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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Didn't think my profile would still be here. Wierd coming back and seeing what phases I've gone through in the past. Glad this place is still active


  3. Merry Birthiversary!

    1. Deltroz


      Thanks. Been inactive for awhile


    2. Lunas Secret Lover
  4. Guys somthing is across my room making noise I am spooked it sounds like beetle wings hitting the drywall and mouse feet.

    1. Deltroz


      Guys don’t worry I figured out its the new miniature pig. Her bed is outside by the front door and under my window. She was scratching against the outside wall into my room. She sighed then I figured out 

    2. Divine plywood

      Divine plywood

      You have a miniature pig?! :pinkie: Those things are adorable!

    3. Deltroz


      Yep i have two. One lives in a sucluded part of the horse feild but can roam around and the other is all over the property except the horse feild and the other pig pen. They puff up their hair like cats and back away while oinking! Why can’t you guys just be friends lol

  5. SUPER HOT i would completely freak out with being installed into a computer and stuff
  6. I’d you don’t have one then post one you would want. I have a norco volt bmx bike and a kona stinky 2007. I really want a radio saiko
  7. I don’t have friends. I don’t know how to make them. I’m really trying
  8. My uncle Tim. Died not to long ago
  9. I like to bmx and snowboard. ive been trying to learn tricks but don’t have much luck
  10. I never know how to tag things, never know what section to put it in, never know if it’s allowed. And I’m to scared to get told by mod “No not allowed” cuz it hurts me feelings. Ik the world dosent go around me and the mods are just doing their job with no bad hateful intentions but I can’t help but feel bad even if they just put it in a different section or rename title. How can I properly do everything to avoid wasting their time and feeling bad?
  11. Ok so I don’t mind it and dont exactly care as long as let’s say a movie or game is the same. Like if it isn’t worth playing cuz if it doesn’t have violence it sucks then it shouldn’t be played cuz that’s all it is no story no nothing. But aside from that in real life from a young age I’ve always loved fighting. Like unorganized, behind the school, scraps. Idk why but I do
  13. This video. Not my channel, wasn’t payed, just thought you guys would like.