her sash... she's got it all. I wish the psychic-knives were better though. I prefer the volume of Legends Psylocke's knives over the two flat ones. Still, this is as close to perfect as any Marvel heroine can get. It's been a hell of a year to be a collector. All I need now is my KOF '94 Rugal and my six arcade AvP figures. After that, my buying impulses can finally go away for a while.
  9. Longer? Most definitely. Immortal? No. Millions of years from now, the earth will become an uninhabitable wasteland. Humanity will become extinct. Why would I choose to live to that point where I'm the only one left and experience all of that? My life's lonely enough as it is. I'd shoot myself the minute I saw that reality getting closer.
  10. Your favorite pony gets her hooves on an ancient artifact. It works a lot like Sunset Shimmer's geode in that it gives her the power to read all the thoughts and memories of anyone she touches. One day, she grabs your arm and sees some of your worst kept secrets. They could be criminal acts, or they could be actions that are just embarrassing to the point if anyone knew about them, your life would be ruined. And she's even gathered evidence to prove what she saw. The following week, you receive a letter from this pony. She is now demanding half of your earnings each year for the rest of her life. And just to make sure you comply, she adds a few warnings: If you fail to pay up on the specified day of each year, she'll expose you to the press. If you tell the authorities about this, directly or through a third party, she'll go to the press. If you quit your job or find a better source of income, and she finds out you're cheating her, she'll go to the press. If you leave town, she'll go to the press, AND get the royal guard to pursue you on additional charges (which may or may not be true). What do you do?
  11. KillerKingBakudan

    Share your grudges

    They say holding anger and resentment towards somebody for a long period of time isn't good for you. But I've hated certain people in my life for at least two decades. I'm still physically healthy, so I'm convinced that's all a complete crock. I've got more than enough energy to hate these people and carry on with my day to day routines. And I'm sure I can't be the only one. Who do you hold grudges for? For me, it's one parent and two siblings. I've been wronged by them so much that I've learned family ties are utterly meaningless. Relatives are just people who happen to share your DNA. But these three especially could die in a fire today, and I'd feel nothing. I'm sure if Applejack a was real person/pony, she'd smack me across the face for saying that. And I wouldn't mind, because then I'd hate her too.
  12. All that falls under communist stuff; the very essence of liberalism. That shit has to end. Because what do commies do? Act like victims and use it as an excuse to bring everyone else down. In political terms, that means reducing developed countries to third-world status where there is no constitution, and nobody has rights left.
  13. I wish people would quit being liberals.
  14. KillerKingBakudan

    Who would you send to the stream of silence?

    The Democrats.... No, I take that back. I want them to go down a volcano. Featherbangs, it is.
  15. KillerKingBakudan

    Done Christmas shopping? Post your gifts here.

    And I heard my nieces were into Shopkins, so what the hell? Just got em these.