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  1. Hmmm... You know, I've always thought your name was one of the coolest ones here.

  2. Happy Birthday to you; maestro! <3

  3. Carbon Maestro

    General Media One Punch Man

    IGN: 8.6/10 No health bar, nerf Saitama.
  4. Xenoblade X is great, still only 40% through Mira's exploration and enjoying it. For top game(s) of 2015 I'd have to go with Splatoon for best shooter (suck it Battlefront), Rocket League for best overall. I know, but the multiplayer is so good!
  5. Merry Christmas Eve Eve from California.


  7. So finished a new song that's been in the works for several months, it's a duet between the Siren Adagio and the Seamare Turquesa in the human world. I'll leave the rest of the story under wraps and/or in the song. Special thanks to Sweetpoffin and Wubcake for the awesome vocals! Hopefully I can get pony.fm working so I can post there. Vocals: Turquesa - SweetPoffin/Elsie Lovelock Adagio - Wubcake Instrumental: Carbon Maestro Lyrics: JeNnDyLyOn, Carbon Maestro Illustrated by JeNnDyLyOn, Colored by Jacky After Effects: Carbon Maestro Part of a series of songs based off "The Pha
  8. Whoops there's about 500 messages I haven't checked on.

  9. Anyone else getting the upload error below when they upload a song to pony.fm? Every time I upload a .wav file, which is under 200MB, it goes through the entire upload before giving this error. I tried to upload on Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, but to no avail.
  10. Awww, you haven't been on the forums lately ^^

  11. Even though you've been gone 10 months, I know you by your avvy instantly when I happen to lurk on old threads.

  12. So Nintendo brought out this new game idea called Pokken Tournament, due to be released in arcade in 2015 and console after. Obviously, we can't go about saying Lucario, Machamp and (likely) Blaziken (if you saw the leaked picture). What pokemon do you want in Pokken Tournament? Personally, I'd go for every type being represented. A possible list could be like Lucario (Fighting/Steel) Machamp (Fighting) Blaziken (Fighting) Zoroark (Dark) Golurk (Ghost/Ground) Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy) Charizard (Fire/Flying) Greninja (Water/Dark) Scizor (Bug/Steel) Lopunny (Normal)
  13. Carbon Maestro

    Hai dere everypony!

    Hello! Welcome to the forums. Hope you have a great time here chatting away ponies and stuff! Have a nice day! Here's your first brohoof here /)
  14. I love how no one here wants to hear about that fanmade work of mediocrity (compared to the show). Still great fan animation though. Lots of effort.
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