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  1. Zxkuqyb. It means something It means destroy aka The Anti-Life Equation. Also, qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm and Sus
  2. Been playing the black sheep of the MegaMan video game franchise. The Battle Network series from 1-6.

    I’ve been thinking about making a topic on this series for quite some time since it is vastly different from a traditional MegaMan game in terms of formula. Instead of an Action Platformer, its an RPG?


    Personally, I wouldn’t classify The Battle Network series as an RPG strictly per say in the same light as Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy.

    It’s more of an Action Strategy Game in terms of its core design with some RPG elements. :)


    1. PoisonClaw


      I LOVE the Battle Network series. It's my favorite MegaMan series.

  3. When will you learn? When will you learn? That your actions have consequences.
  4. Is anyone aware of this current dumpster fire going on the YouTube Gaming community with internet gamer celebrity Projared? I admit I like the guy’s content, but man will his videos won’t age well based on this recent scandal. I hate to bring in a cringy Roblox sound effect, but I think its appropriate given the current situation,

    Oof indeed. Oof indeed. Projared releasing his divorce info for the public to witness while his wife releasing info on him cheating with her on another YouTuber gamer Commander Holly.

    What a tragic dumpster fire. :( I thought he was a swell and chill guy. Guess I thought wrong. Idk if he has time to respond to all these allegations against him. By then it might be too late for him.

    1. PoisonClaw


      Sigh... In this day in age, I like to subscribe to the notion of "innocent until proven guilty." Nowadays, the easiest way to ruin someone's reputation is to accuse them of sexual misconduct, leading to an often kneejerk response. Even if those accusations are proven to be false, the damage has already been done.

      As a fan of Projared, I hope these allegations are little more than slander resulting from his recent divorce, but if they are true... I don't know if I'll ever be able to watch his videos again...

  5. Ohz nose it’s eval santa. Get hooked on theh fijet spinny.
  6. What have you done? You’ve unleashed the Pandora’s Box of Youtube Channels. Also, I’m crazy enough to buy that this YouTube Poop from TheMarklar01 is the most accurate representation of him and his channel .
  7. I cannot begin to imagine how much hate fans of the show in the shipping community would have if this was done on the show. On the one hand you’ll have people complaining about non-cannon shippings being non-canon, fake, and gay while for non-cannon shippers it would piss them off to no end against Hasbro. Soo yeah, Hasbro unintentionally dodged a bullet on that one by not putting any romance plot-points or lack there of in terms of substance. They want to keep their franchise safe. I wish they would though as it would be endless popcorn fun material for me to watch as MLP shippers
  8. ZethaPonderer

    Movies/TV Upcoming (2019) Sonic Movie

    Well from the extremely devout mentally ill fans from the minority of the Sonic franchise sure. And yeah there are worse trailers than this. I found this Dungeons and Dragon 2000 Movie trailer that shares some similar themes of how bad this movie trailer is compared to Sonic The Hedgehog 2019 yet intrigued and horrifying it is at the same time. Jeremy Irons steals this movie . I doubt anything about this movie has gotten anything right out of DnD.
  9. ZethaPonderer

    Movies/TV Upcoming (2019) Sonic Movie

    No. It's better that guy remains absolutely ignorant from this movie. He's already at the peak of his mental breakdown. If he can get triggered to the point of insanity from the eye color and arms of Sonic The Hedgehog, imagine what this movie would do to him? I don't want to say what he'll do to himself, but it won't end well for him. Conspiracy Theory: This movie is an assassination attempt on Chris-Chan and Sonic The Hedgehog as a franchise which might be a good thing for some of you. Personally I will admit that I grew up with this franchise as a child (wasn't obsessed wit
  10. Video games mostly were my childhood obsession. RPGs of all varieties. From Strategy [Shining Force] to Turn Based [Dragon Quest] to Action [Diablo 2]. And Hitman series [Hitman: Codename 47 and Hitman: 2 Silent Assassin]....... I turned out fine.
  11. “Veterinarian Veterans are Humanoid Alien Animals who promote animal rights for furries.”
  12. Sure. Here you go. Have a date on the house.
  13. I added furthermore on my reply from your post to me to avoid any confusions. It’ll happen when constructing any long post. You’re bound to miss the little details here and there.

    Sorry that I couldn’t be short and sweet, but like I stated in my TL;DR post.

    It’s complicated bruh :P. Thank you for your post 👍🏽

  14. ZethaPonderer

    Movies/TV Upcoming (2019) Sonic Movie

    I have no words for it other than a mix of emotions. From to to finally . Ever since Detective Pikachu became successful at the box office financially, Hollywood figured hey we’re finally getting the hang of making a decent movie involving video game franchises. Let’s do with Sonic The Hedgehog. What a weird and tragic year 2019 has been. Either Hollywood is desperately trying their damndest to make good movies out of video game franchises or Furries have finally gained influence and taken over the Film industry. My money’s on the latter since both of these movies with their designs are so
  15. I like playing Shaq Fu on the Sega Genesis. It’s one of the worst fighting games ever made. A website has been dedicated in destroying every single cartridge of this game. It’s my only clean guilty pleasure though the website dedicated to destroying all copies of this game suggests that this game is an abomination from Satan that needs to be purged away from Humanity . Don’t believe me take a look at these as evidence, http://www.shaqfu.com/ourmission.php
  16. Sableye use Feint Attack. [Fun Fact: Sableye is part Ghost/Dark Type and according to Gen 3 logic is one of the few Pokemons to be weak against no Pokemon Types]
  17. “Shake weight. It’s going to kick your butt. Shake that weight furiously in an up and down motion until you burn through those calories till your pecs bounce softly. Shake weight comes with a vibrating motion that tests your strength to get ripped on the inside. Perfect for the straightest of straight men who love stroking their significant other’s precious bananas. Shake weight. It’ll make you straight and ripped.”
  18. You ok? I’m good thanks. Also, out of sheer morbid curiosity why u follow me mon? Never got this through my mind until now. :BornAgainBrony:

    1. ZethaPonderer


      *cricket noises*

  19. I wear boxers technically. Or underwears that are like shorts to cover most of my groin area. I primarily wear them as white, black, gray, and blue colored. You know what grinds my groin? Man thongs. Just no. That seems so uncomfortable and too tight to wear. I cannot imagine, the amount of stretching and squeezing you gotta do to your scrotes just to wear a Man thong efficiently.
  20. Oh ok then. Expecting a bit much there. Sorry. I leave naow.
  21. Yeah I’m aware of that. Most of them are pretty chill. But I have my problems with Satanism for what it is at face value currently speaking. To me, Satanism could be so much more and because it hardly is I don’t see people who claim themselves as Satanists legit followers of Satan. They sound like trolls towards the Abrahamic Religious beliefs and that’s what they come across really. Where’s the Human Sacrifices in order to become Demons? Where’s the self-loathing of being a Human Being? Where’s the ambition for these Satanists to prove themselves as the worst of the worst kind of people espec
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